Ways & Means/Budget Committee Agenda

Standing Committee of the City Council, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Regular Meeting
Monday, December 3, 2012
1:30 p.m. - Room 317 City Hall

NOTE: All cellular telephones and electronic devices to be switched to a non-audible function during Council and Committee meetings.

Committee Members Present:  Council Members Hodges (Chair), Colvin Roy, Schiff, Glidden, Hofstede, and Tuthill (quorum 4)

Council Committee Coordinator:  Anissa Hollingshead (612) 673-2296 


City Attorney

1.   Legal Settlement:
      Authorize settlement of: a) Jennifer and James Serakos vs. City of Minneapolis (25,000); and b) Eller, Carl v. City of Minneapolis (2,000).

      Staff Report: Serakos v. City of Minneapolis, Eller v. City of Minneapolis
      Action Taken:  Approved

2.    Travel Expenses Gift Acceptances:
       Accept the following donations of travel expenses for Susan Segal, City Attorney from:
       a) the Women's Foundation of Minnesota for travel to Washington, DC, as part of a delegation attending the Shared Hope International Conference; and 
       b) the Association for Prosecuting Attorneys, funded through the U.S. Department of Justice and their National Training and Technical Assistance Center, for travel, lodging and meals to attend a Community Prosecution Multi-Site evaluation in Chicago, IL.

       Staff Report:  Women's Foundation Gift-RCA, Women's Foundation-RSL, APA Gift-RCA, APA-RSL
      Action Taken:  Approved

Department of Communications

3.   Utility Billing Insert-January 2013:
      Approve insert providing information about the services people receive for their utility bill, encouraging sign up for electronic bills, and listing the ways to pay utility bills.

       Staff Report: UB Insert-RCA, Jan 2013 Insert
      Action Taken:  Approved

Convention Center

4.   Bid:
      OP #7717, accept single bid of Ace Janitorial Supply Company, Inc., in the amount of $72,200 to furnish and deliver an escalator cleaning machine for the Convention Center.

      Staff Report: Bid OP No 7717-RCA
      Action Taken:  Approved

5.   Ungerboeck Systems Inc. Contract Amendment:
      Authorize amendments to Contract C99-13987 for Web Hosting and module changes for Event Business Management System to: a) extend to December 31, 2015, with the option of two one year extensions; b) include web-hosting services, new modules and implementation services and remove unused modules; and c) increase the amount by $144,020.

       Staff Report: EBMS Contract Amendment-RCA
      Action Taken:  Approved

Department of Human Resources

6.   Minnesota Deferred Compensation Plan Roth Contribution Option:
      Approve amendment to Resolution 2012R-279, Eliminating the ING and ICMA Deferred Compensation Plan options, transferring the assets of the participants' ING and ICMA accounts to the Minnesota Deferred Compensation Plan and offering only the Minnesota Deferred Compensation Plan, to authorize a Roth option, permitting an employee to designate some or all MNDCP contributions as a Designated Roth Contribution.

     Staff Report: MNDCP Roth Contribution Option-RCA, Resolution Amending 2012R-279
      Action Taken:  Approved

7.   Minneflex Plan and HRA Plan Amendments:
      Authorize amendments to the City of Minneapolis Minneflex Plan and the City of Minneapolis Health Reimbursement Arrangement Plan to comply with federal health care reform legislation and to make certain clarifying changes.

      Staff Report: Minneflex and HRA Amend-RCA 
      Action Taken:  Approved

Department of Information Technology

8.   SwiftReach Networks Contract Extension:
      Authorize extension of contract C-25455 with SwiftReach Networks, Inc. by 16 months, through June 30, 2014, for high speed community notification services.

      Staff Report:  SwiftReach Contract Ext-RCA
      Action Taken:  Approved

9.   Deccan International Contract:
      Authorize three-year contract, with two one-year options to extend, to provide support for the LiveMUM (Move-up Module) application for the City's Computer Aided Dispatch system, with a contract amount not to exceed $95,000 for the initial three-year period.

