Committee of the Whole Agenda

Standing Committee of the City Council, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Regular Meeting
November 8, 2013 – 10:00 a.m.
Room 317, City Hall
Members Present:  Council Members Robert Lilligren (Chair), Kevin Reich, Cam Gordon, Barbara Johnson, Don Samuels, Lisa Goodman, Meg Tuthill, John Quincy, and Sandra Colvin Roy (Quorum 7)
Members Absent:  Council Members Elizabeth Glidden (IGR Chair), Diane Hofstede, Gary Schiff, and Betsy Hodges
Council Committee Coordinator:  Jackie Hanson 612-673-2046
Intergovernmental Relations Subcommittee
Intergovernmental Relations Department
1.   Federal/State/Local Update:
Receive and file update provided by IGR staff.
Staff Report:  Not available at time of web publication.
No Action Taken. 

2.   2014 City of Minneapolis State Legislative Agenda:

Approve and Direct staff to make recommended amendments and additions to develop the City of Minneapolis’ 2014 State Legislative Agenda.
Staff Report:  State Legislative Agenda RCA 
Action Taken:  Approved.


Referred by City Council 10/4/2013

3.   Park Dedication Fee:

Subject matter of an ordinance amending Title 22, Chapter 598 of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances relating to Land Subdivision: Land Subdivision Regulations, revising the parkland dedication ordinance to conform to recently adopted state law (Goodman and Johnson)
Staff Reports:  Park Dedication Fee RCA; Park Dedication Fee Planning Commission RCA and Staff Report; Park Dedication Fee Ordinance
Action Taken:  Approved.


Department of Community Planning & Economic Development
4.  Target Center Renovation Project:  
     Receive public comment on the following, per the direction from the 10/31/2013 meeting
     a) Approve the Arena Renovation Project Term Sheet.
     b) Authorize execution of a renovation agreement among the City of Minneapolis, the Minnesota Timberwolves Basketball Limited Partnership and AEG Management TWN, LLC, and related future amendments to the operating and playing agreements, consistent with the term sheet, in connection with the renovation project.
      c) Authorize execution of a rent amendment to the playing agreement, as further described in the term sheet, irrespective of the renovation project.
      d) Appoint Jeff Johnson (Minneapolis Convention Center Executive Director), Chris Larson (Minneapolis Convention Center Facilities Operations), and Steve Mattson (AEG’s Target Center General Manager) to the “Design Group” for the renovation project.
      e) Designate the Minneapolis Convention Center Executive Director to serve as the City’s project manager for the renovation project.

      Staff Reports: Target Center Renovation RCA; Target Center Renovation PowerPoint; Target Center Renovation Term Sheet

Action Taken:  Approved; and forwarded to November 12th City Council Meeting.

      f) Local Approval of Special Legislation - Target Center Construction Manager:
         Approve by Resolution Laws of Minnesota 2013, Chapter 143, Article 4, Section 43 permitting the City of Minneapolis to enter into an agreement with a construction manager at risk for Target Center improvements; and Direct the City Clerk to file the required forms with the Secretary of State.

Staff Report:  Target Center Construction Manager RCA; Target Center Construction Manager Resolution; Target Center Construction Manager Laws of Minnesota
Action Taken:  Approved; and forwarded to November 12th City Council Meeting.

5.   Local Approval of Special Legislation - Target Center Property Tax Exemption:

Approve by Resolution Laws of Minnesota 2013, Chapter 143, Article 4, Section 42 regarding property tax exemption for a public entertainment facility; and Direct the City Clerk to file the required forms with the Secretary of State.
Staff Report:  Target Center Tax Exemption RCA; Target Center Tax Exemption Resolution; Target Center Tax Exemption Laws of Minnesota 
Action Taken:  Approved.
Referred by City Council 10/18/2013

