Minneapolis City Council Agenda
Regular Meeting
August 29, 2014 – 9:30 a.m.
Room 317, City Hall
Members: Council President Barbara Johnson, Vice President Elizabeth Glidden, Majority Leader John Quincy, Minority Leader Cam Gordon, Council Members Kevin Reich, Jacob Frey, Blong Yang, Abdi Warsame, Lisa Goodman, Alondra Cano, Lisa Bender, Andrew Johnson, and Linea Palmisano
(Majority vote of all members, 7; 2/3 vote of all members, 9; quorum 7)
Council Committee Coordinator: Lisa Hansen 612-673-3963
1.   Roll Call.
2.   Adoption of the agenda.
      Action Taken: Adopted.
3.   Acceptance of minutes of the adjourned meeting held August 14, 2014, and the regular meeting and adjourned session held August 15, 2014.
      Action Taken: Accepted.
4.   Referral of petitions and communications and reports of the City officers to proper Committees and departments.
      Action Taken: Referred.
Community Development & Regulatory Services
CD&RS agenda of 8/19/2014
1.   City’s 2013 Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER):
Authorize submittal of CAPER to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.
Action Taken: Adopted.
2.   Land Sale (5227 Girard Ave N):
Passage of Resolution authorizing sale of property to TimberCraft Enterprises, Inc. for $5,000, subject to conditions; If TimberCraft Enterprises, Inc. fails to close, approve the sale of property to Kevis Estates, LLC for $5,000, subject to conditions.
Action Taken: Adopted.
3.   Cocktail Rooms Licensing Ordinance:
Passage of Ordinances amending Title 14 of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances relating to Liquor and Beer, allowing micro distilleries to obtain on sale liquor licenses to sell and serve distilled spirits on the licensed premises:
a)   Chapter 360 relating to In General;
b)   Chapter 362 relating to Liquor Licenses.
Action Taken: Adopted.
4.   Liquor, Business & Gambling License Applications:
Approve Department of Licenses & Consumer Services agenda recommendations for Liquor, Business & Gambling licenses.
Early signing by Mayor requested.
Action Taken: Adopted.
5.   Naughty Neals Treats:
Passage of Resolution approving Business License Operating Conditions relating to Mobile Food Vehicle Vendor License.
Action Taken: Adopted.
6.   Marshall River Run (1448 Marshall St NE):
Authorize amendment and re-subordination of its Affordable Housing Trust Fund loan, extending maturity date, amending interest rate, and securing a 25% share of annual General Partner cash distributions to accommodate a HUD-insured 1st mortgage refinance and consent to assignment of the previously issued TIF Note.
Action Taken: Adopted.
7.   Children’s Health Care, d/b/a Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota:
Passage of Resolution giving final approval to the issuance of up to $56,000,000 in 501(c)(3) Tax-exempt Refunding Revenue Bonds to refund a portion of the Series 2004A Bonds and all of the Series 2004B Bonds as a joint issue by the City of Minneapolis and the St. Paul Housing and Redevelopment Authority; Authorize execution of a new Joint Powers Agreement with the St. Paul Housing and Redevelopment Authority. 
Action Taken: Adopted.
8.   Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation Lending Contract:
Approve the modified compensation proposed by Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation for City of Minneapolis mortgage assistance and home improvement program lending services. 
Action Taken: Adopted.
9.   2014 Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) Funding:
Approve up to $408,377 of Fiscal Year 2014 ESG funds for the following capital projects: a) Up to $227,377 for Harbor Light Center; b) Up to $181,000 for Our Saviour’s Outreach Ministries.
Action Taken: Adopted.
10. Construction Management Agreement Ordinance:
Passage of Ordinance amending Title 5, Chapter 87 of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances relating to Building Code: Administration and Enforcement, adding a new Article IV related to the codification of certain provisions of the Construction Management Agreement required for the wrecking, demolition, and new construction of single-family and two-family dwellings; Return to author ordinances amending Chapter 93 relating to Building Code: Safety Precautions: Protection of Public Property; and Chapter 117 relating to Building Code: Wrecking.
Action Taken: Adopted.
