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Community Engagement Report

Changes in population and declining funding for current engagement activities were two primary reasons for the City Council to conduct a thorough ongoing review of the City’s community engagement system and related organizational capacity and resources. In May 2006 a staff task force was established to create a Community Engagement Report that:

In November 2006 City staff presented the Community Engagement Report.

Community Engagement Report
Prepared for the Minneapolis City Council
November 8, 2006

Executive Summary and Introduction (PDF, pp 2-3)

Section I: The Current Minneapolis CE System (PDF, pp 4-10)

Definition of Community Engagement
Introduction of the CE Process Model
Description of Current CE Activities
When CE Activities are Used

Section II: Community Input on the CE System (PDF, pp 11-23)

Summary of Recent Reports and Actions
Additional Stakeholder Interviews
Observations and Recommendations

Section III: Improving the Minneapolis CE System (PDF, pp 24-32)

Summary Recommendations
Next Steps

Appendix (PDF, pp 33-43)

List of Official Boards and Commissions
Emerging Public Participation Technologies
2006 Citizen Participation Program Guidelines

Community Engagement Public Feedback

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