Ways & Means/Budget Committee Agenda
Standing Committee of the City Council, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Regular Meeting - Adjourned from November 8, 2013
November 12, 2013 – 8:45 a.m.
Room 317, City Hall
Members Present: Betsy Hodges, Elizabeth Glidden, Diane Hofstede, Gary Schiff, Meg Tuthill
Members Absent: Sandy Colvin Roy
1.   Legal Settlements:
Approve the following legal settlements and authorize to execute documents necessary to effectuate settlement:
a)    Lori Olson v. City of Minneapolis by payment of $25,000;
b)    Travelers Indemnity Company v. City of Minneapolis by payment of $10,350;
c)    Brian Arradondo v. City of Minneapolis by payment of $163,000;
d)    Darryl Robinson v. Mark Lanasa, et. al., by payment of $15,000 with some non-monetary consideration;
e)    Xcel Energy by payment of $137,747.96 from Excel Energy to the City of Minneapolis;
f)     Steven Meldahl v. City of Minneapolis by adjustment of the following special assessments:
1) Cancellation of Assessment No. 10-0761439, 2500 Humboldt Avenue North ($6,948.00);
2) Cancellation of Assessment No. 11-0873675, 3743 Bryant Avenue North ($694.75);
3) Cancellation of Assessment No. 11-0874827, 3723 Fremont Avenue North ($150.00);
4) Cancellation of Assessment No. 11-0873932, 3103 Logan Avenue North ($150.00);
5) Cancellation of Assessment No. 1211442304, 723 Newton Avenue North ($513.23);
6) Cancellation of Assessment No. 310863311, 2946 Colfax Avenue North ($159.77);
7) Reduction of Assessment No. 1211447318, 810 Newton Avenue North
    ($343.96 reduced by $84 resulting in an assessment of $259.96)
Staff Reports: Olson RCA; Travelers Indemnity RCA; Arradondo RCA; Robinson RCA; Excel RCA; Meldahl RCA
Action Taken: Approved
2.   Billboard Display Time Donation:
Accept donation of digital billboard space from Clear Channel Outdoor for the purpose of communicating Snow Emergency information.
Staff Report: Clear Channel Outdoor RCA
Action Taken: Approved
3.   Public Service Announcement Broadcast Time Donation:
Accept donation of broadcast airtime from Comcast Cable for public service announcements.
Staff Report: Comcast Cable RCA
Action Taken: Approved
Convention Center
4.   Window Washing Services:
Accept low bid OP 7850 and authorize to execute contract with Columbia Building Services for window washing services for the Minneapolis Convention Center, for a total estimated annual expenditure of $90,000. Vendor agrees to extend pricing for two (2) additional years after 2014. No additional appropriation required.
Staff Reports: OP 7850 RCA; OP 7850 Pricing Schedule; OP 7850 Tab Sheet
Action Taken: Approved
5.   Escalator Modernization:
Accept low bid OP 7858 and authorize to execute contract with Kone, Inc., for the escalator modernization project for units 1-10 at the Minneapolis Convention Center, for a total estimated annual expenditure of $1,809,000. No additional appropriation required.
Staff Report: OP 7858 RCA; OP 7858 Tab Sheet
Action Taken: Approved
Information Technology
6.   City of Minneapolis 311 System:
Authorize to execute a new three-year contract with KANA Software Inc., for support, maintenance and hosting services for the 311 Lagan system, not to exceed a total of $1,200,000 for three years and to include two one-year options to extend the contract. No additional appropriation required.
Staff Report: 311 Kana RCA
Action Taken: Approved
7.   City of Minneapolis Roaming WiFi System:
Authorize to extend contract C-28422 with Novarum Inc. for an additional three years, through October 2016, for the City of Minneapolis roaming WiFi system and increase the contract by $50,000 for a new total not to exceed $410,000. No additional appropriation required.
