Community Development Committee Agenda

Standing Committee of the City Council, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Regular Meeting
January 31, 2012
1:30 p.m. - Room 317 City Hall

NOTE: All cellular telephones, pagers and BlackBerry devices to be switched to a non-audible function during Council and Committee meetings.

Committee Members Present:  Council Members Goodman, Quincy, Reich, Lilligren, Gordon, Samuels (quorum 4)

Council Committee Coordinator:  Irene Kasper (612) 673-2219

Public Hearings 1:30 p.m.

Department of Community Planning & Economic Development (CPED)

1.   Dunwoody Apartments:
      a) Approve resolution approving the Dunwoody Apartments Tax Increment Finance Plan;
      b) Approve resolution establishing CPED Fund 01CDW – Dunwoody Apartments (01CDW-8900900) & initial appropriation of $5,000;
      c) Approve resolutions authorizing the issuance of one Limited Revenue Pay-As-You-Go Tax Increment Financing Note to Gateway Commons, LLC, $1,258,200;
      d) Approve redevelopment contract business terms; 
      e) Authorize redevelopment and other funding agreements with Gateway Commons, LLC & all other necessary documents (Also in W&M/Budget).

Staff Report: Dunwoody Apts RCA; Dunwoody Apts PDW; Dunwoody Apts TIF PLAN; Dunwoody Apts DFC MEMO

Action Taken:  Approved.

2.   Land Sale (2001 Washington St NE):
      Consider approving sale of property to Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation for $1.00, subject to conditions:  a)  land sale closing must occur no later than April 15, 2012; & b) payment of holding costs of $300.00 per month (or portion thereof) if the land sale closing does not occur on or before the closing deadline. The sale conditions may be waived or amended with approval of the CPED Director (CD Action 1/17/2012: Postponed one cycle).  

Staff Report:  2001 Washington RCA; 2001 Washington ATTACH; 2001 Washington PHOTO

Action Taken:  Postponed two cycles (until February 28, 2012).

Joint Agenda Items with Mpls Community Development Agency (MCDA) Operating Committee


3.   Saks Ground Lease, Parking Agreement, and Sale Agreement:
      Authorize MCDA officials to execute a one year extension of the Saks Ground Lease, Parking Agreement, and Sale Agreement to December 19, 2012 (Refer to MCDA Board of Commissioners).
Staff Report: Saks RCA

Action Taken:  Approved.

4.  Catholic Eldercare Project:
      Approve execution of documents related to amendments to the Series 2007 and 2008 Bonds for the Catholic Eldercare Project (Refer to MCDA Board of Commissioners).

Staff Report: Catholic Eldercare RCA

Action Taken:  Approved.

 Consent Items


5.  Minneapolis Public Housing Authority (MPHA) Board:
     Approve Council appointment of James Rosenbaum.
Staff Report:  MPHA Appts RCA

Action Taken:  Approved.

6.   Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development:
      Approve application for grants in excess of $250,000 from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development/Office of Youth Development.
Staff Report: DEED Youth Grant RCA

Action Taken:  Approved.

7.  Issuance of Tax-exempt Revenue Bonds in 2012:
       Authorize staff to take certain actions throughout 2012 in order to utilize tax-exempt revenue bond financing for various City industrial/manufacturing projects (Also in W&M/Budget).
Staff Report:  2012 Rev Bonds RCA

Action Taken:  Approved, as amended to delete recommendation paragraph five, which read as follows:  "The CPED Director is to negotiate and enter into Joint Power Agreements with other entitlement issuers, for the exchange of bond issuance authority to benefit the City of Minneapolis by increasing/decreasing bond issuance authority.  Such Joint Power Agreements will allow for proper payment/receipt of fees and expenses required for the exchange of issuance authority.  Payments will be made from such fund as may be determined by theCPED Director."

8.  African Development Center (ADC):
       Authorize allocation of $40,000 to the ADC to extend the partnership on business loan activities in 2012 (Also in W&M/Budget).
Staff Report:  African Dev Ctr RCA

Action Taken:  Approved.

