Minneapolis City Council Agenda

Regular Meeting
February 22, 2013
9:30 a.m. - Room 317 City Hall

NOTE: All cellular telephones and electronic devices to be switched to a non-audible function during Council and Committee meetings.

Council President Johnson, Vice President Lilligren, Majority Leader Schiff, Minority Leader Gordon, Council Members Reich, Hofstede, Samuels, Goodman, Glidden, Tuthill, Quincy, Colvin Roy and Hodges
(Majority vote of all members, 7; 2/3 vote of all members, 9)

 1.  Roll Call. 11-0

 2.  Adoption of the agenda.
Action Taken:  Adopted, as amended to include under Motions a staff direction to report on five properties to be demolished. 

 3.  Acceptance of minutes of the regular meeting and adjourned session of February 8, 2013.
Action Taken:  Accepted.

 4.  Referral of petitions, communications, and reports of the City officers to proper committees and departments.
Action Taken:  Referred.


Committee of the Whole

COW agenda of 2/7/2013 

 1.  Public Safety:
      Approve amendment to City's 2013 State Legislative Agenda to add a support item relating to classifying criminal intelligence data received from other states in the manner it was designated in that other state at the time of the request.
Action Taken:  Approved.

 2.  Affordable Housing and Homelessness:
      Approve amendments to City's 2013 State Legislative Agenda by modifying the language contained in the priority section with regard to housing and homelessness and foreclosure.
Action Taken:  Approved.

 3.  Local Government Finance:
      Approve amendment to City's 2013 State Legislative Agenda by replacing the entire Local Government Finance section with new language.
Action Taken:  Approved.

 4.  Boards and Commissions:
      a) Approve recommendations relating to broadening diversity on boards and commissions; and
      b) Direct staff to review existing policies, procedures, and practices with respect to the administration and operation of the City's appointed boards and commissions and present recommendations to the Committee of the Whole in April, 2013 on potential process improvements.
Action Taken:  Approved.

 5.  2013 Neighborhoods, USA Conference:
      Amend the Partnership Agreement between the City of Minneapolis, Citizens for a Loring Park Community and the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board as follows:
      a) Add Nexus Community Partners as a 2013 Neighborhoods, USA Conference Partner; and
      b) Amendment to reflect that6 Citizens for a Loring Park Community will serve as the host neighborhood and that Nexus Community Partners will be the managing partner for the conference.
Action Taken:  Approved.

Community Development

CD agenda of 2/12/2013

1.  Land Sale (1600 Upton Ave N):
     Passage of Resolution authorizing sale of property to Urban Homeworks, Inc, subject to conditions (9 votes).
Action Taken:  Approved.

2.  Land Sale (216 15th Ave S):
     Passage of Resolution authorizing sale of property to Heartland Seven Corners Hotel, LLC (9 votes).
Action Taken:  Approved.

3.  West Bank Business Association:
     Authorize lease to construct & maintain solid waste & recycling enclosures on Parking Lots B & C for five years.
Action Taken:  Approved.

4.  Pillsbury A Mill:
     Authorize a Request for Proposals for professional services related to the tunnel system condition study.
Action Taken:  Approved.

5.  La Creche Childcare Center (1800 Olson Memorial Hwy):
     Approve restructure of 1988 loan.
Action Taken:  Approved.

Referred Reports to Ways & Means/Budget Committee

6.  Metropolitan Council Livable Communities Demonstration Account (LCDA) Transportation Oriented Development (TOD) and Tax Base Revitalization Account (TBRA) Contamination Cleanup TOD Grants:
     Accept & appropriate grants for Currie Park Lofts, Corcoran Triangle, Mill City Quarter and Junction Flats & authorize necessary agreements; Passage of Resolution appropriating funds (9 votes).
Action Taken:  Approved.

7.  Target Center Health Club Lease:
     Authorize First amendment to lease between the City and LTF Real Estate Company, Inc.
     Early signature by Mayor requested.
Action Taken:  Approved.

Public Safety, Civil Rights & Health

PSCH agenda of 2/13/2013

Referred Reports to Ways & Means/Budget Committee

1.  Legacy 111 Network Conversion:
     Accept $10,000 in grant funds from the State of Minnesota for reimbursement of expenditures incurred for conversion from Legacy 911 Network to NG911 Network; Passage of Resolution appropriating funds (9 votes).
Action Taken:  Approved.

