Transportation & Public Works Committee Agenda

Standing Committee of the City Council, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Regular Meeting
May 15, 2012
9:30 a.m. - Room 317 City Hall

NOTE:  All cellular telephones and electronic devices to be switched to a non-audible function during
Council and Committee meetings

Committee Members Present:  Council Members Colvin Roy (Chair), Reich, Lilligren, Glidden, Quincy (Quorum 4)
Committee Member Absent: Council Member Hodges

Council Committee Coordinator:  Peggy Menshek (612) 673-2287

Public Hearings

      Time Certain:  9:45 a.m.
 1.  Armatage Area Street Resurfacing Project:
      a)  Order the City Engineer to proceed with the work and adopt special assessments in the amount of $838,629.61 for the project; and
      b)  Request the Board of Estimate and Taxation to issue and sell assessment bonds in the amount of $838,630.
      (Refer to W&M/Budget)
      Staff Report:  Armatage Area Resurfacing RCAMap 
      Action Taken:  Approved. 


 2.  Loring Park Donation:
      a)  Authorize acceptance of a donation of $20,000 from the Friends of Loring Park to be applied toward the Hennepin Ave Entrance Plaza Project in Loring Park; and
      b)  Increase the appropriation for the project by $20,000.
      (Refer to W&M/Budget)
      Staff Report:  Friends of Loring Park Donation RCAMapLetter   
      Action Taken:  Approved. 

 3.  NTP Southern Connector and Fillmore/6th Ave SE Projects:
      a)  Authorize acceptance of Non-Motorized Transportation Pilot Program (NTP) federal grant amendments in the amount of $73,000 for the Southern Connector and $69,000 for the Fillmore/6th Ave SE projects;
      b)  Authorize execution of the respective agreement amendments with Mn/DOT for the NTP grants;
      c)  Increase the appropriation for the projects in the total amount of $142,000; and
      d)  Request the Commissioner of Transportation to act as agent of the City to accept the grant amendments.
     (Refer to W&M/Budget)
     Staff Report:  NTP Grants RCASouthern Bike Connection MapPresidents/Stone Arch Bridge Bicycle Blvd  
      Action Taken:  Approved. 

 4.  Edina Art Fair:
      Approve the application for a large block event to be held from June 1 to June 3, 2012, to operate outside the timeframe allowed under Ordinance.
      Staff Report:  Edina Art Fair RCA 
      Action Taken:  Approved. 

 5.  Cedar Lake Trail Project, Phase III:
      Authorize an increase to the contract with Veit and Company, Inc. in the amount of $235,442.44, for a revised contract total of $4,086,847.98, to allow for payment for additional work performed and to close the contract.  Funds are available in the project budget and no additional appropriation is required.
     Staff Report:  Cedar Lake Trail RCA
      Action Taken:  Approved. 

 6.   Sidewalk Assessment Cancellation:
       Approve cancellation of a sidewalk repair special assessment for the owner of the property located at 4138 York Ave S, for payable 2012 and subsequent years, due to full prepayment of the special assessment.
      Staff Report:  Sidewalk Assessment RCA
      Action Taken:  Approved. 

 7.  Central Corridor LRT Subordinate Funding Agreements:
      a)  Authorize execution of Subordinate Funding Agreement 19 (SFA 19) with the Metropolitan Council for documented staff time, material, and equipment costs incurred by the City for furnishing, testing, and set-up of new traffic signal controllers and cabinets performed on behalf of the Central Corridor LRT Project;
      b)  Authorize execution of Amendment No 1 to SFA 6 to correct an administrative error in the previous agreement; and
      c)   Increase the appropriation for the project by $51,014, to be reimbursed by the Metropolitan Council.
      (Refer to W&M/Budget) 
      Staff Report:  CCLRT SFA RCA
      Action Taken:  Approved. 

 8.  Nicollet-Central Urban Circulator Alternatives Analysis:
      Authorize the proper City officers to negotiate and execute a contract with URS Corporation to provide professional services to conduct an alternatives analysis for urban circulator transit services on the Nicollet Ave and Central Ave corridors in an amount not to exceed $1,200,000 for the period ending December 31, 2013.
     (Refer to W&M/Budget)
     Staff Report:  Urban Circulator Alternatives Analysis RCA
      Action Taken:  Approved. 

 9.  Lyndale Ave Bridge over Minnehaha Creek:
      Authorize execution of a Construction Cooperative Agreement with Hennepin County for the reconstruction of the Lyndale Ave S Bridge over Minnehaha Creek.
     Staff Report:  Lyndale Ave Bridge RCAMap 
     Action Taken:  Approved. 

10.  2012 Alley Resurfacing Program:
       a)  Designate the location and improvements proposed to be made in the project;
       b)  Receive the cost estimate of $358,467 and direct the City Engineer to prepare proposed special assessments against the benefited properties; and
       c)  Set a public hearing to be held on July 10, 2012.
      Staff Report:  Alley Resurfacing RCAMap  
      Action Taken:  Approved. 