6.   Regulatory Services Reorganization:

Subject matter of the following ordinances amending the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances updating provisions to reflect current organizational structure:
a)  Title 3 relating to Air Pollution and Environmental Protection:
     Chapter 46 relating to Hazardous Waste Generation, Handling, Storage and Disposal.
     Chapter 47 relating to Energy and Air Pollution.
     Chapter 48 relating to Minneapolis Watershed Management Authority.
     Chapter 50 relating to Minneapolis Waste Control and Waste Discharge Rules.
     Chapter 51 relating to Fumigating.
     Chapter 52 relating to Erosion and Sediment Control and Drainage.
     Chapter 54 relating to Storm Water Management.
     Chapter 55 relating to Lawn Fertilizer.
     Chapter 56 relating to Prohibited Discharges to Sanitary or Combined Sewer.
     Chapter 57 relating to Mercury Reduction.
     Chapter 59 relating to Construction Activities.
Action Taken:  Approved.
b)  Title 4 relating to Animals and Fowl:
     Chapter 62 relating to In General.
     Chapter 64 relating to Dogs, Cats, Ferrets, and Rabbits.
     Chapter 65 relating to Ferrets.
     Chapter 66 relating to Rabies Control.
     Chapter 68 relating to Pet Shops, Kennels, etc.
     Chapter 70 relating to Fowl, Pigeons, and Other Small Animals.
     Chapter 72 relating to Diseased, Injured or Dead Animals.
     Chapter 74 relating to Miscellaneous Regulations.
     Chapter 76 relating to Stables.
Action Taken:  Approved.
c)  Title 5 relating to Building Code:
     Chapter 91 relating to Permit Fees.
     Chapter 93 relating to Safety Precautions: Protection of Public Property.
     Chapter 95 relating to Projections and Encroachments.
     Chapter 101 relating to Plumbing.
     Chapter 103 relating to Gas Piping.
     Chapter 105 relating to Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.
     Chapter 107 relating to Elevators, Escalators, Hoists and Lifts.
     Chapter 108 relating to Parking Ramps.
     Chapter 111 relating to Swimming Pools.
     Chapter 113 relating to Retaining Walls.
     Chapter 115 relating to Building Moving.
     Chapter 117 relating to Wrecking.
Action Taken:  Approved.
d)  Title 8 relating to Consumer Protection:
     Chapter 154 relating to Consumer Affairs Division.
     Chapter 160 relating to Weights and Measures.
Action Taken:  Approved.
e)  Title 9, Chapter 176 relating to Fire and Police Protection: Burglar and Holdup Alarm Systems.
Action Taken:  Approved.
f)   Title 10 relating to Food Code:
     Chapter 186 relating to In General.
     Chapter 188 relating to Administration and Licensing.
     Chapter 190 relating to Meat and Meat Products.
     Chapter 192 relating to Bread.
     Chapter 194 relating to Eggs.
     Chapter 196 relating to Water for Drinking and Domestic Purposes.
     Chapter 198 relating to Soft Drink Manufacture and Storage.
     Chapter 200 relating to Milk and Dairy Products.
     Chapter 201 relating to Public Markets.
     Chapter 202 relating to Municipal Market.
     Chapter 204 relating to Environmental Preservation: Environmentally Acceptable Packaging.
Action Taken:  Approved.
g)  Title 11 relating to Health and Sanitation:
     Chapter 215 relating to Polluted Water Wells.
     Chapter 216 relating to Water Well Construction.
     Chapter 217 relating to Deaths and Burials.
     Chapter 219 relating to Contagious Diseases.
     Chapter 225 relating to Garbage and Refuse.
     Chapter 227 relating to Nuisances Generally.
     Chapter 229 relating to Pest and Vermin Control.
     Chapter 230 relating to Pesticide Control.
     Chapter 231 relating to Public Swimming Pool Code.
     Chapter 232 relating to Suntanning Facilities.
     Chapter 233 relating to Ozone-Depleting Compounds.
     Chapter 234 relating to Indoor Smoking.
     Chapter 235 relating to Dogs in Outdoor Food and Liquor Establishments.
Action Taken:  Approved.
h)  Title 12 relating to Housing:
     Chapter 240 relating to Lead Poisoning Prevention and Control.
     Chapter 242 relating to Appeals.
     Chapter 244 relating to Maintenance Code.
     Chapter 246 relating to Residential Rehabilitation Grants.
     Chapter 247 relating to Housing Finance Program.
     Chapter 248 relating to Truth In Sale of Housing.
     Chapter 249 relating to Vacant Dwelling or Building, Nuisance Condition.
Action Taken:  Approved.
i)   Title 13 relating to Licenses and Business Regulations:
     Chapter 259 relating to In General.
     Chapter 261 relating to License Fees Generally.
     Chapter 264 relating to Outdoor Pay Telephones.
     Chapter 265 relating to Special Permits for Specific Businesses and Uses.
     Chapter 266 relating to Rental Halls.
     Chapter 267 relating to Amusements.
     Chapter 268 relating to Lawful Gambling.
