Zoning & Planning Committee Agenda

Standing Committee of the City Council, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Regular Meeting
Thursday, March 1, 2012
9:30 a.m. - Room 317 City Hall

NOTE: All cellular telephones, pagers and electronic devices to be switched to a non-audible function during Council and Committee meetings.

Committee Members Present: Schiff, Tuthill, Goodman, Johnson, Gordon, Reich - 6  (quorum 4)

Council Committee Coordinator: Anissa Hollingshead (612) 673-2296

Consent Items

City Planning Commission 2/6/2012
        Request for Council Action

1.    Film, Video and Audio Production in Commercial Districts (Zoning Code Text Amendment):
       Approve ordinances amending Title 20 of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances relating to Zoning Code, (regarding film, video and audio production as a permitted use in commercial districts and to establish specific development standards for these uses), as follows:
       a)  Chapter 536 relating to Specific Development Standards; and 
       b)  Chapter 548 relating to Commercial Districts. 

       Staff Report: Film Production ZCTA Report, Film Production Ordinance Language
       Action Taken:  Approved.

Public Hearings

Appeal/City Planning Commission 6/22/2009

2.   HERC (419 5th St N, aka 505 6th Ave N):
      Appeal filed by Covanta Energy, on behalf of Hennepin County Environmental Services, from the decision of the City Planning Commission, notwithstanding the recommendation of staff, denying application for an amended conditional use permit for the Hennepin Energy Recovery Center to allow for the facility to process at its designed capacity of 1,212 tons of waste per day (Ward 5).

      Staff Report:  HERC ReportEIS Air Dispersion Modeling & Risk Assessment, HERC 1986 EIS, 2-18-2011 Letter, 4-22-2011 Letter, 7-28-2011 Letter, 11-17-2011 Letter, 2-9-2012 Letter
      Most recent action taken December 1, 2011:  Postponed to March 1, 2012.
      Recommended Action/Action Taken:  Postponed to September 27, 2012.

CPED/Planning Division

3.   First & First LLC (2644 Nicollet Ave):
      Consider application for an interim use permit to allow a temporary parking facility for a proposed restaurant with general entertainment at 2628 Nicollet Ave for three (3) years.

      Staff Report:  RCA 2644 Nicollet, 2644 Nicollet Ave RPT
Action Taken:  Approved the staff recommendation, and added the following conditions requring the applicant to:
                   1) discuss with Planning staff and Public Works staff the option of permeable surfaces versus paved surfaces;
                   2) work with staff to incorporate some storm water features that help retain and collect storm water on site; and
                   3) include pedestrian paths through the  green space sodded area.

Appeal/City Planning Commission 2/6/2012

4.  29th and Lyndale Redevelopment (2900-2910 Lyndale Ave S & 2901-2919 Aldrich Ave S):
     Appeal filed by Soren Jensen, on behalf of the Midtown Greenway Coalition, from the decision of the Planning Commission granting applications by Gretchen Camp with BKV Group, Inc., on behalf of Lyn-Lake Development Partners, LLC, for:
     a) conditional use permit to increase the maximum building height to 7 stories and 87 feet;
     b) variance of the PO Overlay District standard to allow the first floor to be set back more than 8 feet from Lyndale Ave and 29th St;
     c) variance of the PO Overlay District standard to allow a 25.5 foot wide curb cut on Aldrich Ave;
     d) variance to reduce the interior side yard requirement and rear yard requirement to 0 feet;
     e) variance to reduce the minimum drive aisle width requirement to allow 2 parking spaces north of the parking garage ramp to maneuver in the public alley;
     f) variance to increase the maximum size of a projecting sign and the amount of signage allowed on a primary building wall; and
     g) site plan review, all for a new mixed use building with ground floor commercial uses and 171 dwelling units (Ward 10).