11. 201 Lowry Ave NE Site and Redevelopment Contract: 
a)    Approve the assignment of the redeveloper’s interest in the Phase 1/commercial portion of the redevelopment contract for 201 Lowry Ave NE from 201 Lowry Development, LLC to D&D Holdings, LLC for the redevelopment of Phase 1 of the site;
b)    Authorize release of the Letter of Credit posted by 201 Lowry Development, LLC upon satisfaction of City conditions to and closing on conveyance of the real estate title to D&D Holdings, LLC;
c)    Approve a one year extension on the 201 Lowry Ave NE Phase 1 completion deadline from December 31, 2014 to December 31, 2015. 
Action Taken: Adopted.
12. Penn-Broadway Mixed Use Project (2413 and 2423 Penn Ave N):
Approve extension of Exclusive Development Rights for Lupe Development Partners, LLC for 12 months on two City-owned parcels.
Action Taken: Adopted.
Referred Report to Ways & Means Committee
13. Nuisance Property Grass Cutting & Related Services:
Authorize amendment to contract C-35467 with Hennepin County for Sentence to Serve to provide nuisance property grass-cutting and related services for the rest of 2014 for an amount up to $75,000.
Action Taken: Adopted.
14. Metropolitan Council’s Transit Oriented Development Site Investigation Grant Program and Livable Communities Demonstration Account Transit Oriented Development Pre-Development Grant Program:
      Accept and appropriate environmental grant awards for 729 Washington Ave N, Target field Station-Pad A and Downtown East Park-Schematic Design projects; Passage of Resolution appropriating funds. (9 votes)
     Action Taken: Adopted.
Health, Environment & Community Engagement
HE&CE agenda of 8/18/2014
Referred Reports to Ways & Means Committee
1.   Maternal and Child Home Visiting Program:
a)    Amend contract with the Minnesota Department of Health to extend the contract termination date by six months and accept additional revenue in the amount of $60,000 for home visiting services for women and young children; and
b)    Passage of Resolution increasing appropriation the for the Health Department in the Grants-Federal Fund by $60,000. (9 votes)
Action Taken: Adopted.
Public Safety, Civil Rights & Emergency Management
PSCR&EM agenda of 8/20/2014
Referred Reports to Ways & Means Committee
1.   Minnesota Board of Firefighter Training and Education (MBFTE) training reimbursement redistribution:
Authorize acceptance of MBFTE redistribution funding under the Round 6 training reimbursement program in the amount of $48,960, for MBFTE approved training conducted between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014; Passage of Resolution appropriating funds. (9 votes)
Action Taken: Adopted.
2.   2014 Emergency Management Performance Grant:
Authorize acceptance of the 2014 Emergency Management Performance Grant Award in the amount of $30,000; Passage of Resolution appropriating funds. (9 votes)
Action Taken: Adopted.
3.   Health Club Memberships:
Authorize issuance of a new Request For Proposals for health club memberships, fitness and wellness services and facility use for the City of Minneapolis Police and Fire Departments and the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board Police Department.
Action Taken: Adopted.
4.   Security Services at Gopher Football Games:
Authorize contract with the University of Minnesota in the amount of $20,200, for Mpls Police Department to provide Bomb Unit and K-9 Unit security at football games held at the TCF Bank Stadium.
Action Taken: Adopted.
5.   Conducted Energy Device/Taser Bid:
Accept single bid of Uniforms Unlimited, for an estimated annual expenditure of $130,000, for Conducted Energy Device/Tasers for the Minneapolis Police Department.
Action Taken: Adopted.

Transportation & Public Works
T&PW agendas of 8/19/2014; 8/19/2014 Adjourned; 8/27/2014 Adjourned
1.   Solid Waste Collection:
Passage of Ordinance amending Title 11, Chapter 225 of Code relating to Health and Sanitation: Garbage and Refuse, expanding the authority of the Public Works Division of Solid Waste and Recycling to provide clean-up and charge for excessive solid waste at residential properties with more than four (4) dwelling units and non-residential properties in the City.
Action Taken: Adopted.
2.   8th St SE Easement:
Authorize conveyance of land from the University of Minnesota to the City of Minneapolis, at no cost to the City, for a permanent street easement needed to construct a cul de sac extension in conjunction with the 8th St SE Street Reconstruction Project.
Action Taken: Adopted.
