Ways & Means Committee Agenda
Standing Committee of the City Council, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Regular Meeting
January 21, 2014 – 1:30 p.m.
Room 317, City Hall
Members Present:  Council Members John Quincy (Chair), Elizabeth Glidden, Blong Yang, Lisa Bender, Andrew Johnson, and Linea Palmisano (Quorum 4)
Council Committee Coordinator: Lisa Hansen 612-673-3963


City Attorney’s Office
1.   Legal Settlements:
Approve the following settlements:
a) Lacie Brown v. City of Minneapolis, $6,528.
b) Goff Holdings, LLC v. City of Minneapolis, $8,000.
Staff Reports: Lacie Settlement RCA; Goff Holdings Settlement RCA
Action Taken:  Approved.
2.   Conflict of Interest Waiver for Legal Services Contract:
Approve waiver of conflict of interest between the City of Minneapolis and clients of the law firm of Maslon Edelman Borman & Brand to allow the City to retain the Maslon Firm to provide legal services in the matter of In re Doug Mann v. Minneapolis City Council.
Staff Report: Maslon Firm Conflict of Interest Waiver RCA
Action Taken: Approved.
3.   Utility Billing Insert – City Trees:
Approve utility billing insert on behalf of the City Coordinator – Sustainability providing information about the City Trees program encouraging people to order a $25 tree in March for their Minneapolis property.
Staff Report: Utility Billing Insert RCA; Utility Billing Insert
Action Taken: Approved.
4.   Donation of Public Service Announcements:
Accept donated broadcast airtime from Comcast Cable for public service announcements.
Staff Report:  Public Service Announcements RCA
Action Taken: Approved.
5.   Donation of Digital Billboard Display Time:
Accept donated digital billboard space from Clear Channel Outdoor for the purpose of communicating Snow Emergency information.
Staff Report:  Digital Billboard Display Time RCA 
Action Taken: Approved.
City Coordinator
6.   Creative City Challenge Art Competition Project:
Authorize to enter into five one-year contracts with Northern Lights.mn, renewable at the City’s request for an estimated $150,000 per year, for management and artistic programming services for the Creative City Challenge art competition.
Action Taken: Approved.
Community Planning and Economic Development
7.   John Biggers Seed Project:
a) Accept a grant of $150,000 from the National Endowment for the Arts Our Town Program and $100,000 grant from the McKnight Foundation’s Region and Communities Program for the John Biggers Seed Project.
b) Increase the 2014 Revenue Budget for Community Planning and Economic Development Fund – Federal grants by $150,000.
c) Amend the 2014 General Appropriation Resolution by increasing CPED Fund – Federal grants by $150,000.
d) Increase the 2014 Revenue Budget for CPED Fund – Other Local grants by $100,000.
e) Amend the 2014 General Appropriation Resolution by increasing the Community Planning and Economic Development Fund – Other Local grants by $100,000.
Action Taken: Approved.
Neighborhood and Community Relations Department
8.   Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging Mini-Grant:
Accept grant award of $8000 to conduct research through the use of focus groups and approve appropriation to the Neighborhood and Community Relations Department.
Staff Report: Aging Mini-Grant RCA
Action Taken: Approved.
Finance & Property Services
9.   Barge Mooring on Upper River:
Authorize negotiate and execute a new two year lease with Aggregate Industries, Inc. for barge mooring on City-owned property located at 2710 Pacific Street N.
Staff Report:Barge Mooring RCA
Action Taken: Approved.
10. Fire Stations 5 & 7 Remodeling Services:
Amend contract with Bloom Engineers & Associates to increase the amount by $10,000 for engineering services.
Action Taken: Approved.
Referred by Community Development & Regulatory Services
11. Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) Redevelopment Grant Program:
Approve resolution authorizing staff to submit applications to DEED Redevelopment Grant Program for the following projects: Brickhouse Lofts, Broadway Flats, The Cameron, MoZaic East, Seward Friendship Store, Inc., and Shapco Printing Redevelopment.
Staff Report:   DEED RCA
CD&RS Committee Action Taken: Approved. 
Action Taken: Approved.
Referred by Health, Environment & Community Engagement
12. Services for High-Risk Youth:
Authorize contract with Tubman, in the total amount of $75,000, to provide case management services in 2014 for youth who are at risk for involvement with violence.
Staff Report: At Risk Youth Services RCA
HE&CE Action Taken:  Approved.