      Staff Report:  Deccan Contract-RCA
      Action Taken:  Approved

10. Cassidian Communications, Inc. Contract Amendment:
      Authorize amendments to contract C-22985 for the 911 telephone system to:
      a) extend the term by three years, through February 9, 2018;
      b) increase the amount by $400,000, for a new contract total of $2,525,150; and
      c) include two one-year options to extend the contract.

      Staff Report:  Cassidian Contract Amend-RCA
      Action Taken:  Approved

Department of Finance and Property Services

11. CLIC Reappointments:
      Approve Council re-appointments to CLIC and receive and file Mayoral re-appointments, all for terms to run January 1, 2013 through December 31, 2014.

       Staff Report: CLIC Re-Appointments-RCA  
      Action Taken:  Approved

Referred by Executive Committee

12. New Appointed Classification - Police Commander:
      Approve proposed appointed classification of positions allocated to grade 14, 655 points; and Passage of Salary Ordinance approving annual salary, effective November 26, 2012.

      Staff Report:  Police Commander RCAClassification RPTSalary ORD; Proposed MPD Org Chart  
Executive Committee Action Taken: Sent forward without recommendation
      Action Taken:  Approved

Referred by Community Development Committee

13. 2012 Housing Revenue Entitlement Bond Carryforward:
      Approve resolution authorizing the carryforward of $49,405,645 of the 2012 Tax Exempt Multi-family Housing Entitlement Revenue Bonds for Multifamily Housing programs.

      Staff Report:  Hsg Bond Carryforward RCA
CD Committee Action Taken: Approved
      Action Taken:  Approved

14.  HOME Monitoring Consulting Services Agreement:
       Accept the HOME Monitoring Consulting Services proposal from Affordable Housing Connections & authorize staff to execute a consulting services standard agreement with an annual cost not to exceed $118,500 for 2013; $134,600 for 2014; & $139,408 for 2015 with the option to renew the contract annually for up to 2 additional years solely at the City’s discretion.

      Staff Report:  HOME Monitoring RCA
      CD Committee Action Taken: Approved
      Action Taken:  Approved

15. Pillsbury A Mill Tunnel System Condition Study:
      a) Accept a $250,000 Historical and Cultural Heritage Grant from the Minnesota Historical Society for the study; 
      b) Accept a grant of up to $35,000 from the Minnesota Historical Society (as fiscal agent for the St. Anthony Falls Heritage Board) for the study; 
      c) Approve appropriations;
      d) Authorize grant agreements with the Minnesota Historical Society (one of which will be in its role as fiscal agent for the St. Anthony Falls Heritage Board), a subrecipient agreement with Dominium Development & Acquisition, LLC (or an affiliated limited partnership created for this project) & and any disbursement and/or related agreements.

      Staff Report:  Pillsbury A Mill Tunnel RCA  
      CD Committee Action Taken: Approved
      Action Taken:  Approved

Referred by Public Safety, Civil Rights & Health Committee

16. MBFTE Training and Education Training Reimbursement:
      Accept Minnesota Board of Firefighter Training and Education redistribution funding under the Round 5 training reimbursement program in the amount of $42,840 and under the FY 2013 special revenue fund in the amount of $80,600 for training conducted between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013; and approve appropriation.

      Staff Report: MBFTE Reimbursement-RCA
      PSCH Committee Action Taken: Approved
      Action Taken:  Approved

17. Animal Care and Control Donations:
      Accept by resolution in-kind donations of dog and cat food, toys and treats, blankets, and animal supplies from the following individuals and groups:  Bill Lyons, Nancy Driver, MACC Volunteers, Martha Kooiman, Donna Francis, and PETCO Highland Park.

