Minneapolis City Council Agenda
Regular Meeting
August 15, 2014 – 9:30 a.m.
Room 317, City Hall
Members: Council President Barbara Johnson, Vice President Elizabeth Glidden, Majority Leader John Quincy, Minority Leader Cam Gordon, Council Members Kevin Reich, Jacob Frey, Blong Yang, Abdi Warsame, Lisa Goodman, Alondra Cano, Lisa Bender, Andrew Johnson, and Linea Palmisano
(Majority vote of all members, 7; 2/3 vote of all members, 9; quorum 7)
Council Committee Coordinator: Lisa Hansen 612-673-3963
1.   Roll Call.
2.   Adoption of the agenda.
      Action Taken: Adopted.
3.   Acceptance of minutes of the regular meeting of August 1, 2014.
      Action Taken: Accepted.
4.   Referral of petitions and communications and reports of the City officers to proper Committees and departments.
      Action Taken: Referred.
Committee of the Whole
COW agenda of 8/13/2014
1.   City Coordinator Appointment:
Approve the appointment by the Executive Committee of Spencer Cronk to the appointed position of City Coordinator for a two-year term beginning January 2, 2014, and ending January 2, 2016.
Action Taken: Adopted.
Referred Report to Ways & Means Committee
2.   City of Minneapolis Medical Plan:
Authorize execution of a fully-insured contract with Medica as the selected provider of the City's Medical Plan benefit for a period of three years beginning January 1, 2015, with an option to extend the contract for up to two additional one-year periods.
Action Taken: Adopted.
Community Development & Regulatory Services
CD&RS agenda of 8/5/2014
1.   Liquor, Business & Gambling License Applications:
Approve Department of Licenses & Consumer Services agenda recommendations for Liquor, Business & Gambling licenses.
Early Signature by Mayor requested.
Action Taken: Adopted.
2.   Scratch Bar & Grill LLC (408 3rd Ave N):
Passage of Resolution approving Business License Operating Conditions relating to On Sale Liquor Class C-2 with Sunday Sales License.
Action Taken: Adopted.
3.   Commercial Hood and Exhaust Cleaning Ordinance:
Passage of Ordinance amending Title 9, Chapter 174 of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances relating to Fire and Police Protection: Minneapolis Fire Department; Fire Prevention Bureau, amending existing provisions related to commercial hood and exhaust cleaning.
Action Taken: Adopted.
4.   800 W Broadway Redevelopment (800 W Broadway Ave & 2019 Aldrich Ave N):
Authorize staff to continue analysis of project proposal; negotiate terms and conditions of a redevelopment contract; and prepare redevelopment and TIF plans for the project, with the TIF amount not to exceed $500,000.
Action Taken: Adopted.
Referred Report to Ways & Means Committee
5.   Administrative Fine Schedule:
Passage of Resolution revising the schedule of civil fines for administrative offenses re adding fines relating to commercial pedal cars and transportation network companies.
Action Taken: Adopted.
Elections & Rules
E&R agenda of 8/13/2014
1.   Election Judge Pay:
Passage of Resolution authorizing an increase in pay rates for election judges.
Action Taken: Adopted.
Health, Environment & Community Engagement
HE&CE agenda of 8/4/2014
1.   Food Code Amendments:
Passage of Ordinances (3) amending Title 10 of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances relating to Food Code as follows:
a)   Repealing Chapter 192 relating to Bread;
b)   Repealing Chapter 194 relating to Eggs; and
c)   Repealing Chapter 196 relating to Water for Drinking and Domestic Purposes.
Action Taken: Adopted.
2.   Public Health Advisory Committee:
Approve City Council appointment of Margaret (Peggy) Reinhardt (Ward 10) to the Minneapolis Public Health Advisory Committee for a two-year term to expire December 31, 2015.
Action Taken: Adopted.
Referred Report to Ways & Means Committee
3.   Healthy Homes Project Contracts:
a)   Authorize increase to contract with Community Action of Minneapolis by $70,000 and extension of the contract termination date to June 30, 2015; and
b)   Authorize increase to contract with Project for Pride in Living, Inc. by $80,000 and extension of the contract termination date to June 30, 2015.
