Public Safety, Civil Rights & Health Committee

Standing Committee of the City Council, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Regular Meeting
Wednesday, June 6, 2012
1:30 p.m. - Room 317 City Hall

NOTE: All cellular telephones and electronic devices to be switched to a non-audible function during Council and Committee meetings.

Committee Members Present:  Council Members Samuels, Gordon, Hofstede, Hodges, Tuthill - 5 (quorum 4)

Committee Member Absent: Council Member Johnson 

Council Committee Coordinator:  Anissa Hollingshead (612) 673-2296


Health and Family Support

1.   Contract Amendment:
      Authorize Amendment No. 2 to Contract C-27370 with Fairview Diagnostic Laboratories to extend the termination date to June 30, 2017, to allow for implementation of the Electronic Health Records interface at no additional cost to the City. (Refer to W&M/Budget)

      Staff Report:  C-27370 Amendment-RCA
Action Taken: Approved

2.   Hennepin Youth Sports Program:
      Authorize execution of contract with Hennepin County to accept $7,900 for purchase of youth baseball equipment through the Minneapolis Youth Baseball Association; and Approve appropriation. (Refer to W&M/Budget)

      Staff Report: Hennepin Youth Sports Grant-RCA
      Action Taken: Approved

3.   Internship Agreement:
      Authorize internship agreement with Minnesota State University at Mankato for Therapeutic Recreation Program students to serve internships at the U-Care Skyway Senior Center for the period of May 1, 2012 through April 30, 2017.

      Staff Report:  MSU Internship Agreement-RCA
      Action Taken: Approved

4.   Public Health Advisory Committee Appointments:
      Approve appointments of Linda Welter as the Ward 10 representative and Silvia Perez, Ward 9, as the Mayoral appointee to the Minneapolis Public Health Advisory Committee for two-year terms to end December 31, 2013.

       Staff Report: PHAC Appts-RCA 
      Action Taken: Approved

5.   Youth Violence Prevention Executive Committee Appointment:
      Approve Mayoral appointment of Eugene Roehlkepartain (Ward 3-Work), as a representative of the academic sector, to fulfill the balance of a term running through December 31, 2012.

       Staff Report:  Youth Violence Prevention Exec Cmte Appt-RCA, Roehlkepartain Application
      Action Taken: Approved

6.   Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Yr 36 Public Service Funds:
      Authorize extension of time period to expend an estimated $51,000 in 2010 CDBG Year 36 public service funds for an additional year (thru 5/31/2013), with $30,000 in support of the Not Ready Now teen pregnancy prevention program through the School Based Clinic program at the Longfellow School for pregnant and parenting teens & $21,000 for the three Minneapolis Living at Home Block Nurse programs. (Also in CD, Refer to W&M/Budget)

     Staff Report:  CDBG Pub Svc Funds RCA
      Action Taken: Approved


7.   Byrne Grant Award:
      Authorize acceptance of 2012 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Award in the amount of $306,344; and Approve appropriations to the City Attorney in the amount of $200,000 and the Police Department in the amount of $106,344. (Refer to W&M/Budget)

      Staff Report:  Byrne Grant-RCA
      Action Taken: Approved

8.   Veterinary Services:
      Authorize contract with the University of Minnesota, College of Veterinary Medicine for the care of K-9 service dogs, in an expected amount of $22,595 per year. (Refer to W&M/Budget)

      Staff Report: U of M Vet Services Contract-RCA
      Action Taken: Approved

Regulatory Services  

9.   Animal Care and Control Donations:
      Accept by resolution in-kind donations of dog and cat food and supplies, from the following individuals: Remington Edwards, Mary Wick and Melissa Hansen. (Refer to W&M/Budget)

      Staff Report: Animal Care & Control Donations-RCA 
Action Taken: Approved    

Civil Rights

10.  Unified Certification Program Agreement:
       Approve resolution authorizing the City of Minneapolis to become a party to the Unified Certification Program Agreement and to become a Certifying Agency authorized to certify Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE).