Action Taken: Approved.
Referred by Executive Committee
13. Collective Bargaining-Trades Unit:
Approve collective bargaining agreement between the City and the Trades Unit, Minneapolis Building and Construction Trades Council, AFL-CIO for the period May 1, 2013 through April 30, 2015; and Authorize execute agreement consistent with the terms contained in the executive summary.
Staff Report: Trades Unit RCA
Executive Committee Action Taken:  Approved.
Action Taken: Approved.
14. Collective Bargaining-AFSCME Attorney Unit:
Approve collective bargaining agreement between the City and the AFSCME Attorney Unit for the period January 1, 2012, through December 31, 2013; and January 1, 2014, through December 31, 2016; and Authorize execute agreement consistent with the terms contained in the executive summary.
Executive Committee Action Taken: Approved.
Action Taken: Approved.
Referred by Public Safety, Civil Right & Emergency Management
15.  General Mills Grant:
 Authorize acceptance of grant funds, $30,000, from General Mills to support program costs related to community engagement, youth violence, education, and related policy; Approve appropriation increase.
Staff Report:  General Mills Grant RCA
PSCR&EM Committee Action Taken: Approved.
Action Taken: Approved.
16.  Joyce Foundation:
 Authorize acceptance of grant funds, $30,000, to support the position of Community Engagement Coordinator and other project costs; and Approve appropriation increase.
 Staff Report:  Joyce Foundation Grant RCA
PSCR&EM Committee Action Taken: Approved.
Action Taken: Approved.
17. Training Services for Cadet/Recruit Training:
Accept proposal from Hennepin Technical College for training services for Cadet/Recruit Training to be conducted in the Spring of 2014 for up to 35 pre-selected Police Cadet/Recruit candidates and to enter into a contract for services.
Staff Report:  Cadet/Recruit Training RCA
PSCR&EM Committee Action Taken: Approved.
Action Taken: Approved.
Referred by Transportation & Public Works
18.  MRI Contract Amendment:
Authorize extension of the terms of the contract between Minneapolis Refuse Incorporated (MRI) and the City to allow for City-owned packer truck rental to MRI at the current rental rate of $2,300 per month per truck.
Staff Report:   MRI Contract Amendment RCA
T&PW Committee Action Taken: Approved.
Action Taken: Approved.
19. Bids:
a)   OP 7870, Accept low bid of ADS, LLC, for an estimated expenditure of $1,430,735.96, to furnish and deliver closed circuit inspection of the City’s storm drain sewer system;
b)   OP 7880, Accept low bid of Veit and Company, Inc., for an estimated expenditure of $1,948,625, for the disposal and hauling of fill and asphalt millings for the Transportation Division; and
c)   OP 7881, Accept low bid of Rachel Contracting, Inc., for an estimated expenditure of $399,650, for the Bluewater Partnership Pond Dredging Project, Phase 2.
Staff Report:   Bid 7870; Bid 7880; Bid 7881
T&PW Committee Action Taken: Approved. 
Action Taken: Approved.
20. 2017 Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) Submission:
Approve resolution:
a)   Authorizing the submission of a series of applications for federal transportation funds through the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) and MnDOT Safe Routes to School Program; and
b)   Authorizing commitment of local funds, per federal requirement, to support and maintain the approved TAP projects.
Staff Report:  TAP Submission; TAP PowerPoint  
T&PW Committee Action Taken: Approved.
Action Taken: Approved.


Information Technology Department
21. Human Resources Information System:
Execute all necessary contract documents with Advance Digital Systems for an upgrade to the HRIS System, for a one-year amount not to exceed $350,000; and include an option to renew for an additional year.
Staff Reports: HRIS RCA 
Action Taken: Approved, with the following staff direction:
a)  At the next cycle of the Committee of the Whole, the Information Technology (IT), Human Resources (HR) and Finance & Property Services (FPS) Departments are directed to present an overall program plan and update on the program to upgrade the City’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This initial presentation should include a full resource plan as well as a timeline and program management structure, including a general description of the projects within the ERP program. 
b)  A status update on the ERP program should be presented to the Committee of the Whole in six months.
Notice: A portion of this meeting may be closed to the public pursuant to MN Statutes Section 13D.03 or 13D.05
Next Committee Meeting: February 3, 2014
Committee actions will be referred to the next Council Meeting: January 23, 2013
Committee Coordinator email: [email protected]
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