Early Signature by Mayor requested.
Action Taken: Adopted.
Intergovernmental Relations
IGR agenda of 8/7/2014
1.   Proposed Charter Amendment regarding the Sale of Wine and Beer in Certain Establishments:
Passage of Resolution adopting title and ballot language pertaining to a proposed amendment to the Minneapolis City Charter, Plain Language Revision, regarding the sale of wine and beer in certain establishments to be submitted to the qualified voters of the City of Minneapolis at the Gubernatorial General Election on November 4, 2014.
Early Signature by Mayor requested. 
Action Taken: Adopted.
2.   2015 Fiscal Year Federal Policies Agenda:
Approve Federal Legislative Agenda.
Action Taken: Adopted.
Public Safety, Civil Rights & Emergency Management
PSCR&EM agenda of 8/6/2014
1.   The First 48 Television Documentary Series:
Authorize contract agreement with The First 48 television documentary series producers for Minneapolis Police Department to be highlighted in television series episodes.
Action Taken: Adopted.
Referred Reports to Ways & Means Committee
2.   DNA Analysts:
Authorize a Joint Powers Agreement with the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, not to exceed $714,000, for the Minneapolis Police Department to support four DNA analysts to work on MPD cases.
Action Taken: Adopted.
3.   Law Enforcement Services in the Neighborhoods Adjacent to TCF Bank Stadium:
Authorize an agreement with the Minnesota Vikings Football, LLC, for law enforcement services in the neighborhoods adjacent to the TCF Stadium by the Police Department during the 2014 Minnesota Vikings football season games, with expenses reimbursed by the Minnesota Vikings.
Action Taken: Adopted.
Transportation & Public Works
T&PW agenda of 8/5/2014
1.   Skyway Construction Agreement Amendment:
Authorize execution of an amendment to the Agreement for Skyway Construction, Operation, Maintenance, and Easements in order to allow The 9’s, located at 917-927 Nicollet Mall, to connect to the existing skyway system.
Action Taken: Adopted.
2.   LynLake Municipal Parking Lots:
Set impact fees for the LynLake Municipal Parking Lots for the period September 1, 2014, through August 31, 2015.
Action Taken: Adopted.
3.   St. Anthony Parkway Bridge:
Passage of Resolution authorizing execution of an Interagency Agreement with the Minnesota Department of Transportation for participation in a force account and advance construction for the St. Anthony Parkway Bridge over the Northtown Yard.
Action Taken: Adopted.
4.   Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition “Nicollet Ave Open Streets” (Lake St to 46th St):
Approve application for a large block event to be held September 14, 2014, to operate outside the requirements set forth in Section 455.30(g) of the Code.
Action Taken: Adopted.
5.   Nicollet Mall Construction Management Services:
Authorize issuance of an RFP to solicit proposals from qualified vendors for construction management for the Nicollet Mall Redesign and Reconstruction Project.
Action Taken: Adopted.
Referred Reports to Ways & Means Committee
6.   W 36th St Bikeway Project:
a)   Accept Hennepin County Bicycle Improvement Funds grant of $55,450 to cover 50% of the cost for the W 36th St Bikeway Project;
b)   Authorize execution of a Cooperative Agreement with Hennepin County; and
c)   Passage of Resolution amending the 2014 Capital Budget to establish and increase the appropriation for the project. (9 votes)
Action Taken: Adopted.
7.   Public Impound Towing Bids:
OP 7924, Accept the following low bids for public impound towing through June 30, 2016, with options to extend through June 30, 2018, and June 30, 2020, at the sole option of the City:
a)   Wrecker Services, Inc., District A/Zone 3;
b)   Rapid Recovery, Inc., District B/Zone 5;
c)   Corky's Towing, Inc., Zone 1 & Zone 4;
d)   Twin Cities Transport and Recovery, Zone 2;
e)   Williams Towing, Inc., Zone 6.