      Staff Report:  MACC Donations-RCA
      PSCH Committee Action Taken: Approved
      Action Taken:  Approved

Items in Transportation & Public Works Committee

18. DOT Technician Recertification Training Contract:
      Authorize negotiation and execution of a one-year contract with Hennepin Technical College, in a not-to-exceed amount of $5,000, to provide Department of Transportation Technician Recertification Training for Public Works technicians.  The contract includes the option to renew for one additional year.  
      (Also in T&PW)
      Staff Report:   DOT Recertification RCA 
      Action Taken:  Approved

19. Fridley Water Softening Plant:
      Authorize negotiation and execution of a professional services agreement with Miller Dunwiddie Architecture, for an amount not to exceed $75,000, for architectural and engineering services required to complete a Facility Improvement Assessment for the Administrative Offices at the Fridley Water Softening Plant to identify code issues (including ADA), deferred maintenance, and systems and building deficiencies in order to bring the facility to current standards.
      (Also in T&PW)
      Staff Report: Fridley Water Softening Plant RCA  
      Action Taken:  Approved

20. Pacific Avenue Solid Waste & Recycling Facility:
      Authorize negotiation and execution of a professional services agreement with Kodet Architectural Group, Ltd., for an amount not-to-exceed $75,000, for architectural and engineering services required to complete a Facility Improvement Assessment for the Solid Waste and Recycling Facility located at 2710 Pacific Ave N to identify code issues (including ADA), deferred maintenance, and systems and building deficiencies in order to bring the facility to current standards.
      (Also in T&PW)
      Staff Report:  Pacific Ave Facility RCA  
      Action Taken:  Approved

21. Traffic Signal Retiming in North, Northeast, and Southeast Minneapolis:
      a)  Authorize execution of a contract with Short Elliott Hendrickson, Inc. in the amount of $554,080, to retime traffic signals located in North, Northeast, and Southeast Minneapolis;  
      b)  Authorize execution of an Agency Agreement with the State of Minnesota Department of Transportation allowing the state to accept federal funds for the project; and
      c)  Appoint the Commissioner of Transportation as the City's agent in accepting the funds.
      (Also in T&PW)
      Staff Report:  Traffic Signal Retiming RCA  
      Action Taken:  Approved

22. TACTICS Central Traffic Signal Control System Software:
      Authorize the execution of a three-year contract, not to exceed $56,000, with Brown Traffic Products, Inc. for support and maintenance of the TACTICS Traffic Signal Control System software.
      (Also in T&PW)
      Staff Report:  TACTICS RCA  
      Action Taken:  Approved

23. Glenwood Ave Bike Lane Project:
      a)  Authorize execution of an agreement with Mn/DOT for the Glenwood Ave Bike Lane Project;
      b)  Increase the appropriation and revenue source for the project by $120,000; and
      c)  Appoint the Commissioner of Transportation as the City's agent in accepting the funds.
      (Also in T&PW)
      Staff Report:  Glenwood Ave Bike Lane RCAGlenwood Ave MAP   
      Action Taken:  Approved

24  Bids:
      a)  OP 7703, Accept low bid of New Look Contracting, Inc., for an estimated annual expenditure of $850,000, for hauling and disposal of fill and asphalt millings for the Transportation Division;
      b)  OP 7706, Accept low bid of National Power Rodding Corporation, for an estimated annual expenditure of $2,377,034.75, for the Storm Drain Inspection Program for the Surface Water and Sewers Division;
      c)  OP 7710, Accept low bids of Custom Products and Services, for an estimated annual expenditure of $187,468, for snow clearing and ice control for the Central Ave, Dinkytown, Lyndale-Lake, Nicollet Ave, Stadium Village, and Uptown Special Service Districts; 
      d)  OP 7711, Accept single bid of Minnesota Supply Company, in the amount of $80,189.78, to furnish and deliver an electric forklift to the Solid Waste and Recycling Division;  
      e)  OP 7712, Accept low bid of Veit and Company, Inc., in the amount of $302,045, for the construction of the Blue Water Partnership Pond Dredging Project;
      f)  OP 7714, Accept single bid of Checkpoint Welding and Fabrication, Inc., for an estimated annual expenditure of $60,000, for welding and fabrication services; and
      g)  OP 7720, Accept low bid of Concrete Idea, Inc., for an estimated annual expenditure of $2,844,750, to complete the construction of sidewalks, curbs and gutters, alleys and drive approaches in 2013 for the Paving Division. 
       (Also in T&PW)
      Staff Report:  Bid 7703Bid 7706Bid 7710Bid 7711Bid 7712Bid 7714Bid 7720   
      Action Taken:  Approved 

