Minneapolis is fittest city in the nation

Minneapolis is the fittest large city in the U.S., according to new rankings from MapMyFitness.

In its "Fittest of the Fit U.S. Cities" list, Minneapolis topped Denver, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, and Seattle. The rankings were determined by the fitness activities of 1.7 million active MapMyFITNESS community members in more than 2,500 cities nationwide. According to MapMyFitness data, Minneapolis users travelled more than 23,000 miles while exercising in 2011 and burned more than 1.6 million calories.

The Fittest of the Fit Index rankings will be updated on a monthly basis throughout the year based on the self-reported runs, bike rides, walks, gym sessions and other calorie-burning activities recorded by the MapMyFITNESS community members.

Published Jan 11, 2012