       Staff Report: UCP Agreement-RCA & RSL 
      Action Taken: Approved

Public Hearings

Referred by City Council 5/11/2012

11. Director of Emergency Management Position (Text Amendment):
      Public hearing to consider an ordinance amending Title 6, Chapter 128 of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances relating to Emergency Preparedness and Management:  Emergency Preparedness and Management, to retitle the Director's Position.

       Staff Report:  Title 6 Ch 128-RCA, Title 6 Ch 128-ORD
      Action Taken: Approved

12. Appointment of Director of Emergency Management:
      Public hearing to consider the appointment of Barret Lane to the Director of Emergency Management position.

      Staff Report:  Barret Lane Nomination LTR
      Action Taken: Approved

Referred by City Council 5/25/2012

13.  Vikings Stadium - Laws of Minnesota 2012 Regular Session, Chapter 299:
       Directions to staff referred to committees relating to passage of stadium legislation:
       a) Regarding Reports on Master Agreement:  Staff directed to report by the next available City Council committee cycle regarding:
                 1) Master Agreement details, including the Stadium Equity Plan;
                 2) Enforcement and reporting structure relating to Stadium Equity Plan. (Also in CD Committee)
       b) Regarding Master Agreement Negotiation:  Staff directed to report by the next available City Council committee cycle on the following items to be included in the Master Agreement:
                 1) Recommendations and process for determining the "employment assistance firm," as defined in Article I, Section 17;
                 2) Inclusion of the Minneapolis Civil Rights department as a contractor to the Stadium Authority, to be compensated as project cost, to enforce participation, contracting, employment and prevailing wage compliance;
                 3) Inclusion of goals for construction contracts to be awarded to women and minority owned businesses in a percentage based on the highest performing City of Minneapolis development projects, and the other construction workforce will establish workforce utilization goals at least equal to current city goals;
                 4) Inclusion of goals for workers from city zip codes that have high rates of poverty and unemployment;
                 5) Inclusion of hiring goals to be applied to vendors and service providers during stadium facility operation for women and members of minority communities;
                 6) Timeline and procedure for regular public reports, to be at least quarterly, by contract enforcement agency, developers, tenants, and contractors showing compliance with workforce goals;
                 7) Inclusion of employment goals for total percentage of workers that live in the City of Minneapolis. (Also in CD Committee)
       c) Regarding Ongoing Oversight and Reporting: Appropriate staff directed to prepare recommendations by the next available City Council committee cycle on the following:
                 1) Timeline for regular reports to the City Council regarding the Master Agreement and the Equity Plan throughout stadium construction;
                 2) Proposal for joint oversight committee for the Equity Plan, including membership and purpose of committee;
                 3) Proposal for committee to plan for post stadium construction workforce plan, including membership and purpose of committee. (Also in CD Committee)
       d) Regarding Workplace development, job training and placement:  Staff directed, from Departments of Community Planning & Economic Development, Civil Rights, and Finance, to engage community partners to include representatives from construction trades training organizations, labor, contractors, and others; and to identify options for funding workplace development, job training, and placement to address employment disparities.  Options may include use of fines, fees, and other funding identified by contract compliance efforts as part of the Master Agreement Equity Plan, and development of a program proposal.  Committee reporting timeframe will be developed between appropriate staff and Committee Chairs of CD, PSC&H, and W&M/Budget.  (Also in CD and W&M/Budget Committees)

      Action Taken: Postponed

Postponed Item

14. Public Plaza Resolution:
      Resolution establishing rules for public plazas owned or controlled by the City of Minneapolis.

      Staff Report:  Plaza Resolution
      Prior Action Taken:  Postponed
      Action Taken: Postponed
      Additional Information provided by the City Attorney at the request of the committee: Park Plaza Regulations Comparisons - MN Cities, Park Plaza Regulations Comparisons - US Cities and Counties

Notice: A portion of this meeting may be closed to the public pursuant to Minnesota Statutes Section 13D.03 or 13D.05.

Next Committee Meeting:  June 20, 2012

Committee Actions Referred to the Next Council Meeting:  June 15, 2012

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