11.  Plymouth Ave N Street Resurfacing Project (Lyndale Ave N to Washington Ave N):
       a)  Designate the location and improvements proposed to be made in the project;
       b)  Receive the cost estimate of $156,000 and direct the City Engineer to prepare proposed special assessments against the benefited properties; and
       c)  Set a public hearing to be held on July 10, 2012.
       Staff Report:  Plymouth Ave N Resurfacing RCAMap   
      Action Taken:  Approved. 

12.  38th St E Street Resurfacing Project (Chicago Ave to 23rd Ave S):
       a)  Designate the location and improvements proposed to be made in the project;
       b)  Receive the cost estimate of $497,840 and direct the City Engineer to prepare proposed special assessments against the benefited properties; and
       c)  Set a public hearing to be held on June 19, 2012.
       Staff Report:  38th St E Resurfacing RCAMap   
      Action Taken:  Approved. 

13.  Bids:
       a)  OP 7618, Accept low bid of Killmer Electric Company, Inc., for an estimated expenditure of $243,700, to accomplish the 11th and Marquette Parking Ramp Electrical Generator Replacement and Distribution Modifications Project for the Transportation Division; and
       b)  OP 7626, Accept only bid of Visu-Sewer, Inc., for an estimated expenditure of $764,801.14, to furnish and deliver a CCTV storm drain for the Surface Water and Sewers Division.
       (Refer to W&M/Budget)
       Staff Report:  Bid 7618Bid 7626   
      Action Taken:  Approved. 


14.  On-Street Parking Meter System:
       a)  Authorize an increase in Parking Revenue Bonds by $1,000,000, increasing the total expenditure from $6,600,000 to $7,600,000, to complete the remainder of the On-Street Meter Installation Program;
       b)  Authorize a decrease in the amount of Parking Fund Revenue used to fund the project by $900,000 and substitute with Parking Revenue Bonds for a total bond issuance of $1,900,000;
       c)  Request the Board of Estimate and Taxation to issue General Obligation Parking Revenue Bonds in the amount of $1,900,000; 
       d)  Approve resolution, pursuant to IRS Treasury Regulations, declaring official intent to reimburse expenditures related to the Cale Parking Meter Upgrade Project by incurring tax exempt debt; and
       e)  Increase the maximum contract amount of the contract with Cale America, Inc. by $1,000,000, for a revised contract maximum amount of $6,000,000.
       (Refer to W&M/Budget)
      Staff Report:  On-Street Parking Meter System RCA 
      Action Taken:  Approved.

 15.  South Metro Mississippi River TSS & TMDL Study:
        Authorize submission of comments to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency regarding the South Metro Mississippi River Total Suspended Solids (TSS) Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Study by the May 29 deadline.
        Staff Report:  S Metro Mississippi TSS & TMDL RCAMap 1Map 2Comments 
        Action Taken:  Approved and referred to IGR.  Staff directed to bring forward a report on final recommendations to IGR, including the range of options available to the City of Minneapolis as well as potential cooperation with other impacted jurisdictions.   

16.  Recycling Program:
       Direct Public Works staff to implement a single-sort recycling collection program for the residents of the City of Minneapolis.
       Staff Report:  Recycling Program RCASummary ;  Report 2PowerPoint Presentation
       Action Taken:  Approved.  Staff further directed to return to Committee with a plan to finance the changes to the system as well as a plan to communicate the new program to the community.

Receive and File

17.  Sabo Bridge:
       Receive verbal update. 
       Action Taken:  Received verbal update. 


Referred back to Committee by City Council 3/30/2012:
18. Downtown Minneapolis Public Realm Conservancy Study:
      Passage of Resolution identifying the City of Minneapolis as a partner with the Minneapolis Downtown Council’s Greening Non-Profit Organization Feasibility Study and contribute $5,000 to the Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District (fiscal agent for the study) toward the project cost.    (Refer to W&M/Budget)
       3/20/12 Staff Report:  Downtown Public Realm Conservancy RCA
      4/3/2012 - T&PW Postponed.
      Action Taken:  Postponed. 

Not on Printed Agenda

19.  Bid:
       OP 7607, Accept low bid of Urban Companies, LLC, for an estimated expenditure of $95,909, to accomplish the Blue Water Partnership Raingarden Construction Project.
       Staff Report:  Bid 7607
       (Refer to W&M/Budget)
       Action Taken:  Approved. 

20.  Cedar Lake Trail Corridor:
        CPED and Public Works staff directed to work with Hennepin County and Hines to negotiate preservation of room for the Cedar Lake Trail in the rail corridor: 
       - Negotiate modifications to the existing agreement between the City and County so it is clear that when the County is ready to install passenger rail on the existing transportation easement, the
installation may proceed on a fixed timeline;
       - Negotiate possible cost sharing for the creation of a new trail alignment, including possible recognition of this expenditure in a subsequent 'settling up' envisioned in the existing agreement; and
       - Report back to Committee no later than November 15, 2012 with recommendations.  
      Action Taken:  Approved.    



Upcoming Public Hearings 

Notice: A portion of this meeting may be closed to the public pursuant to Minnesota Statutes Section 13D.03 or 13D.05.

Committee actions referred to the next City Council Meeting:  5/25/2012
Next Regular T&PW Committee Meeting:  6/5/2012

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