Ways & Means/Budget Committee Agenda

Standing Committee of the City Council, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Regular Meeting
Monday, July 16, 2012
1:30 p.m. - Room 317 City Hall

NOTE: All cellular telephones and electronic devices to be switched to a non-audible function during Council and Committee meetings.

Committee Members Present:  Council Members Hodges (Chair), Schiff, Colvin Roy, Glidden, and Hofstede - 5(quorum 4)

Committee Member Absent:  Council Member Tuthilll

Council Committee Coordinator:  Anissa Hollingshead (612) 673-2296 


City Attorney

1.   Legal Settlement:
      Authorize settlement of pending special assessment appeals, 1010 Metrodome Square and Timeshare Systems, Inc. v. City of Minneapolis - District Court File No. 27-CV-11-17692, by:
            a) reducing previously levied assessments at 511 11th Ave s by $39,905.25;
            b) reducing street paving appropriation by $42,300 and utilizing excess project revenue to cover the reduction in future assessment collections; and
            c) authorizing transfer of $42,300 to fund future bond principal and interest payments on the reduced assessments.

        Staff Report: 1010 Metrodome Square and Timeshare Systems-RCA
Action Taken:  Approved


2.   Comcast Cable Broadcast Time Donation:
      Approve by resolution the acceptance of donated broadcast airtime from Comcast Cable for public service announcements in the second quarter of 2012.

      Staff Report:  Comcast Broadcast Time-RCA
      Action Taken:  Approved

City Coordinator

3.   2012 City of Minneapolis Charitable Campaign:
      Approve participation of the following nine charitable fundraising organizations: Community Solutions Fund; Community Health Charities; Hennepin History Museum; Open Your Heart to the Hungry and Homeless; Peace Maker Foundation; United Negro College Fund; United Arts; Minnesota Environmental Fund; and United Way of Minneapolis Area. 

        Staff Report: Charitable Campaign-RCA
        Action Taken:  Approved

Finance and Property Services

4.   Bid for Fire Station Building Automation:
      OP #7636, accept low bid of Prairie Technologies of Minnesota Inc, dba Direct Digital Controls, to furnish and deliver all labor, materials, equipment, and incidentals necessary to complete the installation and commissioning of digital building HVAC control systems at 13 fire stations ($220,250).

        Staff Report: Fire Station Building Automation-RCA
        Action Taken:  Approved

5.   Contract Extension:
      Authorize extension of existing contract with TALX Corporation, C-25033,  through July 1, 2015, at an annual cost of roughly $13,000, to provide services related to monitoring costs for unemployment compensation for departed employees and verification of payroll information.

       Staff Report: TALX Corporation Contract Extension-RCA
       Action Taken:  Approved

Information Technology

6.   Advanced Public Safety Contract:
      Authorize changes to contract C-23403 for Police citation writing system and support services to: a) extend contract for two years, through June 2014; b) increase contract amount by $200,000; and c) modify the contract to reflect the City's revised terms and conditions for 2012.

        Staff Report: Advanced Public Safety Contract Amendment-RCA
        Action Taken:  Approved

7.   I-9 Services Contract:
      Authorize 5-year contract with TALX Corporation to provide electronic services related to managing the I-9 process, in an amount not to exceed $50,000, through August 2017, using TALX Corporation's contract document.

       Staff Report:  TALX Corporation Contract-RCA
        Action Taken:  Approved

8.   LinkedIn Corporation Contract:
      Authorize execution of a two-year contract with LinkedIn Corporation, not to exceed $50,000, through May 2014, using LinkedIn's contract document.

      Staff Report:  LinkedIn Contract-RCA
       Action Taken:  Approved

Referred by Community Development Committee

9.    Dwell at Calhoun Greenway Redevelopment Plan & Land Sale (3129 Ewing Ave S):
        a) Consider resolution approving the Dwell at Calhoun Greenway Redevelopment Plan;
        b) Approve acquisition of 3129 Ewing Ave S from Hennepin County for $10,410 and disposition to Bigos-Calhoun Greenway, LLC for $62,000; and
        c) Authorize any documents which may be required for these transactions.

       CD Committee Action Taken: Approved
       Staff Report:  3129 Ewing RCA; 3129 Ewing ATTACH1; 3129 Ewing ATTACH2; 3129 Ewing ATTACH3; 3129 Ewing ATTACH4; 3129 Ewing ATTACH5
       Action Taken:  Approved

10. Ground Lease for Interim Parking (2201-15 Plymouth Ave N & 1245 Penn Ave N):
      Approve five year ground lease for interim parking for North Point and community use at the southwest corner of Penn and Plymouth Avenues.

      CD Committee Action Taken: Approved
      Staff Report: Ground Lease for Prkg RCA
       Action Taken:  Approved

11. Model City Urban Renewal Plan:
      Approve resolution approving Modification No. 22 to the Model City Urban Renewal Plan.

       CD Committee Action Taken: Approved
       Staff ReportModel City Urban Renewal Mod 22 RCA; Model City Urban Renewal MOD 22
        Action Taken:  Approved

12. Praxis Foods (re 1256 Penn Ave N & 1235-1243 Oliver Ave N):
      Grant exclusive development rights to Praxis Foods through 12/31/2013 for the Penn/Plymouth properties.

