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City Council approves Preparation and Processing of Neighborhood Priority Plans Policy and Changing Approved Neighborhood Action Plans policies

On July 19, 2013, the City Council approved a new Preparation and Processing of Neighborhood Priority Plans Policy and a revised Changing Approved Neighborhood Action Plans Policy.

The Preparation and Processing of Neighborhood Priority Plans Policy provides direction to neighborhood organizations, NCR, and other City departments on the process for review and approval of Neighborhood Action Plans. This policy includes:

  1. process goals;
  2. checkpoints for neighborhoods to request review of draft priorities from NCR;
  3. the process by which NCR will request review and comment by City departments and other partners;
  4. the requirements for approval of priorities by a neighborhood;
  5. the process NCR will use to inform City leaders of Neighborhood Priority Plans; and
  6. the process for presenting plans to the NRP Policy Board and authority for approval of plans.

The updated Changing Approved Neighborhood Plans Policy provides a framework for neighborhood organizations for adopting proposed modifications to a neighborhood plan, including developing the criteria for demonstrating broad community support for Neighborhood Priority Plans. The goals of the proposed revisions are to:

  1. provide a consistent framework for approval of or changes to NRP Phase I and Phase II Neighborhood Action Plans, and Neighborhood Priority Plans;
  2. provide a simplified set of criteria for approving new plans or approving changes to existing plans; and
  3. reduce the amount of time required for final approval in cases of larger plan modifications.


Last updated Jul 24, 2013