Elections Committee Agenda

Standing Committee of the Minneapolis City Council

Regular Meeting

Friday, August 4, 2006

9:00 a.m., Room 317 City Hall, Minneapolis, Minnesota

NOTE:  All cellular telephones, pagers and BlackBerry devices to be switched to a non-audible function during Council and Committee meetings.

Council President Johnson, Vice President Lilligren, Majority Leader Benson, Minority Leader Gordon, Council Members Ostrow, Hofstede, Samuels, Goodman, Glidden, Schiff, Remington, Colvin Roy and Hodges
(Majority vote of all members, 7; 2/3 vote of all members, 9)

1. Instant Run-off Voting (IRV):

a) Receive report;
b) Adopt amended ordinance; and
c) Approve ballot language.

Action Taken: a. Received and filed report; b. Adopted amended ordinance; and c. Approved ballot language as set forth in option 5.

Staff Reports: IRV Letter; 8-4-06 Report; Elections Agenda of 7/21/06; Charter Agenda of 8/2/06 ; Sample Ballot Language and Additional Ballot Language options

Notice: A portion of this meeting may be closed to the public pursuant to Minnesota Statutes Section 13D.03 or 13D.05.

Next City Council Meeting: Friday, August 4, 2006

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