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Fire Prevention Information for Commercial Properties

Christmas Tree Lots, MFD Policy #3-3
Asphalt Kettles on Building Roofs, MFD Policy #3-6
Displays in Assembly Occupancies, MFD Policy #4-1
Evacuation Procedures for Buildings, MFD Policy #4-2
Key Boxes, MFD Policy #5-1
Water Supplies, MFD Policy #5-2
Fire Vehicle Access Roads, MFD Policy #5-3
Christmas Trees and Decorative Vegetation, MFD Policy #8-1
Sprinkler System Shut Down, MFD Policy #9-1
Misc. Exiting Requirements, MFD Policy #10-6
High-piled Storage, MFD Policy #23-1


Information on the following can be found at Fire Inspection Services.




Last updated Feb 29, 2016