Neighborhood & Community Relations

Crown Roller Mill, Room 425
105 5th Avenue South 
Minneapolis, MN 55401
(612) 673-3737

N'hood Programming






Neighborhood Community Engagement Commission Timeline


Quarter 3

Quarter 4

Quarter 1

Quarter 2

Quarter 3

Quarter 4

Quarter 1


NCEC Meetings

Component NCR Work*

Initial June


Ongoing Monthly Meetings


Communication Strategies

Component NCR Work*



Citywide Gathering



NCEC Search Committee for NCR Director

Component NCR Work*


NCEC Operating Structure (leadership, bylaws)

Customary Procedure


CCP/SAFE Block Clubs

PS&RS 12/17/08 & W&M/B 3/4/09


Component of NCR Work*


NCEC Elections, Diversity, Recruitment

CC 2/6/09


Citizen Participation/NRP Consolidation

Component NCR Work*


Program Guidelines for NIF, CIF, & CRF

Component NCR Work*







Coordination with NRP Phases I and 2

Component NCR Work*


Access and Outreach Strategies

Component NCR Work*


City/Neighborhood Partnership

Component NCR Work*


Neighborhood Leadership Development

Component NCR Work*


Eligible Neighborhoods Begin Phase 3 Planning

Component NCR Work*


CIF Request for Proposals process

Component NCR Work*


Neighborhood NRP Phase 3 Plans Reviewed

Component NCR Work*


*Component of NCR Work: staff inviting collaboration with NCEC if time and interest allows


no changes since June 2009 NCEC meeting

changes since June 2009 NCEC meeting




CIF - Community Innovative Fund

CC - City Council Meetings


CRF - Community Revitalization Fund

PS&RS - Public Safety and Regulatory Services


NCEC - Neighborhood & Community Engagement Commission

W&M/B - Ways and Means/Budget


NCR - Neighborhood & Community Relations Department


NIF - Neighborhood Investment Fund


NRP- Neighborhood Revitalization Program


Last updated Sep 27, 2011