Staff Report: Novarum WiFi RCA
Action Taken: Approved
8.   Unisys Managed Services:
Authorize to increase contract C-25200 with Unisys by $750,000 for additional change orders anticipated for managed services in 2014.
Staff Report: Unisys RCA
Action Taken: Approved
9.   RFP for Managed Information Technology Services:
Authorize to issue a Request for Proposals for managed Information Technology services for 2015 and beyond, pending Permanent Review Committee review and approval.
Staff Report: Information Technology RFP RCA
Action Taken: Approved
Regulatory Services
10. Grass, Weeds and Plants Nuisance Abatement:
Authorize to execute amendment to contract C-35923 with Over the Top, extending the contract to December 31, 2013, and extending the service to the north district for grass, weeds and plant nuisance abatement services under the same terms and conditions as currently in place for the south district. No additional appropriation required.
Staff Report: Over the Top RCA
Action Taken: Approved
11. Hazardous Tree Removal:
Authorize to execute amendment to contract C-36408 with Wilson Custom Tree, increasing the contract by $100,000 for a new contract total of $200,000 for hazardous tree removal and disposal services. No additional appropriation required.
Staff Report: Wilson Tree RCA
Action Taken: Approved
Treasury Operations
12. Property Tax Special Assessment of Delinquent Utility Charges:
Approve the special assessment of delinquent utility charges with adoption of the assessment roll.
Staff Report: Delinquent Utility Charges RCA; Delinquent Utility Assessments RPT
Action Taken: Approved
Referred by Regulatory, Energy & Environmental Committee
13. Inspections Division, 2013 Special Assessment Levies:
a)    Approve the maximum levy amounts for the following levies in accordance with preliminary levy listings:
      • Levy 1080 - Removal of Offensive Matter (Rubbish) - $365,257.45
      • Levy 1081 - Removal of Offensive Matter (Weeds) - $239,821.50
      • Levy 1084 - Removal of Offensive Matter (Hazardous Trees) - $66,366.00
      • Levy 1085 - Removal of Offensive Matter (Brush and Plant Growth) - $126,977.75
      • Levy 1086 - Inoperable Vehicle Tow Administrative Fees - $4,500.00
      • Levy 1089 - Unpaid Administrative Citations (Housing) - $310,140.00
      • Levy 1090 - Unpaid Administrative Citations (Lead) - $5,060.00
      • Levy 1092 - Emergency Demolition of Property - $45,226.00
      • Levy 1095 - Chapter 249 Building Demolition - $202,140.96
      • Levy 1096 - Vacant/Boarded Housing Registration - $2,438,748.00
      • Levy 1097 - Re-Inspection Fees (Housing) - $60,750.00
      • Levy 1098 - Securing of Buildings (Police Board Up) - $121,415.44
      • Levy 1099 - Securing Abandoned Buildings - $44,638.00
      • Levy 1120 - Sewer Overflow - $192,500.00
      • Levy 1121 - Unpaid Administrative Citations
                            (Const Code Services, Un-Permit Work) - $15,540.00
      • Levy 1122 - Unpaid Administrative Citations (Housing) - $10,950.00
      • Levy 1124 - Unpaid Administrative Citations (Environmental) - $1,320.00
      • Levy 1125 - Unpaid Administrative Citations (Const Code Services) - $55,520.00
      • Levy 1126 - Unpaid Administrative Citations (Fire Inspection Services) - $24,585.00
      • Levy 1160 - Nuisance Abatement - $25,455.64
      • Levy 1162 - Unpaid Administrative Citations (Nuisance-Housing) - $384,125.00
      • Levy 1163 - Unpaid Administrative Citations (High Occupancy Dwelling) - $2,420.00
      • Levy 1165 - Unpaid Administrative Citations (Zoning) - $39,360.00
      • Levy 1176 - Re-Inspection Fees (Zoning) - $14,950.00
b)    Authorize Regulatory Services to continue receiving pre-payments until November 30, 2013, as allowed by law, at which point the final levy list will be sent to the Director of the Hennepin County Property Taxation Department; and
c)    Direct the Director of the Hennepin County Taxation Department to place assessments against certain properties to defray the cost of work performed under authorization of Regulatory Services to correct nuisance or hazardous conditions on these properties.
