File Number: 17-00177

Restoration of Phase II Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) Funds to approved NRP Neighborhood Action Plans

  1. Authorizing Finance and Property Services and Neighborhood and Community Relations departments to allow neighborhood .organizations to contract up to 100% of their approved NRP Phase II allocations, inclusive of the 2012 Community Participation Program (CPP) Equity Funds, according to the Recapitalization Schedule.
  2. Passage of Resolution transferring $3,390,597 of revenues from the Consolidated Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District to the NRP Fund. 

Originating Department: Neighborhood & Community Relations

Supporting Documents:

Legislative History:

Jan. 30, 2017: HECE Agenda

Jan. 30, 2017: HECE Committee Report

Feb. 6, 2017: WM Agenda

Feb. 6, 2017: WM Committee Report

Feb. 10, 2017:  City Council Agenda 

Feb. 10, 2017:  Official Proceedings

Feb. 16, 2017:  Official Act

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Last updated Feb 21, 2017