Action Taken: Adopted.
8.   Bids:
a)   OP 7947, Accept low bid of Trane US, Inc. for the Skyway Air Handler Unit Replacement Project; and
b)   OP 7973, Accept low bid of Killmer Electric Company, Inc. for the Hiawatha LRT Trail Lighting Project.
Early Signature by Mayor Requested (Item 8b).
Action Taken: Adopted.
Ways & Means
W&M agenda of 8/11/2014
1.   Legal Settlements:
Passage of Resolution authorizing the legal settlement of Richard M. Murphy v. City of Minneapolis ($113,000).
Action Taken: Adopted.
2.   Nicollet Avenue Public Art Agreement:
Authorize execution of an agreement with property owners/partners for Nicollet Avenue Public Art outlining details regarding maintenance, liability, and permission to place the artworks on private property.
Action Taken: Adopted.
3.   Waste Hauling Bid:
OP 7782, Authorize extend and increase contract No. C-37095 with Allied Waste Service of North America (dba Republic Services of the Twin Cities) for year two of the three year contract in the amount of $95,000 for a new contract estimated expenditure of $190,000 to provide waste hauling services for the Minneapolis Convention Center.
Action Taken: Adopted.
4.   Enterprise Performance Management System:
Authorize increase to contract C-32017 with Halogen Software, Inc., by $125,921.25 for a new not-to-exceed total of $425,921.25 for the Enterprise Performance Management System.
Action Taken: Adopted.
5.   Environmental Systems Research Institute:
Authorize increase to contract C-37215 with Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) by $50,000 for a new not-to-exceed total of $100,000 for hosting Geographical Information System (GIS) Data Services.
Action Taken: Adopted.
6.   Corporate Executive Board Company (CEB):
a)     Authorize execution of a three year contract through September 29, 2017, with CEB for subscription-based Information Technology membership for an amount not-to-exceed $263,700; and
b)     Authorize CEB’s contract agreement to be used instead of the City’s Professional Services Agreement.
Action Taken: Adopted.
7.   COMPASS Financial System Upgrade:
Authorize increase to contract C-38092 with iLynx, Inc., for the Senior Project Management Services, PeopleSoft Financials (COMPASS) Upgrade by $540,000 for a not-to-exceed total of $760,000 over the life of the contract.
Action Taken: Adopted.
8.   Animal Care & Control Adoption Initiative:
Authorize accept grant in the amount of $5,500 from The American Society for Prevention of Cruelty of Animals (ASPCA) to fund three pieces of equipment associated with MACC's new Adoption Initiative; and Passage of Resolution approving appropriation. (9 votes)
Action Taken: Adopted.
9.   Enterprise Data Strategy Implementation:
Authorize execution of a contract with Stream Integration, A Division of Xteoma Corporation, for three years through August 10, 2017, in an amount not to exceed $300,000 for professional services involved in the implementation of the Enterprise Data Strategy.
Action Taken: Adopted.
Zoning & Planning
Z&P agenda of 08/07/2014
1.   Linden Crossing, 4250 and 4264 Upton Ave S:
a)     Deny appeal filed by Jane L. Prince of the decisions of the Planning Commission;
b)     Approve the following applications regarding Linden Crossing, a proposed four-story, mixed-use building located at 4250 and 4264 Upton Ave S;
1)     Conditional Use Permit to increase the maximum allowed height to 4 stories/56 feet;
2)     Variance to reduce the north interior side yard setback to five feet for two balconies with awnings and two feet for a terrace;
3)     Variance to reduce the west interior side yard setback to ten feet for the buildings wall and terrace, to six feet for the balconies with awnings, to five feet for two balconies with awnings, and to four feet for a terrace;
4)     Site Plan Review to allow a new mixed-use building with 20 residential dwelling units and approximately 6,155 sq ft of commercial space; and
c)     Adopt the Findings of Fact as prepared by the City Attorney.
Action Taken: Adopted as amended.