      Staff Report:  RCA 29th & Lyndale,29th & Lyndale RPT, 29th & Lyndale MIN
Action Taken:  Appeal granted in part and denied in part as follows:
                   a) granted conditional use permit, subject to adding back the original second condition recommended by staff:

   2. To reduce the amount of time that the building shadows the greenway during the winter months, the fifth floor shall be set back at least 25 feet from 29th Street and the sixth floor shall be set back at least 35 feet from 29th Street."
                   b) approved variance to allow the first floor to be set back more than 8 feet from Lyndale Ave & 29th St;
                   c) approved variance to allow a 25.5 foot wide curb cut on Aldrich Ave;
                   d) approved variance to reduce interior side yard and rear yard requirements to 0 feet;
                   e) approved variance to reduce minimum drive aisle width requirement;
                   f) approved variance to increase the maximum size of a projecting sign and the amount of signage allowed on a primary building wall, with  changes to the first condition recommended by staff and approved by the Planning Commission, and the addition of a fourth condition, as follows :
1.  The total amount of signage located on the Lyndale Avenue elevation shall not exceed 482 square feet and the projecting sign shall not exceed 320 square feet.
   4.   The projecting sign shall be turned off at 3:00 a.m.   
                   g) approved site plan review application.

Appeals/City Planning Commission 2/6/2012

5.   Linden Corner (4242, 4246, 4246 1/2, 4250 and 4264 Upton Ave S):
      Appeals filed by Dave Scott, Jane Prince on behalf of Linden Hills Residents for Responsible Development LLC, and the Upton Manor Condominium Association, Inc., from the decision of the Planning Commission relating to land use applications by Carol Lansing with Faegre Baker Daniels on behalf of Mark Dwyer with Linden Hills Redevelopment, LLC, at the subject properties, including:
      a) Returning the conditional use permit for a multiple-family dwelling with 40 dwelling units;
      b) Approving the conditional use permit to increase building height to 5 stories/59 feet;
      c) Approving the variance of the LH Linden Hills Overlay District to allow the building to be located more than 8 feet from the front and/or corner side property lines adjacent to Upton Ave S and W 43rd St;
      d) Approving the variance to allow bicycle racks and a vehicle height limiter in the required front yard setback along Upton Ave S;
      e) Approving the site plan review application, all to allow for a mixed-use building with 40 dwelling units and 11,227 square feet of ground floor commercial space.

      Additional application also before the committee for legislative action and not subject to appeal:
      f) The Planning Commission recommends approval of the application to vacate the trapezoidal area adjacent to 4264 Upton Ave S subject to condition (Ward 13).

      Staff Report:  RCA Dave Scott Appeal, RCA Jane Prince Appeal, RCA Upton Manor Appeal, Linden Corner RPT, Linden Corner MIN
Action Taken:  Appeals granted, applications denied, vacation denied, and staff directed to prepare findings of fact.

Discussion Items

City Planning Commission 1/23/2012
      Request for Council Action, Minutes

 6.  Urban Agriculture Policy Plan (Zoning Code Text Amendments):
     Consider approving ordinances amending Title 20 of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances relating to Zoning Code, (to implement the policies of the Urban Agriculture Policy Plan), as follows:
      a)  Amending Chapter 520 relating to Introductory Provisions;
      b)  Amending Chapter 530 relating to Site Plan Review;
      c)  Amending Chapter 535 relating to Regulations of General Applicability;
      d)  Amending Chapter 536 relating to Specific Development Standards;
      e)  Amending Chapter 537 relating to Accessory Uses and Structures;
      f)   Amending Chapter 541 relating to Off-Street Parking and Loading;
      g)  Amending Chapter 543 relating to On-Premise Signs;
      h)  Amending Chapter 546 relating to Residence Districts;
      i)   Amending Chapter 547 relating to Office Residence Districts;
      j)   Amending Chapter 548 relating to Commercial Districts;
      k)  Amending Chapter 549 relating to Downtown Districts; and
      l)   Amending Chapter 550 relating to Industrial Districts;
and return chapters 525, 527 and 551 to author.

      Staff Report:  Urban Ag ZCTA Rpt, Urban Ag Ordinance Text
Action Taken:  Postponed one cycle to 3/22/2012.
Potential amendments presented to the committee: Tuthill 1, Tuthill 2, Tuthill 3, Gordon 1, Gordon Staff Direction

Notice: A portion of this meeting may be closed to the public pursuant to Minnesota Statutes Section 13D.03 or 13D.05.

Next Committee Meeting: March 22, 2012

Committee Actions Referred to the Next Council Meeting: March 8, 2012

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