Community Development Committee
Amended Agenda

Standing Committee of the City Council, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Regular Meeting
     November 19, 2013
1:30 p.m. - Room 317 City Hall

NOTE: All cellular telephones and electronic devices to be switched to a non-audible function during Council and Committee meetings.

Committee Members Present:  Council Members Goodman, Quincy, Reich, Lilligren, Gordon, Samuels (quorum 4)

Council Committee Coordinator:  Irene Kasper (612) 673-2219

Public Hearings 1:30 p.m. 

Department of Community Planning & Economic Development (CPED)

1.  Greenway Heights (Bloomington Ave S & Midtown Greenway):
     a) Consider resolution approving the Greenway Heights TIF Plan and the related Modification No. 2 to the Lake and Bloomington Redevelopment Plan and Modification No. 1 to the East Phillips Commons, Phase 1 TIF Plan.  The Plans will create a new housing TIF District to facilitate development of 42 units of affordable workforce rental housing in a new four-story building with underground parking on a vacant site at the northeast corner of the intersection of Bloomington Avenue South and the Midtown Greenway in south Minneapolis;
     b) Consider resolution authorizing the issuance of a Limited Revenue Pay-As-You-Go TIF Note not to exceed $441,500 for the Greenway Heights Family Housing Project;
     c) Approve initial appropriation of $5,000 for establishment of Community Planning & Economic Development Agency Fund 01CGW- Greenway Heights;
     d) Approve redevelopment contract business terms;
     e) Consider resolution giving final approval to issue up to $6,000,000 in Tax-Exempt Multifamily Housing Revenue Entitlement Bonds;
     f) Authorize necessary documents with the Greenway Partners, LLC or an affiliated entity (Also in W&M/Budget).
Staff Report:  Greenway Hts RCA; Greenway Hts TIF PLAN; Greenway Hts PDW; Greenway Hts DFC MEMO
     Action Taken:  Approved.

2.  Five15 on the Park (formerly Currie Park Lofts, generally 515 15th Ave S):
     a) Consider resolution approving the Currie Park Redevelopment Plan and the Currie Park Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Plan and Modification No. 8 to the Cedar-Riverside Urban Renewal Plan;
     b) Approve initial appropriation of $5,000 for establishment of Community Planning & Economic Development Agency Fund 01CCP – Currie Park;
     c) Consider resolution authorizing the issuance of a Limited “Pay-As-You-Go” Tax Increment Financing Note to Five15 Limited Partnership in a principal amount not to exceed $4,955,600;
     d) Approve redevelopment contract business terms;
     e) Consider resolution giving final approval of up to $30,800,000 in tax exempt multifamily housing entitlement revenue bonds;
     f) Authorize redevelopment and other funding agreements with Five15 Limited Partnership, & all other necessary documents;
     g) Authorize amendments to HLAF, LCDA, LCDA-TOD and LHIA funding agreements with the Metropolitan Council for this project to reflect the project description & to consent to the assignment of HLAF, LCDA, LCDA-TOD and LHIA funding agreements from Currie Park Developments, LLC to Five15 Limited Partnership, which are both affiliates of the developer (Also in W&M/Budget).
Staff Report:  Five15 RCA; Five15 PDW; Five 15 DFC MEMO
     Action Taken:  Approved.

3.  Land Sale (Capri Theater Expansion, 2029, 2033, and portion of 2101 W Broadway):
     a) Consider resolution authorizing sale of properties to Plymouth Christian Youth Center (PCYC) or an affiliate for $161,650;
     b) Authorize redevelopment contract & related documents.
Staff Report:  2101 W Broadway RCA; 2101 W Broadway ATTACH2; 2101 W Broadway ATTACH3; 2101 W Broadway ATTACH4
     Action Taken:  Approved.

Joint Public Hearing with Minneapolis Community Development Agency (MCDA) Operating Committee  


4.  Catalyst Five Points, LLC Project (2119 W Broadway Ave):
     Consider resolution giving preliminary & final approval to the issuance of up to $1,850,000 in Tax-exempt 501(c)(3) Bank Qualified Bank Direct Minneapolis Community Development Agency Revenue Bonds, Series 2013 for Catalyst Five Points, LLC (Refer to MCDA Board of Commissioners).
Staff Report: Catalyst Five Points RCA
     Action Taken:  Approved.

Consent Items


5.  Livable Communities Local Housing Incentive Account Grant Funds:
     Authorize an Acknowledgement of Receptivity to an LCA Funding Award form for projects recommended for Livable Communities Local Housing Incentive Account grant awards.
Staff Report:   LCA Funding Award RCA;LCA Funding Award EX 1; LCA Funding Award EX 2
     Action Taken:  Approved.

6.  Diamond Hill Townhomes (a/k/a Bossen Terrace Townhomes, 5701 Sander Dr):
     Authorize amendment & re-subordination of Multifamily Rental and Cooperative Program loan interests and extend the loan maturity date in accommodation of FHA-insured HUD 1st mortgage.
Staff Report:   Bossen Terrace RCA
     Action Taken:  Approved.

7.  Housing Replacement Tax Increment Financing District III:
     Approve resolution correcting Resolution 2013R-189, passed 5/10/2013, to correct a parcel identification number.
Staff Report:  Hsg Replacement Corrective Resl RCA 
     Action Taken:  Approved.

8.  The Cookie Cart (1119 W Broadway):
     Authorize a grant up to $30,000 of Year 34 CDBG dollars to The Cookie Cart to pay for and install bullet proof window in the Cookie Cart storefront.
Staff Report:   Cookie Cart RCA
     Action Taken:  Approved.

