Transportation & Public Works Committee Agenda

Standing Committee of the City Council, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Regular Meeting
September 11, 2012
9:30 a.m. - Room 317 City Hall

NOTE:  All cellular telephones and electronic devices to be switched to a non-audible function during
 Council and Committee meetings

Committee Members Present:  Council Members Colvin Roy (Chair), Reich, Lilligren, Glidden, Hodges, Quincy (Quorum 4)
Also Present:  Robin Hennessy, Assistant City Attorney
                         Heidi Hamilton, Deputy Director of Public Works

Council Committee Coordinator:  Peggy Menshek (612) 673-2287

Public Hearings

      Time Certain:  9:45 a.m.

 1.  Chicago-Lake, Bloomington-Lake, East Lake, and Lyndale-Lake Special Service Districts:
      a)  Approve the special services and the budget cost estimates in the total amount of $278,750 for 2013;
      b)  Approve service charges and the lists of service charges (assessments) in the total amount of $295,787 for 2013;
      c)  Direct the transmittal of the lists of service charges to the Hennepin County Auditor; and
      d)  Direct the City Engineer to proceed with the work.
      Staff Report:  Special Service Districts RCA   
      Action Taken:  Approved.  Staff directed to report back at Committee of the Whole regarding the property located at 3929 E Lake St on the issue of a missing bench and trash receptacle, and crumbling concrete in front of building. 
 2.  Downtown Business Improvement Special Service District:
      a)  Approve operating plan which includes special services and budget cost estimates in the total amount of $6,574,783 for 2013;
      b)  Approve service charges and the lists of service charges (assessments) in the total amount of $6,193,987.05 for 2013;
      c)  Direct the transmittal of the lists of service charges to the Hennepin County Auditor; and
      d)  Direct the City Engineer to proceed with the work.
      Staff Report:  Downtown Business Improvement SSD RCAAttachment   
     Action Taken:  Approved. 


 3.  Special Service Districts:
      Set a public hearing to be held on October 9, 2012 to consider proposed services and services charges for 2013 for the Uptown (Hennepin-Lake), Dinkytown, Central Avenue, Stadium Village, Nicollet Avenue South, South Hennepin Avenue, 48th Street East and Chicago Avenue South, and Linden Hills (43rd St W and Upton Ave S) Special Service Districts.  
       Staff Report:  Special Service Districts Set Public Hearing RCA  
     Action Taken:  Approved. 

 4.  Huls Bros. Trucking, Inc. - Contract Amendment:
      Authorize the execution of Amendment No 1 to the contract with Huls Bros. Trucking, Inc., increasing the contract by $400,000, for a revised contract total of $1,600,000, to allow for the hauling and disposal of treatment residuals from the Water Treatment and Distribution Services Division Dewatering Plant through December 2012.
      (Refer to W&M/Budget)
      Staff Report:  Huls Bros.Trucking RCA 
     Action Taken:  Approved. 

 5.  Electric Car Charging Stations:
      a)  Authorize the execution of a grant contract agreement with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to accept grant funds of up to $220,000, with $55,000 matching funds to be provided by City of Minneapolis Parking Services and the Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT), upon satisfactory review by the City Attorney’s Office, for the purchase and installation of up to 25 electric car charging stations at Ramp A, Ramp B, Leamington, and Haaf Parking Ramps;
      b)  Increase capital appropriations as follows:
           • Haaf Stations - $40,000 ($32,000 Federal Grant and $8,000 Parking Fund Revenue) 
           • Leamington Stations - $40,000 ($32,000 Federal Grant and $8,000 Parking Fund Revenue) 
           • Ramp B Stations - $40,000 ($32,000 Federal Grant and $8,000 reimbursed by State Ramp)
           • Ramp A Stations - $155,000 ($124,000 Federal Grant and $31,000 reimbursed by State Ramp); and
      c)  Authorize execution of an agreement with Mn/DOT to address ownership, maintenance, and installation of the car charging stations in Ramps A and B upon satisfactory review by the City Attorney’s Office.
      (Refer to W&M/Budget)
      Staff Report:  Car Charging Stations RCA  
     Action Taken:  Approved. 

 6.  Bids:
      a)  OP 7662, Accept low bid of United States Mechanical, Inc., in the amount of $192,880, to complete rainleader disconnections at four parking ramps;
      b)  OP 7666, Accept low bid of Summit Fire Protection Company (d/b/a Dakota Mechanical), in the amount of $397,067, to complete the ABC Ramps Boiler Replacement Project; and 
      c)  OP 7679, Accept low bid of Hawkins, Inc. (d/b/a Hawkins Water Treatment Group), for an estimated annual expenditure of $250,000, to furnish and deliver corrosion the Water Treatment and Distribution Division.
      (Refer to W&M/Budget)
      Staff Report:  Bid 7662Bid 7666Bid 7679   
      Action Taken:  Approved. 


  7.  Solid Waste Management:
       Set a public hearing to be held on October 9, 2012 to consider adopting a resolution pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, Section 115A.94, Subd. 4 and pursuant to the authority of the Minneapolis City Charter and other authority, announcing the City’s intent to organize collection of solid waste in the City and inviting the participation of interested persons, including persons licensed to operate solid waste collection services in planning and establishing the organized collection system. The public hearing will be for the purpose of taking comments on the proposed resolution and on the matter of City staff being directed to begin a 180-day process to evaluate options and discuss with the current contractor and other interested parties options for a future contract for collection of garbage, recycling, problem materials (metals and mattresses), and yard wastes for one-half of the City’s dwelling units (MRI-side of the City).
       Staff Report:  Solid Waste Management RCA 
       Action Taken:  Public hearing set for October 9, 2012. 

 8.  Technology Drive Reconstruction Project:
       a)  Designate the location, streets, and improvements proposed to be made in the Technology Drive Street Improvement Project; and
       b)  Direct the City Engineer to prepare working drawings for the project.
       Staff Report:  Technology Dr Project RCAMap  
      Action Taken:  Approved. 

Not on Printed Agenda

 9.  OP 7667, Accept low responsive and responsible bid of Veit & Company, Inc., in the amount of $926,969.22, to accomplish the University Transitway Bike Trail Phase 3 Project.  
      (Refer to W&M/Budget)
      Staff Report:  Bid 7667  
      Action Taken:  Approved. 

Upcoming Public Hearings

Notice: A portion of this meeting may be closed to the public pursuant to Minnesota Statutes Section 13D.03 or 13D.05.

Committee actions referred to the next City Council Meeting:  9/21/2012
Next Regular T&PW Committee Meeting:  9/25/2012

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