3.   Bassett Creek Watershed Management Commission:
Authorize execution of an amendment to the term of the Joint and Cooperative Agreement for the Bassett Creek Watershed Management Commission extending the term to January 1, 2025.
Action Taken: Adopted.
4.   Snow Storage Agreement:
Authorize execution of a "Permission to Use Metro Transit Property" Letter Agreement to allow the City's use of property owned by Metro Transit at 834 N 7th St for snow storage.
Action Taken: Adopted.
5.   Special Boulevard Permit:
Approve Special Boulevard Permit application submitted by the Riverfront Parking Ramp at 212 9th Ave S to pave the boulevard on two sides of the building with pervious pavers.
Action Taken: Adopted.
Referred Reports to Ways & Means Committee
6.   2014 Northern Lights Express Membership Fees:
Authorize $12,500 to be expended from the Public Works Operating Budget to allow 2014 City participation in the Minneapolis-Duluth/Superior Passenger Rail Alliance Board for the development of the Northern Lights Express (NLX).
Action Taken: Adopted.
7.   Bid:
OP 7980, Accept low bid of Global Specialty Contractors, Inc. for Bridge 9 Rehabilitation.
Action Taken: Adopted.
Reports from Adjourned meetings of August 19 and August 27
8.   Southwest Light Rail Transit Project:
a)   Authorize execution of a Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Minneapolis and the Metropolitan Council on the Proposed Redesign of a Portion of the Southwest Light Rail Transit Project (SWLRT).
b)   Passage of Resolution approving the physical design component of the preliminary design plans for the Southwest Corridor Light Rail Transit Project submitted to the City by the Metropolitan Council on July 10, 2014, to fulfill the requirements of Minnesota Statutes, Section 473.3994, Subd. 3.
c)   Direct City Attorney and Director of Public Works to monitor the progress of the Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement (SDEIS) for the SWLRT line and to update the City Council with new information or in the event of further delays. The current date of release of the SDEIS estimated by the Metropolitan Council is January 2015.
d)   Direct the Intergovernmental Relations Department to convene appropriate staff from Public Works, Community Planning and Economic Development, Civil Rights, City Coordinator, Mayor’s Office and City Council Offices to complete development of a written response by the City to equity concerns and ideas, and to report back to the T&PW Committee by September 9, 2014.
Action Taken: Adopted.
Ways & Means
W&M agenda of 8/25/2014
1.   Legal Settlements:
      Passage of Resolution approving the following settlements:
a)   Evelyn Jimenez, Imelda Jimenez, Maria Teresa Jeronimo v. John Doe, City of Minneapolis, $28,000.
b)   Rafael Antonia Sanchez v. Anthony B. Olsen, City of Minneapolis, $18,000.
c)   Travis M. Minke v. The City of Minneapolis and Janice Callaway, $40,000.
d)   S.S., by and through her legal guardian and parent, Phaedra Singleton, v.
City of Minneapolis, et al, United States District Court, $22,500.
Action Taken: Adopted.
2.   Conflict of Interest Waiver for Legal Services:
Approval to consent and waive any conflict of interest between the City of Minneapolis and Dorsey and Whitney LLP (the “Firm”) arising out of the Firm’s representation of Children’s Health Care, the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority and Siena Systems.
Action Taken: Adopted.
3.   Audio and Video Equipment Donation:
Authorize Communications Department to donate used audio and video equipment to the Minneapolis Television Network (MTN).
Action Taken: Adopted.
4.   Waste Recycling Project Bid:
Authorize accept low bid from Morcon Construction in the amount of $267,000 for the Waste Recycling Project at the Minneapolis Convention Center.
Action Taken: Adopted.
5.   Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) Records Management System (RMS):
Authorize issue request for proposals to replace outdated current records management system.
Action Taken: Adopted.
6.   Technology Conference Donations:
Passage of Resolution accepting gifts from the following organizations for Otto Doll, Chief Information Officer, to attend three technology conferences:
a)    From South Carolina Information Technology Directors Association (SCITDA) to attend and speak at the 2014 SCITDA Fall Conference in Columbia, South Carolina.
b)    From Metropolitan Information Exchange (MIX) for conference costs, lodging and meals for conference attendance in Boise, Idaho.
c)    From Center for Digital Government for conference costs and meals for attendance in Amelia Island, Florida.(9 votes)
Action Taken: Adopted.
