Redistricting Group Agenda

February 1, 2012 - 4:45 p.m.
Room 319 City Hall, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Redistricting Group Members Present:  Clegg (Chair), Bad Heart Bull, Brown, Cole, Connell, Dolan, Ferrara, Garcia, Heinle, Johnson, Kozak, Lickness, Massey, Metge, Peltola, Rubenstein, Schwarzkopf, Thaden, Unni
Redistricting Group Members Absent:  Cohen, Gerdes, Lazarus, Richardson, Sandberg

Coordinator:  Peggy Menshek (612) 673-2287

1.  Roll Call

2.  Adopt Agenda
     Action Taken:  Amended by unanimous consent to move Item 7 to the end of the agenda. 

3.  Approve minutes of December 1, 2011
     Redistricting Group Minutes of December 1, 2011
     Action Taken:  Approved.

4.  Receive and file all public comments received and enter them into the official record
     Citizens Committee for Fair RedistrictingLarry OldsCommon Cause/LWVElizabeth SwansonCarol OosterhuisMichael SchmitzElena GaarderMichael Schmitz (2);  
      Action Taken:  Received and filed.

5.  Introduction of GIS Consultant

6.  Review Sample Map - Group Input to Create 1st Draft Map
     The attached sample ward maps have been prepared as a learning tool for the Redistricting Group for discussion purposes only and do not represent an official position of the Redistricting Group.  Draft and proposed final maps will be prepared by the Redistricting Group in accordance with the requirements of the Charter.  Please check back regularly for the latest updates.
     Sample Ward MapsSample Statistics
     Current Ward StatisticsSample Statistics (Updated 2/1/2012) 
     Action Taken:  None. 

7.  Update on State Redistricting by Carol Bachun, Assistant City Attorney
      State and Federal Litigation Summary
      Action Taken:  Received and filed update.

8.  Public Hearing Working Committee Update
     Working Committee Meeting Notes of January 18, 2012
     Action Taken:  Received verbal update.  Public hearings scheduled as follows:
     February 29 - Webber Community Center - 4400 Dupont Ave N (5 - 7 pm)
     March 1 - Hosmer Community Library - 347 E 36th St (5 - 7 pm)


Public Commentary

     Citizens for Fair Redistricting written comments to Redistricting Group

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Last updated May 21, 2012