9.   Small Business Loan Programs in 2012:
        Authorize allocation of $115,000 to the Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers to extend the City’s partnership on small business loan programs for 2012 (Also in W&M/Budget).
Staff Report:  Small Business Loan Programs RCA

Action Taken:  Approved.

10.  Minnesota Housing Finance Agency Grant:
       a) Accept a CRV funding award from MHFA in the amount of $200,000;
       b) Approve Guidelines for the Minneapolis Advantage Program – CRV;
       c) Approve appropriations; 
       d) Authorize new contract with Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation to administer the program on behalf of the City (Also in W&M/Budget).
Staff Report:  CRV RCA

Action Taken:  Approved.

11.  Cedar Ave Sidewalk Reconstruction and Lighting (from the West Bank Central Corridor Light Rail Station to I-94):
       a) Authorize use of Common Project TOD set-aside funds to match grant dollars awarded to the City of Minneapolis by the Hennepin County TOD program and fill a funding gap for the Cedar Ave Sidewalk Reconstruction and Lighting Project;
       b) Approve appropriations (Also in W&M/Budget).

Action Taken:  Approved.

12.   Metropolitan Council Livable Communities Local Housing Incentive Account (LHIA) Grants: 
        a) Accept & appropriate LHIA grants totaling $825,000 (City of Lakes Community Land Trust Homebuyer Initiated Program ($175,000), Currie Park Lofts ($400,000) and Spirit on Lake ($250,000));
        b) Approve appropriations; 
        c) Authorize such agreements as may be necessary to implement the grants with the Metropolitan Council, and with City of Lakes Community Land Trust, Fine Associates, and PRG, Inc. or their related entities (Also in W&M/Budget).
Staff Report:  LHIA RCA
Action Taken:  Approved.
13.   Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP):
         Authorize two contracts with Hennepin County for operation of MFIP & contract with Hennepin County to receive a total of $381,500 for the period 1/1/2012 to 12/31/2012.
Staff Report:  MFIP RCA

Action Taken:  Approved.

14.   Bryant Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) Phase II Neighborhood Action Plan:
         a)  Approve Plan, in an amount not to exceed $295,498;
         b)  Approve increase in CPED NRP appropriation of $195,079.66, consistent with previous Council action;
         c)  Authorize contracts or agreements (Also in W&M/Budget).
Staff Report:  Bryant NRP RCA; Bryant NRP PLAN; Bryant NRP ATTACH 

Action Taken:  Approved.

Discussion Items



15.   2012 Low Income Housing Tax Credits:
      Approve transfer of $280,608 Year 2012 tax credits from Franklin Portland-South Quarter IV to Artspace Jackson Flats and preliminarily reserve Year 2012 Federal Low Income Housing Tax Credits totaling $30,158 to the Art Space Jackson Flats Project, 1839- 47 Jackson St; 901-13,18th ½ Ave.
Staff Report:  2012 LIHTC RCA; 2012 LIHTC Artspace Jackson Flats; 2012 LIHTC Franklin-Portland

Action Taken:  Approved.

16.   CPED Citizen Participation Program:
      Approve CDBG fund balance of $66,095.43 in the CPED Citizen Participation Program to be reprogrammed, consistent with the City’s financial policies, to reduce the deficit in the City’s letter of credit with the Federal government.
Staff Report:  Citizen Participation Program RCA

Action Taken:  Approved.

