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Fire Prevention Information for Commercial Properties

Christmas Tree Lots, MFD Policy #3-3
Asphalt Kettles on Building Roofs, MFD Policy #3-6
Displays in Assembly Occupancies, MFD Policy #4-1
Evacuation Procedures for Buildings, MFD Policy #4-2
Key Boxes, MFD Policy #5-1
Water Supplies, MFD Policy #5-2
Fire Vehicle Access Roads, MFD Policy #5-3
Christmas Trees and Decorative Vegetation, MFD Policy #8-1
Sprinkler System Shut Down, MFD Policy #9-1
Misc. Exiting Requirements, MFD Policy #10-6
High-piled Storage, MFD Policy #23-1

Commercial Building Registration Program
This program requires all commercial buildings to register with the Minneapolis Fire Department annually.

Operational Permits
Use or storage of certain equipment or materials requires a fire department an operational permit.

Hazardous Materials Permit Application (pdf)
Minneapolis Ordinance, Chapter 174.20 requires every commercial building or structure that stores, uses, or handles hazardous materials to have an annual, renewable, hazardous materials permit.

Kitchen Exhaust Duct Cleaning
Commercial kitchen exhaust systems are required to be inspected at least once a year and are required to be cleaned when necessary.



Last updated Jul 29, 2015