9.  Small Business Technical Assistance Program:
     Authorize staff to negotiate and execute contracts for the Small Business Technical Assistance Program, subject to modifications as approved by the CPED Director.
Staff Report:   SBTA Prog RCA; SBTA Prog EX A; SBTA Prog EX B
     Action Taken:  Approved.

10. Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED):
      a) Accept Redevelopment Program grant, $198,850, awarded by DEED for the 807 Broadway project;
      b) Approve budget appropriations;
      c) Authorize grant, subrecipient and/or disbursement and related documents and agreements (Also in W&M/Budget).
Staff Report:   DEED 807 Broadway Grant RCA
     Action Taken:  Approved.

11. Business Health and Safety Improvement Loan Program:
      a) Direct staff to establish a Business Health and Safety Improvement Loan Program;
      b) Approve budget appropriation increase of $139,750;
      c) Authorize contract with the Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers to manage the Business Health and Safety Improvement Loan Program to Minneapolis businesses, using budgeted dollars in Health Department/Food Lodging & Pools Unit Fund (RE&E sent forward without recommendation 11/18/2013; Also in W&M/Budget).
Staff Report:   REVISED BH&SI Loan Program RCA
     Action Taken:  Approved.

12. Appropriation of HOME Program Income:
      Approve increase in CPED HOME Residential Finance Fund appropriation by $198,464.85 and increasing CPED HOME Residential & Real Estate Development fund by $954,051.78 (Also in W&M/Budget).
Staff Report:   HOME Income RCA
     Action Taken:  Approved.

13. 2013 Housing Revenue Entitlement Bond Carryforward:
     Approve resolution authorizing the carryforward of $45,968,905 of 2013 Tax Exempt Multi-family Housing Entitlement Revenue Bonds for Multifamily Housing programs (Also in W&M/Budget).
Staff Report:   Bond Carryforward RCA
     Action Taken:  Approved.

14. Financing for Renovation of 1806 15th Ave S:
      a) Authorize a one-time waiver of the Maximum Code Abatement Program funding cap of $20,000 to allow for a loan of up to $150,000 using Residential Finance Fund; 
      b) Authorize a one-time waiver of the Code Abatement Program guidelines to allow the loan to be forgiven after ten years;
      c) Authorize contract with Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation (GMHC) to provide the lending and project management services necessary for this loan;
      d) Authorize up to $5,000 from Residential Finance Fund to cover administrative costs associated with GMHC’s lending and project management services.
Staff Report:   Renovation 1806 15 RCA
     Action Taken:  Approved.

15. Praxis Foods (re properties at 1256 Penn Ave N & 1235-43 Oliver Ave N):
      Grant a one year extension to the exclusive development rights to Praxis Foods, through 12/31/2014 for the Penn/Plymouth properties.
Staff Report:   Praxis Foods RCA
     Action Taken:  Approved.

16. Future Upper Harbor Terminal Redevelopment:
      a) Direct and authorize contract with HKGI, Hoisington Koegler Group, Inc., in an amount not to exceed $200,000 for work on the Upper Harbor Terminal;
      b) Approve budget appropriation increase of $50,000 (Also in W&M/Budget).
Staff Report:   UHT Redevelopment RCA
     Action Taken:  Approved.

17. City-owned Surface Parking Lot (adjacent to African Development Ctr, 1927-29 5th St S):
      Authorize lease with African Development Center of Minnesota to maintain and operate an accessory parking lot for its headquarters building for a three year term effective no sooner than 1/1/2014. 
Staff Report:   ADC Prkg Lot RCA
     Action Taken:  Approved.

Discussion Items


18. Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Program:
      a) Authorize Joint Powers Agreement between the City of Minneapolis and the Port Authority of the City of Saint Paul;
      b) Approve resolution designating the Port Authority of the City of Saint Paul to implement and administer the PACE program on behalf of the City of Minneapolis;
      c) Direct City staff to take the necessary actions to implement and administer the PACE of Minnesota financing program for City of Minneapolis projects including the imposition of administrative fees (RE&E approved 11/18/2013).
Staff Report:   PACEMN RCA
     Action Taken:  Approved.

19. Impound Lot and Development Strategy:
      a) Direct Public Works and Finance & Property Services (FPS) to reduce the Impound Lot footprint and prepare recommendations on how to best to facilitate development while aesthetically improving the remaining infrastructure, including building and grounds, and enhancing the overall security and customer experience; 
      b) Authorize CPED and Public Works to coordinate a land use and development strategy for City owned parcels adjacent to the newly completed Van White Memorial Boulevard;
      c) Approve budget appropriation increase of $100,000 for consulting services (T&PW approved 11/18/2013; Also in W&M/Budget). 
Staff Report:  Impound Lot RCAImpound Lot MAP1Impound Lot MAP2 
     Action Taken:  Approved.

20. DC Group Expansion (1977 W River Road N):
      Direct and authorize staff to either a) continue analysis of the DC Group Expansion proposal to determine if tax increment financing (TIF) assistance is appropriate and justifiable, or b) discontinue further TIF analysis for the project. If further directed analysis concludes TIF assistance is appropriate, then staff requests authorization to negotiate the terms and conditions of a redevelopment contract and prepare redevelopment and TIF plans for the project as needed. All such terms and conditions, plans, and other provisions would be subject to future City Council review, discussion, and approval or denial.
Staff Report:   DC Group Exp RCA 
     Action Taken:  Approved staff recommendation "a" to continue analysis of the DC Group Expansion proposal.

Notice: A portion of this meeting may be closed to the public pursuant to Minnesota Statutes Section 13D.03 or 13D.05.

Next Committee Meeting:   12/10/2013
Committee actions referred to the next City Council Meeting:  12/6/2013

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