2.  Hazardous Materials Transportation Specialist Training:
     Authorize contract, not to exceed $100,000, with the Emergency Services Training Institute at Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service for training.
Action Taken:  Approved.

3.  Animal Care & Control Donations:
     Passage of Resolution accepting in-kind donations of dog & cat food & supplies (9 votes).
Action Taken:  Approved.

4.  Garden Vegetable Seeds Donation:
     Passage of Resolution accepting donations of seeds, seed starter trays & seed starter soil from Plantation Products LLC to the Mpls Fire Department (9 votes).
Action Taken:  Approved.

Regulatory, Energy & Environment

RE&E agenda of 2/11/2013

  1.  Business License Operating Conditions:
a) Passage of the following Ordinances amending the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances authorizing the City Council to impose reasonable conditions on a business license in rare situations in which a documented violation(s) exists and the business has been unwilling to take reasonable steps to protect and promote public safety, good order, livability and security:
         • Title 13, Chapter 259 relating to Licenses and Business Regulations: In General; and
         • Title 14, Chapter 362 relating to Liquor and Beer: Liquor Licenses; and
      b) Approve Standard Operating Procedures on the process for imposing business operating conditions. 
Action Taken:  Approved.

 2.  Liquor Licenses:
Passage of Resolution granting liquor and wine licenses to the following businesses:
      a)  The Commons Hotel, 615 Washington Ave SE;
      b)  Dusty’s Bar, 1319 Marhsall St NE;
      c)  Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge, 1900 Marshall St NE;
      d)  Aspen Suites, 425 7th St S;
      e) Morrissey’s Irish Pub, 913 W Lake St;
      f)  Seward Community Cafe, 2129 E Franklin Ave;
      g) JJ’s Coffee & Wine Bistro, 1011 Washington Ave S; and
      h) Parkway Pizza, 4359 Minnehaha Ave.
      Early signature by Mayor requested.
Action Taken:  Approved.
 3.  Penn Gas Stop, 2606 Penn Ave N:
      Grant Extended Hours License to operate from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm, 7 days per week.
Action Taken:  Approved.
 4.  Liquor Licenses:
      Passage of Resolution granting license applications.
Action Taken:  Approved.
 5.  Business Licenses:
      Passage of Resolution granting license applications.
Action Taken:  Approved.
 6.  Gambling Licenses:
      Passage of Resolution granting license applications.
Action Taken:  Approved.
 7.  Taxicab Driver’s License:
      Revoke license held by Mark Bradley Koursh for failure to pay administrative fines.
Action Taken:  Approved.

Transportation & Public Works

T&PW agenda of 2/12/2013

 1.  Special Service Districts:
Passage of Ordinances amending Title 17 of the Code relating to Streets and Sidewalks, deleting direct and indirect references to Minn. Stat. Ch. 429, and clarifying the procedure for the levy of service charges:
      a)   Chapter 438 relating to Uptown Special Service District
      b)   Chapter 444 relating to Dinkytown Special Service District
      c)   Chapter 446 relating to Central Avenue Special Service District
d)   Chapter 448 relating to Nicollet Avenue South Special Service District
      e)   Chapter 450 relating to Stadium Village Special Service District
      f)    Chapter 452 relating to 43rd St & Upton Av S (Linden Hills) Special Service District
g)   Chapter 453 relating to Riverview Special Service District
h)   Chapter 454 relating to South Hennepin Avenue Special Service District
i)    Chapter 456 relating to Franklin Avenue East Special Service District
j)    Chapter 457 relating to 48th St E & Chicago Ave South Special Service District
      k)   Chapter 458 relating to Hennepin Theatre District Special Service District
      l)    Chapter 460 relating to Bloomington-Lake Special Service District
      m)  Chapter 461 relating to Chicago-Lake Special Service District
      n)   Chapter 462 relating to East Lake Street Special Service District
      o)   Chapter 463 relating to Lyndale-Lake Special Service District
      p)   Chapter 465 relating to Downtown Business Improvement Special Service District.
Action Taken:  Approved.