       CD Committee Action Taken: Approved
       Staff Report: Praxis Foods RCA; Praxis Foods ATTACH
        Action Taken:  Approved

13. Green Homes North Program:
      Approve Program Guidelines & authorize release of a Request for Proposals for the construction of new green single family homes on City-owned vacant lots in North Minneapolis.

      CD Committee Action Taken: Approved 
      Staff Report:  GHN RCA; GHN Northside ATTACH; GHN Zone1 ATTACH; GHN Zone2 ATTACH; GHN Zone 3 ATTACH
       Action Taken:  Approved

Referred by Public Safety, Civil Rights & Health Committee

Health and Family Support 

14.  Communities Transformation Grant Application:
       Authorize application for a 2-year Communities Transformation Grant, Small Communities Program grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, for an amount not to exceed $3,825,780, to reduce chronic disease rates among Minneapolis residents. 

       PSC&H Committee Action Taken: Approved
       Staff Report:  CTG Small Communities Program Grant Application-RCA
       Action Taken:  Approved

Referred by Regulatory, Energy & Environment Committee

15. Environmental Assistance Grant Program:
      a) Authorize submission of grant application to Minnesota Pollution Control Agency seeking $45,000 to develop and implement a public web-based building benchmarking data disclosure system and provide training and technical assistance to property owners and managers complying with City ordinances.
      b) Execute grant documents if awarded the grant.
      c) Approve appropriation.

       RE&E Committee Action Taken: Approved
      Staff Report:  Environmental Assistance Grant RCA 
       Action Taken:  Approved

Referred by Transportation & Public Works Committee

16.   2012 Alley Resurfacing Program:
       a) Order the City Engineer to proceed with the work and adopt special assessments in the amount of $122,912.14 for the 2012 Alley Resurfacing Program; and
       b) Request the Board of Estimate and Taxation to issue and sell assessment bonds in the amount of $123,920 for the program. 

       T&PW Committee Action Taken: Approved
       Staff Report:  2012 Alley Resurfacing RCAMap  
Action Taken:  Approved

17.   Plymouth Ave N Street Resurfacing Project:
       a) Order the City Engineer to proceed with the work and adopt special assessments in the amount of $35,252.01 for the project; and
       b) Request the Board of Estimate and Taxation to issue and sell assessment bonds in the amount of $35,255 for the project.

       T&PW Committee Action Taken: Approved
       Staff Report:  Plymouth Resurfacing RCAMap
        Action Taken:  Approved

18.  USI Wireless - Pole Fee Agreement Amendment:
      Authorize amendment to the agreement with USI Wireless defining the timeframe and payment method relating to pole fees for the placement of USI wireless devices on City-owned poles.

      T&PW Committee Action Taken: Approved
      Staff Report:  USI Wireless RCA  
Action Taken:  Approved

19.  Bids:
       a) OP 7630, Accept only bid of HD Supply Waterworks, for an estimated annual expenditure of $450,000, for replacement hydrants for the Water Treatment & Distribution Division; 
       b) OP 7642, Accept only bid of Brown Traffic Products, Inc, for an estimated expenditure of $61,183, to furnish accessible pedestrian signaling systems for the Traffic & Parking Services Division; and
       c) OP 7644, Accept low bid of Omni-Midwest, Inc., for an estimated expenditure of $78,750, for concrete slab replacement - activated carbon tank for the Water Treatment & Distribution Division.

      T&PW Committee Action Taken: Approved
      Staff Report:  Bid 7630Bid 7642Bid 7644   
       Action Taken:  Approved

Discussion Items

Convention Center

20. Convention Center & Target Center Consultant Pool RFP:
      Authorize negotiation and execution of master agreements with the following recommended firms within the General Architecture category of the Convention Center and Target Center Consulting Pool for variable fees limited to a contractual maximum of $2,500,000 per contract over three years:
          Miller Dunwidde Architecture;
          M. Arthur Gensler Junior & Associates, Inc.; &
          HGA/Populous (a consortium).

      Staff Report: Consultant Pool RFP-RCA
       Action Taken:  Approved

Referred from Public Safety, Civil Rights and Health Committee

21. Funding Adjustment - Community Service Officers as Sworn Officers:
      Receive and file report on intention to transition/hire non-sworn part time Community Service Officers into full time sworn police officers in September 2012.

       PSC&H Committee Action Taken: Received and Filed
       Staff Report:  CSO to Sworn Funding Adjustment-RCA 
Action Taken:  Approved  


22. Target Center Renovation Project:
       Receive and file update.

       Staff Report: Target Center Update-RCA, Target Center Update-PPT
       Action Taken:  Received and filed

Postponed Item

Human Resources

23. Relocation Expense Policy:
      Consider resolution approving the revised Relocation Expense Policy, receive and file the attached procedures that support the policy, and direct Human Resources to place the policy and procedures in the Policy Library.

      Staff Report: Relocation Expense Policy RCA; Policy; and Procedures
       Action Taken 6/25/2012:  Postponed one cycle
       Action Taken:  Postponed one additional cycle

Notice: A portion of this meeting may be closed to the public pursuant to Minnesota Statutes Section 13D.03 or 13D.05.

Next Committee Meeting:  July 30, 2012

Committee Actions Referred to the Next Council Meeting:  July 20, 2012

Web Site: http://www.minneapolismn.gov/council/committees/index.htm 

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