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Bidder Application Instructions

Please Note:
Due to the large number of companies expressing interest, filling out an application does not ensure that you will receive bids for any or all items you have expressed an interest in quoting. A listing of sealed bids and informal bids  and other related procurement processes information is available on the Purchasing Department page at the City of Minneapolis Website or by calling (612) 673-2500.

Application contains a short list of questions about your business that you must complete.  List the categories of items that you sell or the type of services you provide, in the space provided.

If interested, see more information about being certified as a Small or Underutilized Business .

Notice to all suppliers

Chapter 377 of the Minnesota Statues prohibits gifts from interested persons to local officials. Local officials include any individual who purchases, advises or recommends on the purchase of goods and/or services.

City of Minneapolis Bidder's Application (online form)

Submit the form online or print-out and mail to:

City of Minneapolis Procurement Division
330 Second Avenue South - Suite 552
Minneapolis, MN 55401

Last updated Oct 28, 2015