 2.  Cooper Area, 42nd and 46th Ave S Street Resurfacing Project:
      a)  Passage of Resolution designating the location and improvements proposed to be made in the project; and
b)  Receive the cost estimate, direct the City Engineer to prepare proposed special assessments against the benefited properties, and set a public hearing to be held on April 2, 2013.
Action Taken:  Approved.

 3.  Cedar Lake Trail Easement:
      a)  Authorize an amendment to the existing agreement with the Hennepin County Regional Rail Authority (HCRRA) for the acquisition of an easement for the Cedar Lake Trail; and
      b)  Authorize reimbursement of HCRRA, in the amount of $171,500, for the Cedar Lake Trail easement acquisition. Funds are available in the original project budget. 
Action Taken:  Approved.

Referred Reports to Ways & Means/Budget
 4.  Building Restoration Corporation - Contract Amendment:
      Authorize execution of Amendment No 1 to the contract with Building Restoration Corporation Company, increasing the contract by $13,297, to allow for additional work at Pump Station #5 and the Fridley Filter Plant not included in the original scope of the project. 
Action Taken:  Approved.
 5.  Auction Services Contracts:
Authorize execution of contracts with Wayne Pike Auction Co, LLC, Hiller Auction Service, Inc., and Ritchie Bros Auctioneers, Inc. for the sale of City-owned vehicles and equipment at public auction for an initial period of five (5) years at up to $50,000 per year per contract. 
Action Taken:  Approved.
 6.  Met Council Infiltration-Inflow Grant Agreement:
      a)  Passage of Resolution authorizing execution of a General Obligation Bond Grant Agreement - Construction Grant with the Metropolitan Council for Cured-in-Place Pipe lining and repairs to sewers; and
b)  Passage of Resolution increasing the appropriation and revenue for the project by $562,969, to be reimbursed by the Met Council Grant.
      Early signature by Mayor requested
Action Taken:  Approved.
 7.  Project Closeouts:
      a)  Passage of Resolution receiving and accepting the final costs of various Public Works projects/programs, adjusting the capital appropriations as necessary to close specified projects, and reallocating excess revenue and Net Debt Bonds to other capital projects and programs and payment on debt service; and
      b)  Passage of Resolution requesting concurrence of the Board of Estimate and Taxation in the reallocation of already issued Net Debt Bonds.  
Action Taken:  Approved.
 8.  15th and 16th Ave Bridges over Midtown Greenway:
a)  OP 7728, Accept low bid of L.S. Black Contractors, Inc for the rehabilitation of the 15th and 16th Ave S Bridges over the Midtown Greenway; and
      b)  Passage of Resolution amending the 2013-2017 Five Year Capital Program by increasing the appropriation for the 15th & 16th Ave Bridges over the Midtown Greenway by $42,500, to be reimbursed by federal funds.
Action Taken:  Approved.
 9.  Bid:
OP 7742, Accept low bid of Meyer Contracting, Inc for the Penn Ave S Phase 1 Street Reconstruction Project.
      Early signature by Mayor requested.
Action Taken:  Approved.

Ways & Means/Budget

W&M/Budget agenda of  2/19/2013

 1.  Legal Settlement:
      Passage of Resolution authorizing settlement of Xccent, Inc., v. City of Minneapolis ($28,000).
Action Taken:  Approved.

 2.  Probation Officer Services Agreement:
      Authorize one-year agreement with Hennepin County Community Corrections for a probation officer to provide active supervision of chronic offenders, funded with $25,000 contributions from both the Minneapolis City Attorney's Office and the Hennepin County Attorney's Office.
Action Taken:  Approved.

 3.  Responsible Authority and Data Practice Compliance Official:
      Passage of Resolution designating Casey Joe Carl as the City's Responsible Authority and Data Practices Compliance Official, effective November 16, 2012.
Action Taken:  Approved.

 4.  Institute on the Environment Grant Acceptance:
      Passage of Resolution accepting $2,500 in grant funds and use of space from the University of Minnesota Institute on the Environment  for conducting a Climate Impacts Workshop. (9 votes)
Action Taken:  Approved.

