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2009 General Results

Minneapolis used Ranked Choice Voting in its municipal election in 2009 for the first time. This new voting method allows voters to rank up to three candidates for each office. On election night, unverified first round results were compiled using ballot counter machines in the precincts.

Since there is no federally- or state-certified voting equipment capable of counting a Ranked Choice Voting election, the election was hand-counted to determine the winners. Unofficial winners in individual races were announced as the count and analysis was completed.

Official Results

Election Abstract

2009 Election Statistics with Glossary

2009 Precinct Statistics with Turnout

Official Winner: R. T. Rybak

City Council Member Ward 1
Official Winner: Kevin Reich

City Council Member Ward 2

Official Winner: Cam Gordon

City Council Member Ward 3

Official Winner: Diane Hofstede

City Council Member Ward 4

Official Winner: Barbara A. "Barb" Johnson

City Council Member Ward 5

Official Winner: Don Samuels

City Council Member Ward 6

Official Winner: Robert Lilligren

City Council Member Ward 7

Official Winner: Lisa Goodman

City Council Member Ward 8

Official Winner: Elizabeth Glidden

City Council Member Ward 9

Official Winner: Gary Schiff

City Council Member Ward 10

Official Winner: Meg Tuthill

City Council Member Ward 11

Official Winner: John Quincy

City Council Member Ward 12

Official Winner: Sandy Colvin Roy

City Council Member Ward 13

Official Winner: Betsy Hodges

Park and Recreation Commissioner District 1

Official Winner: Liz Wielinski

Park and Recreation Commissioner District 2

Official Winner: Jon Olson

Park and Recreation Commissioner District 3

Official Winner: Scott Vreeland

Park and Recreation Commissioner District 4

Official Winner: Anita Tabb

Park and Recreation Commissioner District 5

Official Winner: Carol Kummer

Park and Recreation Commissioner District 6

Official Winner: Brad Bourn

Park and Recreation Commissioner at-large (three seats)

Official Winners: Bob Fine, Annie Young, and John Erwin

Board of Estimate and Taxation (two seats)

Official Winners: Carol Becker and David Wheeler

Ballot question

On November 6 th, the results of the Ballot Question were canvassed. The question was defeated with 64.87% voting "No". The Ballot Question was not subject to Ranked Choice Voting and was not hand-counted.

Charter Amendment No. 168 – Proposal to change the composition of the Board of Estimate and Taxation

"Should the City of Minneapolis adopt a change in its charter to the composition of the Board of Estimate and Taxation so that the Board's membership consists of the members of the City Council, with the actions of the Board subject to the powers and duties of the Mayor?"

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