New rules on door-to-door salespeople offer more protection to consumers, youth workers

The Minneapolis City Council unanimously approved new rules for door-to-door sales that will protect consumers and make it more difficult for out-of-state companies to exploit youth workers on Friday, July 20. A series of changes to City ordinance affect salespeople who travel from place to place, either selling merchandise door-to-door, taking orders for future delivery of merchandise, or setting up a temporary business at one location to sell merchandise.

Under the new rules, door-to-door salespeople and transient merchants will be required to wear a City-issued photo identification card. To make things easier for schools and youth groups doing fundraising, the City will approve group identification cards at no cost.

The photo identification rule does not apply to canvassers, including people who advocate for religious, social, or political causes.

The City has regulated traveling vendors since 1960 as a way to provide consumer protection. These ordinance revisions are intended to create reasonable rules that protect youth and consumers while supporting the rights to freedom of speech, religion, and interstate commerce.


Published Jul 20, 2012