17.   2011 Affordable Housing Trust Fund (AHTF) and Non-Profit Development Assistance Fund (NPDAF) Project:
      Approve a total up to $8,836,979 from the AHTF and a total up to $210,000 from the NPDAF for the following projects/developers; and authorize the execution of the necessary documents for the AHTF loans & NPDAF grants:
      a) A loan up to $356,822 from the AHTF and a grant up to $30,000 from the NPDAF for the 2600 17th Ave S project, 2600 17th Ave S, by Alliance Housing Incorporated or an affiliated entity;
      b) A loan up to $925,000 from the AHTF for the 520 Second St SE project, 520 Second St SE by 520 Second Street Apartments Limited Partnership or an affiliated entity;
      c) A loan up to $236,073 from the AHTF and a grant up to $30,000 from the NPDAF for the Alliance NSP2 project, 2906 Golden Valley Rd, 2637 Newton Ave N, 2223 Upton Ave N, 2637 Upton Ave N & 3750 Penn Ave N by Alliance Housing Incorporated or an affiliated entity; 
      d) A loan up to $900,000 from the AHTF and a grant up to $30,000 from the NPDAF for the Artspace project, 900 Washington Ave by Artspace Projects Inc. or an affiliated entity. Also recommend that the commitment of AHTF and NPDAF will be automatically rescinded if Artspace is unable to obtain land sale approval or an extension to its exclusive development rights by 7/31/2012;
      e) A loan up to $275,000 from the AHTF for the Artspace Jackson Flats project, 1800 block of Jackson St NE by Artspace Projects Inc. or an affiliated entity;
      f) A loan up to $1,200,000 from the AHTF for the Currie Park Lofts (Phase 1) project, 515 – 15th Ave S by Currie Park Development LLC or an affiliated entity;
     g) A loan up to $1,950,000 from the AHTF for the Franklin Portland South Quarter Phase IV project, 1900–1928 Portland Ave S by Aeon and HOPE Communities Inc. or an affiliated entity of either.  Also recommend that the commitment of AHTF will be automatically rescinded if the developer is unable to secure at least $1,000,000 in LIHTC through the year 2013 City of Minneapolis LIHTC allocation process. Further, to approve the assumption of all outstanding debt associated with the Pinecliff Apartments to be incorporated into the financing of the South Quarter IV;
      h)  A loan up to $425,000 from the AHTF for the Grant Street Commons project, 515 E 15th St by Community Housing Development Corporation or an affiliated entity;
      i) A loan up to $349,500 from the AHTF and a grant up to $30,000 from the NPDAF for the PPL Foreclosure Redevelopment Phase IIB project, 3405 Penn Ave N, 3415 Penn Ave N & 2115 Lyndale Ave N by Project for Pride in Living or an affiliated entity;
     j) A loan up to $944,584 from the AHTF and a $30,000 grant from the NPDAF for the Snelling Apartments project to be located at 2304 Snelling Ave by Seward Redesign and CommonBond Communities or an affiliated entity of either;
     k) A loan up to $750,000 from the AHTF and a $30,000 grant from the NPDAF for the West Broadway Curve project, 2022 W Broadway by CommonBond Communities or an affiliated entity;
     l) A loan up to $525,000 from the AHTF and a $30,000 grant from the NPDAF for the Greenway Heights Family Housing project, 2845 Bloomington Ave by Powderhorn Residents Group Inc. and Phoenix Development Inc. or an affiliated entity of either.

Action Taken:  Approved staff recommendations with exception of "g" which was forwarded without recommendation.

18.  Great Streets Façade Improvement Program Administration:
       Authorize execution of $370,000 in contracts for Great Streets Façade Improvement Program Matching Grant Administration with Armatage Neighborhood Association, Harrison Neighborhood Association, Lake Street Council, Nicollet-East Harriet Business Association, Northeast Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce, Project for Pride in Living, West Bank Business Association, and West Broadway Business and Area Coalition.
Staff Report:  Great Sts RCA; Great Sts EXA; Great Sts EXB; Great Sts EXC

Action Taken:  Approved.

19.  2012 Preliminary Planning Fund (PPF) Allocations:
       Approve 2012 Preliminary Planning Fund Allocations (Also in W&M/Budget).
Staff Report:  PPF Allocation RCA

Action Taken:  Approved.  Additionally, staff directed return to CD Committee in the next two cycles with a list of every person at CPED working on the Vikings stadium issue and the Timberwolves/Target Center workout plan, along with the number of hours, to date, spent on those projects. 

20.  Metropolitan Export Initiative Report.
Staff Report:  Met Export RCA

Action Taken:  Received & filed.

Postponed Item


21.  Land Sale (4900 Hiawatha Ave):
       Consider approving sale of property to Bruce MacDonald for $3,375.00.

 Notice: A portion of this meeting may be closed to the public pursuant to Minnesota Statutes Section 13D.03 or 13D.05.


Next Committee Meeting:  February 14, 2012

Committee actions referred to the next City Council Meeting:  February 10 , 2012


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