7.   2014 2nd Quarter Gift Acceptance:
      Passage of Resolution accepting gifts to the City of Minneapolis valued under $15,000. (9 votes)
      Action Taken: Adopted.
8.   Investment Management Services:
Authorize execute agreements with the following investment firms: Advantus Capital Management, Galliard Capital Management, Vaughan Nelson Investment Management, PFM Asset Management and RBC Global Asset Management.
Action Taken: Adopted.
Zoning & Planning
Z&P agenda of 8/21/2014
1.   1-4 Unit Residential Development (Zoning Code Text Amendment):
Passage of Ordinances amending Title 20 of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances relating to Zoning Code, revising regulations for 1-4 unit residential development:
a)    Amending Chapter 520 relating to Introductory Provisions.
b)    Amending Chapter 525 relating to Administration and Enforcement.
c)    Amending Chapter 530 relating to Site Plan Review.
d)    Amending Chapter 531 relating to Nonconforming Uses and Structures.
e)    Amending Chapter 535 relating to Regulations of General Applicability.
f)     Amending Chapter 541 relating to Off-Street Parking and Loading.
g)    Amending Chapter 546 relating to Residence Districts.
h)    Amending Chapter 547 relating to Office Residence Districts.
i)      Amending Chapter 548 relating to Commercial Districts.
j)      Amending Chapter 551 relating to Overlay Districts.
k)    Returning Chapters 521, 536, and 537 to author.
l)      Direct staff of the Department of Community Planning & Economic Development, in collaboration with other City departments to conduct a study of methods and tools to establish incentives related to two aspects of sustainable construction and demolition affecting 1-4 unit residential development: “green” building and building deconstruction, with a report back to the Zoning & Planning Committee no later than March 31, 2015.
Action Taken: Adopted.
2.   1121 Fillmore St NE:
a)    Approve the petition filed by Greg Clemente to rezone the property located at 1121 Fillmore St NE from R1A Single-family District to R3 Multiple-family District to allow an office to be converted to a third dwelling unit.; and
b)    Passage of Ordinance amending the Zoning Code.
Action Taken: Adopted.
1.   Honorary Resolution:
Passage of Resolution declaring September 20, 2014, to be Faith’s Lodge Day.
Faith's Lodge Day Resolution
Action Taken: Adopted.
2.   Honorary Resolution:
Passage of Resolution recognizing the week of September 8, 2014, as Cooperatives Week.
Cooperatives Week Resolution
Action Taken: Adopted.
3.   Honorary Resolution:
Passage of Resolutionhonoring Community Gardening Day in Minneapolis.
Community Gardening Resolution
Action Taken: Adopted.
1.   Audit Committee Appointment Terms: 
a)   Motion by Palmisano to amend the Committee of the Whole report adopted August 1, 2014, to correct the term of Scott Neal's appointment to the Committee to be a three-year term beginning January 1, 2014, and ending December 31, 2016.
      Palmisano Motion 1a
b)   Motion by Palmisano requesting unanimous consent be given to introduce an ordinance amending Title 2, Chapter 17 of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances relating to Administration: Finance Department, for first reading to correct the term of the converted mayoral appointment to expire December 31, 2015, and the term of the Council appointment to expire December 31, 2016; and that said ordinance be given its second reading for amendment and passage.
      Palmisano Motion 1b
Action Taken: Adopted.
New Business
1.   Notice of Intent:
A. Johnson and Frey give notice of intent to introduce at the next regular meeting of the City Council the subject matter of an ordinance amending Title 13, Chapter 283 of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances relating to Licenses and Business Regulations: Courtesy Benches (amending regulations on the number and implementation of courtesy benches).
Notice Given.


2.   Notice of Intent:
Bender gives notice of intent to introduce at the next regular meeting of the City Council the subject matter of an ordinance amending Title 17, Chapter 455 of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances relating to Streets and Sidewalks: Block Events (reforming and streamlining block event conditions and restrictions to increase permit attainability and compliance).
Notice Given.
Notice: A portion of this meeting may be closed to the public pursuant to MN Statutes Section 13D.03 or 13D.05
Next City Council Meeting: September 19, 2014
Committee Coordinator email: [email protected]
Minneapolis Web Page: www.minneapolismn.gov
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