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Tenant Notification Requirements -
Minneapolis Arsenic Contamination Zone

Rental property owners requirements in South Minneapolis Arsenic Contamination Zone

We are always looking out for peoples safety. A new City of Minneapolis ordinance (Title 12 Chapter 244 Section 244.275) requires owners of rental property within the South Minneapolis Arsenic Contamination Site to share arsenic testing results with renters.

Arsenic contamination was discovered when health agencies suspected that the wind might have blown dust from the site of the CMC Heartland Lite Yard plant where several companies produced pesticides from 1938 to 1968, into nearby neighborhoods. Extensive testing of these properties by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and the US Environmental Protection Agency confirmed the contamination and a South Minneapolis Arsenic Contamination Zone was established surrounding the site of the CMC Heartland Lite Yard plant. The plant site is on five acres at the northwest corner of the intersection of Hiawatha Avenue and 28 th Street.

Currently all residential properties, schools, daycares and parks in approximately a three-quarter-mile radius surrounding the plant site have been sampled to determine the extent of impact unless access was denied by the owner.

Rental Property Owners Responsibilities

Effective immediately, owners of rental property within the arsenic contamination zone are obligated to inform their renters about the contamination and any communication received from the US EPA or its agents or contractors. Listed here are links to several useful documents for rental property owners:

Ordinance requiring tenant notification of arsenic contamination (pdf)
City of Minneapolis letter to property owners in arsenic contamination zone (doc)
South Minneapolis Arsenic Contamination Zone map (pdf)

Disclosure letter to tenants:

Additional information

Information regarding site history, current and future clean up activities and health concerns can be obtained from the following state and federal agencies:

US Environmental Protection Agency - South Minneapolis Residential Soil Contamination Site

Minnesota Department of Agriculture - CMC Heartland Lite Yard Site (pdf)

Minnesota Department of Health

March 20, 2008

Last updated May. 8, 2012