Staff Report: Inspection Levies RCAInspection Levies by TypeInspection Levies Master List 
Action Taken: Approved
Referred by Transportation & Public Works Committee
14. Hennepin County Road Maintenance Agreement:
Authorize negotiation and execution of a Road Maintenance Agreement between Hennepin County and the City of Minneapolis effective January 1, 2013, through December 31, 2015.
Staff Report: Road Maintenance Agreement RCA
Action Taken: Approved
15. 2014-2017 Public Works Consulting Pool:
Authorize execution of a Master Service Agreement with each of the 32 successful firms for the Public Works Consulting Pool. The length of the agreement will be from February 15, 2014, to February 14, 2017, and limited to a maximum of $2,500,000 with a maximum fee per scope of services (project) of $500,000.
Staff Report: Consulting Pool RCA
Action Taken: Approved
16. Capital Project Close-Outs:
a)    Receive and accept the final costs of various Capital Projects and Programs thereby closing the projects;
b)    Adjust capital appropriations to reflect the project close-outs;
c)    Reallocate excess revenue and bonds to other Capital projects; and
d)    Request concurrence of the Board of Estimate and Taxation in the reallocation of already issued Net Debt Bonds and cancellation of authorization of $70,000 unissued Net Debt Bonds.
Staff Report: Capital Project Close-Outs RCACapital Project Close-Outs ATTACH
Action Taken: Approved
17. Car Sharing Pilot Program Contract:
Authorize execution of a two-year agreement with Neighborhood Energy Connection, dba HOURCAR, for the Car Sharing Pilot Program.
Staff Report: Car Sharing RCA
Action Taken: Approved
18. Organized Collection Contract:
Authorize negotiation and execution of a contract with Minneapolis Refuse, Inc. (MRI) for the collection of garbage, recycling, problem materials, mattresses, and yard wastes for approximately one-half of the City’s dwelling units for a five-year term from February 1, 2014, through January 31, 2019.
Staff Report: Organized Collection RCA
Action Taken: Forwarded Without Recommendation
19. Alley Assessment Policy:
a)    Adopt a policy to assess construction and reconstruction of alleys against all benefitting property owners using an Annual Uniform Alley Construction Rate of 25% of the estimated cost to reconstruct an average alley, with all costs above that to be paid for with Net Debt Bonds or other local sources;
b)    Amend the Unpaved Residential Alley Paving Program to reflect the new policy; and
c)    Establish the 2014 Alley Construction Rate at $0.26/sq.ft.
Staff Report: Alley Assessment Policy RCA
Action Taken: Approved
20. Cooperative Development Agreement:
a)    Authorize negotiation and execution of a Cooperative Development Agreement with M.A. Mortenson Company for professional design services, demolition, and construction related to a City-owned Skyway and re-connection to the proposed Hampton Inn & Suites Hotel site located at 19 8th St. N.  The City shall pay for said work in an amount not to exceed $425,000 to be paid from the Parking Fund (07500-685-HAWT); and
b)    Authorize negotiation and execution of an Amendment to a 1992 Skyway Easement Agreement for purposes of memorializing termination of the original skyway contemplated therein, and restating and revising the 1992 terms to reflect a new skyway schematic. 
Staff Report:  Cooperative Development Agreement RCA
Action Taken: Approved
Notice: A portion of this meeting may be closed to the public pursuant to MN Statutes Section 13D.03 or 13D.05
Next Committee Meeting: December 3, 2013
Committee actions will be referred to the next Council Meeting: November 12, 2013
Committee Coordinator email: [email protected]
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