Using the Feedback feature in Halogen

Once you are logged into PerformMinneapolis, the Feedback option is located directly to the right of your name. This is where you can electronically track notes about your own performance, your employee’s performance (if you are a Supervisor), or provide recognition to a City employee.

When it’s time for a performance appraisal you can retrieve feedback to help you recall accomplishments, challenges and comments.

Employees can choose to share Journal Notes with their supervisor; similarly, Supervisor Notes can/should be shared with employees when appropriate.

Halogen Feedback imageThree are 3 types of Feedback in Halogen

Journal Note: A statement or comment written by the employee for themselves. A Journal Note can be deleted by the employee who created it.

Supervisor Note: A statement or comment about an employee written by their supervisor.A Supervisor Note can be deleted by the supervisor who created it (the employee cannot delete Supervisor Notes).

Recognition: An acknowledgment of an achievement or a positive acclaim of performance written by any City employee to another. Recognition can be deleted by the employee who created it only if they have access to the feedback area of the employee they recognized (e.g. are their supervisor).  Otherwise, recognition cannot be deleted by either the creator or recipient.

When using the feedback option in the Halogen software, be sure to follow the tips for giving and receiving feedback.


Last updated Aug 28, 2013