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University District Parking Study

Project Overview

In 2008, following the report and recommendations from a Zoning Planning and Regulatory Review (ZPRR) task force, a University Area Overlay District was created by city ordinance, with minimum residential parking requirements changed to 0.5 off-street parking spaces for each bedroom in new residential developments, while retaining the citywide minimum of one space per unit. This was done in consideration of the higher typical occupancy levels in residential developments in the University area as compared with other parts of the city. Experience with a surge of new residential development since that time has led to a desire to reexamine that requirement and determine if it should be modified. Also since that time, planned and new high density mixed-use development in commercial districts is displacing the shared surface parking facilities on which the “destination businesses” rely. The University District Alliance, a partnership between the University and the surrounding communities, was asked to work as a community engagement partner with the City to convene a task force to consider and make recommendations regarding:

To date, a representative task force has convened to address Phase One. The results of their analysis and discussion are provided below.

Community Input

Findings and preliminary recommendations from the task force’s Phase One work were presented at a public forum on January 29, 2014, at
University Lutheran Church of Hope.

Draft Documents (see attached docs)

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