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Before You Start
About Garages
About Permits
About the Inspections Process
Forms and Handouts for Garages

Building a Garage


Is a ...Required?
Zoning Check and Site PlanYes
Construction Plan ReviewYes

Homeowners can perform work on their own properties without a contractor

Before You Start

Look at these pages:

Requirements for Additions and Alterations (pdf)

Minimum Standards for Dwellings (pdf)

Exterior Remodeling or Alterations

Finding a licensed contractor

Hiring a Residential Contractor – what do I need to know? (pdf)

Site Plan 

Zoning Approval

Property Line Information

Property Line Location (pdf)

About Garages

Garages and Accessory Structures

About Permits

Applying for a Permit

Permits Overview

Timeline for Completion

About the Inspections Process

Site Plan

Inspections Process

Forms and Handouts for Garages

Detached Garage Protected Wall

Detached Garage Foundations & Slabs

Zoning Requirements for Garages & Accessory Structures

Garage Moving Requirements (pdf)

Last updated Jan 9, 2015