2.   Minneapolis Arts Commission Appointments:
Approve the following Council appointments to the Minneapolis Arts Commission:
a)     Ashley Fairbanks (Ward 2), for a two-year term to expire December 31, 2015; and
b)     Tom Loftus (Ward 1), for a two-year term to expire December 31, 2015.
Action Taken: Adopted.
3.   Riverton Community Housing, 1227 4th St SE and 425 13th Ave SE:
a)     Approve the petition filed by Mary Novak to rezone the properties located at 1227 4th St SE and 425 13th Ave SE, Riverton Community Housing, from the R5 Multiple-family District to the OR3 High Institutional Office Residence District, to allow for construction of a new 66-unit residential building with ground floor commercial space; and
b)     Passage of Ordinance amending the Zoning Code.
Action Taken: Adopted.
4.   Marcy Holmes Neighborhood Master Plan and Dinkytown Business District Plan:
a)     Approve the Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Master Plan and Dinkytown Business District Plan, as amended to add language related to the regional park boundary.
b)     Amend the policy guidance for the area into the City’s comprehensive plan, subject to final review and approval by the Metropolitan Council.
Action Taken: Adopted.
5.   Mississippi River Corridor Critical Area (MRCCA) Draft Rules:
Approve the following directions:
a)     Direct staff to draft a letter in response to the Minneapolis Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) request for comments on Mississippi River Corridor Critical Area (MRCCA) Draft Rules;
b)     Direct staff to continue to work with the DNR on the rulemaking process to ensure that City interests are addressed; and
c)     Direct that future Council actions in response to changes to the critical area rules, including ordinance amendments, will continue to occur in the regular reporting committees of responsible departments.
Action Taken: Adopted.
1.   Honorary Resolution:
Passage of Resolution honoring the Lake Harriet Elf for 20 Years of Building Community.
Lake Harriet Elf Resolution
Action Taken: Adopted.
2. Honorary Resolution:
Passage of Resolution recognizing August 16, 2014, as Emiliano Zapata Day.
Emiliano Zapata Day Resolution
Action Taken: Adopted.
Unfinished Business
1.   Ordinance Introduction:
Pursuant to notice, motion by Bender to introduce the subject matter of the following ordinances amending Title 20, Chapter 548 of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances relating to Zoning Code: Commercial Districts, for first reading and referral to the Zoning & Planning Committee (amending regulations for secondhand goods stores).

Action Taken: Ordinance introduced, given its first reading, and referred to the Zoning & Planning Committee.

2.   Notice of Intent:
Yang renews notice of intent to introduce at the next regular meeting of the City Council the subject matter of an ordinance amending Title 7 of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances relating to Civil Rights by adding a new Chapter 143 entitled Target Market Program (amending to provide a new race-and gender-neutral Target Market Program).
Action Taken: Deleted from agenda.
New Business
1.   Ordinance Introduction (Unanimous Consent Required):
Motion by Quincy to introduce the subject matter of an ordinance amending Title 16, Chapter 420, of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances relating to Planning and Development: Public Housing Authority, for first reading and referral to the Committee of the Whole (amending sections related to the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority's transition to their own benefit plans and administrative services).
Action Taken: Ordinance introduced, given its first reading, and referred to the Committee of the Whole.
1.   Adjourn to Room 315, City Hall, for the purpose of discussing the matter of City of Minneapolis v. Landmark 201 West Broadway LLC and Master Properties Minnesota LLC.
      Action Taken: Authorized the City Attorney to initiate a foreclosure action, initiate a lawsuit, or take any other reasonable actions against Landmark 201 West Broadway LLC, Master Properties Minnesota LLC, and any other necessary or related entities or individuals, to enforce the City's claims against Landmark 201 West Broadway LLC and Master Properties Minnesota LLC arising from the default in the repayment of a $350,000 loan originated by the City to Landmark 201 West Broadway LLC.
Notice: A portion of this meeting may be closed to the public pursuant to MN Statutes Section 13D.03 or 13D.05
Next City Council Meeting: August 29, 2014

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