25. Nicollet Hotel Block:
       Authorize execution of a Grant Agreement awarding $3,420,573.54 to the Metropolitan Council for the purchase of the Gateway Facility and an Assignment and Assumption Agreement transferring all federal property interests currently in the Nicollet Hotel Block to the Metropolitan Council Gateway Facility.  The source of funds is 7500-685 NTR.  No additional appropriation required.
       (Also in T&PW)
      Staff Report:  Nicollet Hotel Block RCA    
      Action Taken:  Approved

26. Partnership for a Healthier America Award:
      a)  Commit City of Minneapolis in-kind services, up to $50,000, to support 2013 Open Streets activities;
      b)  Accept grant funds in the amount of $50,000 from Partnership for a Healthier America;
      c)  Authorize negotiation and execution of an appropriate agreement as needed with Partnership for a Healthier America; and
      d)  Authorize negotiation and execution of an agreement as needed with a contractor to provide event management services.
      (Also in T&PW)
      Staff Report:  Partnership Award RCAPartnership Award ATTACH    
      Action Taken:  Sent forward without recommendation

Discussion Items

Youth Coordinating Board

27. Youth Coordinating Board 2013 Budget:
      Presentation of budget request.

      Staff Report:  2013 Proposed Budget Summary, General Fund Breakdown, YCB 2013 Budget-PPT
Action Taken 11/13/2012:  Postponed one cycle
      Action Taken 12/3/2012: Received and filed

Department of Information Technology

28. IBM Intelligent Operations Platform Contract:
      Authorize execution of three-year contract with IBM for Intelligent Operations Platform (IOP) software and implementation services, in an amount not to exceed $2,871,640.

      Staff Report: IBM IOP-RCA ,IOP Presentation
Action Taken 11/13/2012:  Postponed one cycle
      Action Taken 12/3/2012:  Approved

Referred by Public Safety, Civil Rights & Health Committee

29. Firefighter Cadet Hiring List:
      Approve $250,000 one-time appropriation to compensate for costs incurred in creating a new hiring list to replace the current six-year old list.

      Staff Report: Cadet Hiring List Appropriation-RCA    
      PSCH Committee Action Taken: Approved
      Action Taken:  Approved

Department of Human Resources

30. Application Fee for Firefighter Class:
      Authorize collection of an application fee for Firefighter Cadet when Human Resources begins accepting applications in late January 2013, and approve differentiated fee structure of $20 from City of Minneapolis residents or veterans, and $40 for all other applicants.

      Staff Report:  Firefighter Cadet App Fee-RCA
      Action Taken:  Approved

Departments of City Coordinator and Regulatory Services

31. Regulatory Services Workgroup:

        Staff Report: Reorganization Proposal, 12-3 Update-PPT
      Action Taken:  Received and filed

Notice: A portion of this meeting may be closed to the public pursuant to Minnesota Statutes Section 13D.03 or 13D.05.

Today's meeting will adjourn to Wednesday, December 5, at 9:30 a.m. for Budget Mark-up

Next Regular Committee Meeting:  December 13, 2012

Committee Actions Referred to the Next Council Meeting:  December 7, 2012

Web Site: http://www.minneapolismn.gov/council/committees  

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