City’s street paving season ends with more than 45 miles of new driving surfaces

The 2011 street paving season is ending on a very high note. Reconstruction, repaving and sealcoating work on Minneapolis roadways has put new, smooth driving surfaces on more than 45 miles of city streets. More than half of all streets in the downtown core now have a driving surface that’s three years old or less.

By the numbers:

0.82 miles of roadway reconstructed
25.83 miles of roadway resurfaced
18.7 miles of roadways and alleys seal coated
45.35 miles of new driving surfaces

Downtown streets, among the busiest ones in town, got additional attention in 2011. More than 50 blocks of downtown streets were repaved, including some sections that required repeated patching to repair potholes. Other streets that needed attention were seal coated, which is another way to prevent potholes and extend the lives of these roadways.

This year was the third of the 5-year, $22.6 million Infrastructure Acceleration Program (IAP), which supplements the City’s existing infrastructure plan and supports street paving as well as signal and lighting repairs. Street work is generally funded through the City’s Capital Improvements Program and the general maintenance program. However, it was not enough to keep pace with the overall decline of street conditions. The IAP initiative increased the amount of work done each year, slowing the decline of street conditions and making better roadways for all drivers

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Published Oct 31, 2011