 5.  Garrison Institute Gift Acceptance:
      Passage of Resolution accepting gift of a scholarship for registration costs to the Climate, Cities and Behavior Symposium and travel reimbursement for one employee. (9 votes)
Action Taken:  Approved.

 6.  Metropolitan Council Gift Acceptance:
      Passage of Resolution accepting payment of travel costs for City Coordinator Paul Aasen to lead a team at the Sustainable Communities Leadership Academy to be held in Arlington, Virginia, March 13-15, 2013. (9 votes)
Action Taken:  Approved.

 7.  Shaw Lundquist Contract Closeout:
      Approve amendment to Contract C-35766 for the Convention Center restroom renovation project, to increase the contract amount by $406,415 to allow close-out and final payment.
Action Taken:  Approved.

 8.  Creative City Challenge Contract:
      Authorize $50,000 contract with the selected project group in the Creative City Challenge competition focused on temporary art, architecture and urban design on the Plaza in front of the Convention Center.
Action Taken:  Approved.

 9.  Emergency Medical Services Contract:
      Authorize negotiation and execution of a contract with LifeTech Services, LLS to provide Emergency Medical Services to Convention Center events and guests over a two year period, with three one-year renewal periods, and annual expenditures of $40,000, for a five year total of $200,000.
Action Taken:  Approved.

10.  Intelligent Operations Platform (IOP) Contract Terms:
      Authorize establishing the following terms and conditions with IBM as part of the three-year contract for IOP software and implementation services:
      a) Customize the liability terms and conditions; and
      b) Customize contract language regarding support and maintenance personnel.
Action Taken:  Approved.

Zoning & Planning

Z&P agenda of  2/14/2013

 1.  3442 Washington Ave N:
      Passage of Ordinance amending the Zoning Code rezoning the property to add the IL Industrial Living Overlay District (ILOD) to allow for a residence and art studio.
Action Taken:  Approved.

 2.  3448 Hennepin Ave S:
      a) Deny petition to rezone the property from R2B to the R3 Multiple-Family District to allow for the conversion of an existing duplex into a triplex;
      b) Adopt the Findings of Fact and Recommendation prepared by the City Attorney in support of the committee's action.
Action Taken:  Approved.

 3.  Grain Belt Terraces (1215-1219 Marshall St NE):
      Passage of Ordinance amending the Zoning Code rezoning the property from C1 and R5 to the OR2 High Density Office Residence District to allow a mixed use development including rehabilitation of an existing office building and two new 4-story multiple family dwellings.
Action Taken:  Approved.

 4.  Heritage Preservation Commission Appointments:
      Approve appointment of Ian Stade, and reappointments of Laura Faucher, Alex Haecker, Susan Hunter Weir, and Chad Larsen. 
Action Taken:  Approved.

Report from the Audit Committee


 1.  Motion by Schiff to direct staff to report to the Regulatory, Energy & Environment Committee on five properties to be demolished.
Action Taken:  Motion withdrawn.


Unfinished Business

 1.  Ordinance Introduction:
      Pursuant to notice on January 25, 2013, Gordon moves to introduce the subject matter of an ordinance amending Title 20, Chapter 551 of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances relating to Zoning Code:  Overlay Districts, for first reading and referral to the Zoning & Planning Committee (reducing the required parking in the University Area Overlay District).
Action Taken:  Referred to Zoning & Planning.

 2.  Ordinance introduction:
      Pursuant to notice on February 8, 2013, Gordon moves to introduce the subject matter of an ordinance amending Chapter 2, Section 13 of the Minneapolis City Charter relating to Officers - Elections:  Filing for Election, for first reading and referral to the Charter Commission (specifying the filing fee for candidates for election at any city election).
Action Taken:  Referred to Charter Commission.

New Business

 1.  Notice of Intent:
      Glidden gives notice of intent to introduce at the next regular meeting of the City Council the subject matter of an ordinance amending Title 20, Chapter 536 of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances relating to Zoning Code: Specific Development Standards (allowing small scale production artists to utilize industrial equipment in art making processes).
Notice Given.




Notice: A portion of this meeting may be closed to the public pursuant to Minnesota Statutes Section 13D.03 or 13D.05.

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