Ways & Means/Budget Committee Agenda

Standing Committee of the City Council, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Regular Meeting

Monday, May 22, 2006

1:30 p.m. - Room 317 City Hall

NOTE:  All cellular telephones, pagers and BlackBerry devices to be switched to a non-audible function during Council and Committee meetings.

Committee Members: Council Members Ostrow, Schiff, Colvin Roy,

Hofstede, Glidden, Hodges (quorum 4)

Council Committee Coordinator: Anne Roth (612) 673-3130

Public Hearings

Time Certain: 1:45 p.m.

1. Nicollet Mall 2007 Operating Budget:

a) Approve the 2007 operating budget in the amount of $1,263,101;
b) Direct staff to prepare the appropriate assessment roll;
c) Amend the 2006 General Appropriation to set the 2007 Nicollet Mall Appropriation as recommended by the Nicollet Mall Advisory Board; and
d) Increase the Streets and Malls - Nicollet Mall 2006 Appropriation in the General Fund by $230,607.

Action Taken: Approved

Staff report: Nicollet Mall CR; Budget Report

Time Certain: 2:00 p.m.

2. Ethics in Government Ordinance:

Ordinance amending Title 2, Chapter 15 of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances relating to Administration: Ethics in Government, amending section 15.120(c) entitled Loans by striking the word “appointed”. (Johnson)

Action Taken: Returned to Author

Staff report: Ethics in Government Ordinance

Consent Items

3. New Central Library Project - Change Order:

Approve Change Order No. 5 decreasing Contract Number C-20567 with E.R. Berwald Roofing Company, Inc. by $42,915.

Action Taken: Approved

Staff report: ERBerwaldCompany

4. GMCVA (iDSS) Third Loan Benchmarks:

Receive and file the benchmarks and milestones relating to the loan from the City to GMCVA as requested by the City Council.

Action Taken: Approved

Staff report: GMCVA Third Loan CR; Third Loan Letter

5. City of Minneapolis Employee Benefits:

Authorize proper City officers to enter into contract with Buck Consultants for up to $260,000 to obtain consulting services related to healthcare plan management as well as health and wellness programming.

Action Taken: Approved

Staff report: Buck Consultants Broker Services

6. Contract amendment with Parker Rosen L.L.C.:

Authorize amendment to Contract #C-23087 with Parker Rosen. L.L.C. increasing the contract amount (not to exceed $100,000).

Action Taken: Postponed for 1 cycle

Staff report: Parker Rosen LLC

7. New Appointed Position: Technology Services Manager:

a) Find that the proposed position meets the criteria in Section 20.1010 of code;
b) Approve the proposed (appointed) position allocated to grade 11 with 540 points; and
c) Approve annual salary, effective April 1, 2006.

Executive Committee Action: Approved 5/17/06

Action Taken: Approved

8. 1221 Marshall St. NE, 130 - 13th Ave & 132-34 13th Ave NE (Grain Belt Housing Project Phase I):

a) Approve land sales document for the sale of City-owned real properties to Sheridan Development Company, LLC for the fair re-use value of $2,000,000, subject to conditions in staff report; b) Increase the CPED 2006 Revenue Budget by $2,000,000.

CD Action: Approved

Action Taken: Approved

Staff Reports: 1221 Marshall St. NE, Grain Belt Map and Exhibits

9. Target Center Lighting Control System:

Accept low bid from Collins Electrical Systems, Inc. d/b/a ColliSys in the amount of $689,400 to furnish all labor, materials, equipment and incidentals necessary to accomplish the complete replacement of the lighting control system.

CD Action: Approved

Action Taken: Approved

Staff Reports: Target Center Lighting Control System and Attachments

10. Target Center Architectural & Engineering Services:

Authorize issuance of a Request for Proposals for architectural and engineering services.

CD Action: Approved

Action Taken: Approved

Staff Report: Target Center Architectural & Engineering Services

11. Target Center Architectural & Engineering Services Temporary RFP Waiver:

Authorize temporary waiver from the City's RFP procurement policy for professional service contracts above $50,000 to allow the City to enter into multiple Standard Agreements wit Leo A. Daly, on a interim basis, to provide architectural, engineering and project management services at the Target Center during the period of time necessary to complete the RFP process and execute a contract with the successful RFP respondent.

CD Action: Approved

Action Taken: Approved

Staff Report: Target Center Architectural & Engineering Services Temporary RFP Waiver

12. Northeast Community Development Corporation's Central Avenue Marketing and Retail Recruitment Program (NECDC):

a) Authorize CPED increase in Commercial Corridor Revitalization Fund levy by $25,000; b) Authorize negotiation and execution of contract for professional services to provide retailers recruitment, branding and marketing services on Central Avenue for a term effective 6/1/04 and continuing until 5/31/05.

