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Reporting Systems

FISCOL On-Line Tables

Online reporting in FISCOL provides current information at a summary level. The information includes all transactions that are accepted at the time the inquiry is done.

The basic grant inquires are as follows:

Vista Grant Reports

Vista reports include all transactions that have occurred through a specified period end. The reports do not have amounts reported in the budget column. To do so requires preparing an additional document in FISCOL that would then add the budget information to these reports. This current process does not use this functionality of the system. These reports were designed during the conversion from FIRMS to FISCOL to replace existing FIRMS reports and to create some new formats. The following reports are available in Vista:

G101M Citywide Grant Report by Agency Grant

The report includes prior year, current year, and grant to date revenue and expenditures for citywide grants by agency grant. The report is broken at the fund level and is useful for detecting fund errors in transactions. The report subtotals at the fund, agency grant, and citywide grant levels. For those of you familiar with the prior FIRMS reports, this report is similar to the 40G Report.

G102M Citywide Grant Report by Category Summary

This report is similar to the G101M, however it was designed to summarized information based on the first two characters of the reporting category field. The report is useful when summarizing information across agency grants where the same reporting category is for different agency grants rolling up to the same citywide grant.

G103M Citywide / Agency Grant Summary

The report includes prior year, current year and grant to date information for citywide grants by fund. The report shows total revenues, expenditures, and net cost for each citywide grant within the fund.

G104M Year End Grant Trial Balance

This report is a fund level report where current and grant to date expenditures and revenues are shown for each grant at the object level. If the grant is a citywide grant, object level expenditures are shown for each agency grant rolling up the citywide grant. The report includes a three-line recap for each grant that has total expenditures, revenues and net cost. This report is useful for year-end fund reporting for the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).

G105M Agency Grant Report by Reporting Category

The report includes prior year, current year and grant to date information by reporting category for agency grants only. Agency grants are reported by fund if transactions occurred in more than one fund. The report subtotals by fund and agency grant for total expenditures, revenues and net cost.

G106M Citywide Grant Report by Reporting Category

This report is similar to the G105M, but includes only citywide grants.

G107M Transaction Detail by Grant by Object Code

This report includes the detail of transactions for each reporting category for a specific period.

City Reporting System (CRS)

CRS reports are generated from information that is retained in the data warehouse. The data warehouse consists of a number of tables that are populated with information from FISCOL transactions. ITS maintains the tables and worked with user departments to create the reports. A team of Finance and Police Department staff who is routinely involved with grant accounting and reporting created the grant reports. They are familiar with the reports and their limitations. Since these reports were specifically designed to meet the reporting needs of certain departments, access to these reports is limited to those who are knowledgeable of the report content and how to interpret them.

Currently there are four report groups, cost maintenance, cost reports, financial reports, and grants reports. Many reports are still in a "Test Version". This means that the reports have not been fully tested to insure that the information from the data warehouse is being appropriately accumulated and represented in the report. Information about CRS is available from Insite. Go to Departments, then FISCOL and select Training Materials. Then double click on City Reporting System to read about the various report applications. Under Grant Reports, there are complete instructions on how to be setup as a user as well as report definitions.

The following grant reports are currently available in CRS.

Agency Grant by Project (GR16)

Agency Grant by Reporting Category (GR10) *

Agency Grant by Project/Object/Sub-Object (GR08)

Agency Grant Expenditure by Project/Object (GR06)

Agency Grant Summary by Fund (GR02) *

Agency Grant Summary by Organization (GR04) *

Agency Grant Summary by Reporting Category (GR18) *

Citywide Grant Expenditure by Project/Object/Sub-Object (GR07)

Citywide Grant Expenditure by Project/Object (GR05)

Citywide Grant Summary by Agency (GR03) *

Citywide Grant Summary by Fund (GR01) *

Citywide Grants Summary by Agency Grant/Reporting Category/Object

Class (GR15) *

Citywide Grants by Fund and Reporting Category (GR09) *

Grant Project Indirect Cost Calculation (PR06)

Grant Summary by Fund: Year to Date (GR13) *

Grants by Responsible Organization (SP02) *

Projects by Object/Sub Object (PR01)

Responsible Organization (SP01) *

Transactions by Reporting Category (RC01) *

* Test Version

CRS reports allow the user to define the parameters of the information presented in the report. The report can be tailored to meet the users immediate reporting needs. Due to this flexibility, some information related to the budget and available balance can be misleading. The reports must be carefully reviewed with accounting staff to insure that the information is clearly interpreted.

Data Warehouse

The data warehouse was briefly described in the section on the City Reporting System. The warehouse is a useful tool to obtain specific information through queries in either excel of access. Financial staff familiar with using queries can quickly obtain information that may not be readily available through existing reports.

Last updated Sep 27, 2011