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Check out the following external sites for more information and games about fire and safety.   






          Club Fire Facts


     Smokey the Bear

            MFD FFR Dayna

Firefighter Dayna


                 MFD Code Red Rover

       Code Red


    MFD Kids Health



 MFD Operation Lifesaver

Operation Lifesaver



Danger Rangers



      Play safe! be safe



    FEMA for Kids 



U.S. Fire Administration


MFD Find the fire

Find The Fire Game


                     MFD Sparkles


           The Fire Safety Dog





Other Fun Links

Firefighter Game    

Practice Home Fire Drills

Pre-School Coloring Book

Safe Seats For Kids

Water Safety

Bike Safety

 MFD McGruff

Beach Kids 



 Coloring Pages

 Minnesota State Fire Marshal's Office Interactive Games


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