     Chapter 269 relating to Asphalt Shingle and Roofing Material Manufacture.
     Chapter 271 relating to Auctions and Auctioneers.
     Chapter 272 relating to Resin Manufacturing.
     Chapter 277 relating to Building Trades Licenses.
     Chapter 278 relating to Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning, Gasfitting, Oil, Plumber/Gas Fitter, Refrigeration and Steam and Hot Water Installers.
     Chapter 279 relating to Christmas Tree Dealers.
     Chapter 281 relating to Tobacco Dealers.
     Chapter 283 relating to Courtesy Benches.
     Chapter 285 relating to Dancing Schools.
     Chapter 287 relating to Filling Stations and Bulk Oil Plants.
     Chapter 289 relating to Fire Extinguisher Sales and Service.
     Chapter 291 relating to Fuel Dealers.
     Chapter 293 relating to Going Out of Business Sales.
     Chapter 295 relating to Groceterias and Portable Stores.
     Chapter 296 relating to Hospitals.
     Chapter 297 relating to Hotels.
     Chapter 297A relating to Bed and Breakfast Facilities.
     Chapter 299 relating to Ice Sale and Manufacture.
     Chapter 301 relating to Laundries and Dry Cleaning Establishments.
     Chapter 303 relating to Horse and Carriage Livery Services.
     Chapter 304 relating to Hoofed and/or Small Animal Service.
     Chapter 305 relating to Pedicabs.
     Chapter 306 relating to Commercial Pedal Car.
     Chapter 307 relating to Valet Parking.
     Chapter 309 relating to Extended Hours of Operation.
     Chapter 311 relating to Motor Scooter Leasing.
     Chapter 313 relating to Motor Vehicle Dealers.
     Chapter 315 relating to Motor Vehicle Lubricant Dealers.
     Chapter 317 relating to Motor Vehicle Repair Garages.
     Chapter 319 relating to Open Air Motor Vehicle Parking Lots.
     Chapter 320 relating to Vehicle Immobilization Service.
     Chapter 321 relating to Secondhand Dealers.
     Chapter 322 relating to Precious Metal Dealers.
     Chapter 324 relating to Pawnbrokers.
     Chapter 325 relating to Pest Control.
     Chapter 327 relating to Rental Automobile Odometer Inspection.
     Chapter 331 relating to Sidewalk Flower Cart Vendors.
     Chapter 332 relating to Solicitors, Peddlers and Transient Merchants.
     Chapter 335 relating to Street Photographers.
     Chapter 339 relating to Body Art Code.
     Chapter 341 relating to Taxicabs.
     Chapter 347 relating to Tree Servicing.
     Chapter 348 relating to Used Motor Vehicle Parts Dealer.
     Chapter 349 relating to Wreckers and Tow Trucks.
     Chapter 350 relating to Recycling Activities and Salvage Yards.
Action Taken:  Approved, as amended by deleting Section 259.15 in Chapter 259.
j)   Title 14 relating to Liquor and Beer:
     Chapter 360 relating to In General.
     Chapter 362 relating to Liquor Licenses.
     Chapter 363 relating to Wine Licenses.
     Chapter 366 relating to Beer Licenses.
Action Taken:  Approved.
k)  Title 20 relating to Zoning Code:
     Chapter 520 relating to Introductory Provisions.
     Chapter 525 relating to Administration and Enforcement.
     Chapter 543 relating to On-Premise Signs.
     Chapter 544 relating to Off-Premise Advertising Signs and Billboards.
Action Taken:  Approved.
l)   Title 22, Chapter 598 relating to Land Subdivision:  Land Subdivision Regulations.
Action Taken:  Approved.
m) Title 23, Chapter 599 relating to Heritage Preservation:  Heritage Preservation Regulations.
Action Taken:  Approved.
Staff Reports: Regulatory Services Reorganization RCA; Regulatory Services Reorganization Planning Commission RCA and Staff Report;
     Regulatory Services Ordinances: Title 3; Title 4; Title 5; Title 8; Title 9; Title 10; Title 11; Title 12; Title 13; Title 14; Title 20
        Title 22; and Title 23

Reports of Committees

The Reports of Committees portion of the agenda is an opportunity for Council Members to review the recommendations from each committee coming forward to the full Council meeting the following day for consideration. There are no actions taken during this portion of the meeting, and no public comment is allowed.  The agendas for each committee bringing forward a report are linked to this document electronically.


The City Council Meeting of November 12, 2013 will adjourn to the following:
a) Closed session to consider the legal matters of Nguyen, et al. v. City of Minneapolis and Brad Charles Carlson v. City of Minneapolis, et al.
b) November 19, 2013 at 6:05 p.m. to receive comment on the proposed 2014 budget and tax levy.
Notice: A portion of this meeting may be closed to the public pursuant to MN Statutes Section 13D.03 or 13D.05
Next Committee Meeting: December 5, 2013
Committee actions will be referred to the next Council Meeting: December 6, 2013
Committee Coordinator email: [email protected]
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