Diversity Survey

The City benefits from the volunteer efforts of about five hundred residents who serve on more than fifty appointed advisory boards and commissions. These boards and commissions represent a key component of community engagement activities in regard to City actions and decision making. Boards and commission members provide valuable insight, help shape key policy decisions and provide community-based input into the design and administration of services.

Boards and commissions fall into a handful of categories: appeal boards, development boards, general advisory boards, and special service districts, which are defined areas within the city where special services are rendered.

In order to be effective in their work, and truly represent the many interest of the city’s residents, membership on the City’s boards and commissions should reflect the people in our city. The Neighborhood and Community Relations department is working with the City Clerk and the City Council to ensure that the boards and commissions represent the diversity Minneapolis residents.

One of the tools that has been used to determine how we are doing is a bi-annual survey of the city's board membership. Here are the results from those surveys:

Last updated Jan 8, 2015