Finance Department

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Minneapolis, MN 55415

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General Purpose Financial Statements

(2002 CAFR, Year ending, Dec. 31, 2002)

Basic Financial Statements (Year ended Dec. 31, 2002)

The following files require Adobe Reader.

Government-Wide Financial Statements

Statement of Assets

Statement of Activities

Fund Financial Statements

Balance Sheet (Governmental Funds)

Reconciliation of Govt. Funds Balance Sheet (to Government-wide Statement of Assets – Governmental Activities)

Statement of Revenues, Expenditures, and Changes in Fund Balances (Governmental Funds)

Reconciliation of Statement of Revenues, Expenditures, and changes in Fund Balances (of Governmental funds to the Statement of Activities)

Statement of Net Assets Proprietary Funds

a) Document 1 (Proprietary Funds)
b) Document 2 (Proprietary Funds)

Statement of Revenues, Expenses, and Changes in Net Assets (Proprietary Funds)

Statement of Cash Flows (Proprietary Funds)

Statement of Fiduciary Net Assets

Combining Statement of Net Assets (Discrete Component Units)

Combining Statement of Activities (DCU)

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