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One Minneapolis Fund

Questions and Answers

Question: If we did this in collaboration with another organization could they be our fiscal agent if they are over $500,000? (We are woefully under that figure and don't have our own 501(c)(3)).

Answer: Yes your organization is eligible to apply even though you are not registered as a 501(c)(3) organization, provided that the organization serving as your fiscal agent is registered as a 501(c)(3). This is the case even if the fiscal agent has an annual budget over $500,000. The RFP states that a preference will be given to applications from smaller organizations with budgets under $500,000. This applies to the organization submitting the application, not the fiscal agent.

Question: What is considered a Neighborhood Organization?

Answer: Neighborhood organizations are considered one of the 70 neighborhood organizations which are officially recognized by the City of Minneapolis. The list of these organizations can be found on this link These recognized neighborhood organizations are not eligible to apply for the One Minneapolis Fund. They may, however, collaborate with an applicant that meets the eligibility requirements below.

Question: What are the prerequisites for the lead partner in the grant?

Answer: The eligibility requirements for applicants are as follows:

Question: Could an applicant collaborate with a Minneapolis park site?

Answer:An applicant may collaborate with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board on a project.Since the Park Board is a governmental entity, it cannot apply on its own. An organization meeting the eligibility requirements listed above must be the applicant.

Last updated Mar 20, 2014