CD Action: Approved

Action Taken: Approved

Staff Report: NECDC; REVISED Staff Letter

13. Residential Finance Mortgage Program (re Heritage Park):

a) Authorize up to $500,000 of Residential Finance Mortgage Program to Heritage Housing, LLC to be used as affordability loans for the Heritage Park Redevelopment Project; b) Authorize CPED increase of $500,000.

CD Action: Approved

Action Taken: Approved

Staff Report: Residential Finance Mortgage Program; Resolution; and Guidelines

14. NRP 2006 Budget:

a) Approve increase of $126,982.25 to satisfy remaining 2005 budget obligations; b) Authorize CPED appropriation increase by $125,982.25; c) Authorize any contracts or agreements needed to implement this request.

CD Action: Approved. Direction to staff to not submit requests of this nature to the City Council in the future.

Action Taken: Approved, with direction to NRP to strive to budget appropriately during the annual budget process and further be directed not to submit mid-year budget adjustments.

Staff Report: NRP 2006 Budget

15. Deep Rock Project (re vicinity of 2700 E 28th St):

Authorize CPED appropriation increase of $63,442 for pollution remediation.

Community Development Committee Action: Approved; Referred to Ways & Means/Budget Committee; Postponed by W&M on 5/8/06.

CD Action: Approved 5/2/06

Action Taken: Postponed 2 cycles

Staff Report: Deep Rock Project

Department of Regulatory Services

16. Lead Hazard Reduction:

Amend contract with Minnesota Remodeling and Restoration to increase bid price for window replacement.

HE&E Action: Approved

Action Taken: Approved

Staff report: Lead Hazard Reduction

Department of Health & Family Support

17. Minneapolis Urban Health Agenda:

Policy Framework for Resource Allocation.

HE&E Action: Approved

Action Taken: Approved

18. Bid:

OP 5515, Authorize the proper City officers to increase the contract with Electronic Design Company in the amount of $325,000, for a revised estimated expenditure of $2,372,356 to implement centralization of the security monitoring functions for the Government Center and Centre Village Municipal Parking Ramps. Funds are available in the Off-Street Parking Operating Budget.

T&PW Action: Approved

Action Taken: Approved

Staff Report: Parking Ramp Security

Discussion Items

19. WiFi Initiative:

Receive and file update regarding Digital Inclusion Advisory Team/Community Benefits Recommendations Process.

Action Taken: Postponed for 3 cycles

Staff reports: Digital Advisory Team CR; DAT Roster; Letter of Invitation; Meeting Schedule; and Presentation

20. Blog Sites for Elected Officials:

Reaffirm commitment to expanding communication with the public; Approve resolution establishing the public purpose of and authority for managing Blog Sites for elected officials. (Gordon, Glidden, Hodges, Lilligren, and Remington)

Action Taken: Approved

Staff reports: City Supported Blogs CR; Procedures; Resolution

21. Performance Analysis of BIS/Unisys Outsourcing Contract:

Receive and file information on contract and its scope which is less than $50,000.

Action Taken: Received and Filed

Staff report: Unisys Outsourcing Contract CR; Performance Analysis

22. Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) Grant:

Authorize staff to continue to aggressively pursue the Safer Grant and certify that City has knowledge that Fire Department has submitted grant application to United States Department of Homeland Security; and Commit to the provision of necessary funding of 12 additional full-time firefighters to meet the City's cost share obligation over the next five-years if awarded the grant.
W&M/Budget Action of 3/6/06: Received and filed verbal report, with added comment to staff that the Fire Chief immediately notify the chairpersons of both PS&RS and W&M of: a) any congressional action related to the SAFER Grant; b) the deadlines for application; and c) the need for emergency committee meetings to the extent necessary.
W&M/Budget Action of 5/8/06: Postponed and referred to PS&RS, staff also directed to report back with additional information.

Action Taken: Approved. Staff directed to come back to Committee of the Whole 5/25/06 with additional financial projections with and without the Ball Park Entertainment Tax.

Postponed Items

Fire Department

23. Fire Department Commercial Inspection Program:

Authorize the Fire Department to
a. Move forward with a formalized Commercial Inspection Program;
b. Staff the program by adding four full-time positions.
c. Authorize work with Budget Office to develop a fee structure for the Program that would cover the personnel and administrative costs, and to proceed with an ordinance amendment to establish the fees.
d. Authorize apply the revenues received from the Program to the Fire Department General Fund.

Public Safety & Regulatory Services Committee Action: Approved 3/1/06;
W&M/Budget Action: Postponed 3/6/06

Action Taken: Postponed

Staff report: Commerical Building Inspection Program request for council action

Upcoming Item

24. (June 12, 2006) - New Central Library Project:

Update report.

Notice: A portion of this meeting may be closed to the public pursuant to Minnesota Statutes Section 13D.03 or 13D.05.

Next Regular W&M/Budget Meeting: Monday, June 12, 2006

Next City Council Meeting: Friday, May 26, 2006

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