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City receives award for advocacy on the Minnesota Dream Act

The Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota recently presented the City of Minneapolis with a legislative advocacy award for its efforts in getting the Minnesota Dream Act passed last year. The Minnesota Dream Act guarantees in-state tuition rates to undocumented students in Minnesota. It also commits financial aid to qualified, aspiring undocumented college students in the state.


A collation including government, higher education, business, nonprofits, students and labor banded together to work on passage of the law. The Intergovernmental Relations and Neighborhood and Community Relations departments played a key role on behalf of the City of Minneapolis, joining together in a historic collaboration with the local Latino community.

Mariano Espinoza, the City’s Spanish Access and Outreach Specialist, worked with the Latino community in Minneapolis to shape how they wanted to engage with the City, and the community created the Latino Engagement Task Force, an informal group comprised of community leaders.

The Minnesota Dream Act was part of the legislative agenda supported by the City. It will benefit hundreds of residents and their families in Minneapolis. According to the Office of Higher Education, in Minnesota 160 students applied for the Minnesota Dream Act this school year.

Last updated Jun 13, 2014