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Commercial/Industrial Real Estate Development

CPED offers a number of finance tools for commercial/industrial real estate development.


  • Great Streets Gap Financing is available for real estate development and development acquisition for transformative commercial development projects located on designated commercial corridors, nodes, and LRT station areas.


Revenue Bonds, Tax Increment Finance and New Markets Tax Credits

  • 501(c)(3) Revenue Bonds are tax-exempt financing for capital improvement projects by non-profit organizations.
  • Bank Qualified Bank Direct (BQ) Tax Exempt Bonds provide cost-effective, tax-exempt financing for capital projects for smaller 501 (c)(3) organizations for projects in the $1 million to $2 million range.
  • Common Bond Revenue Bond program supports growing manufacturing companies.
  • Revenue Bonds finance industrial, commercial and medical facilities, multifamily rental housing, nursing homes and some nonprofit activities.
  • New Markets Tax Credits are a financing tool available for commercial and real estate development projects in designated areas of market failure. A number of Minnesota financial institutions have allocations of these tax credits that can be deployed for Minneapolis real estate development projects. Contact Miles Mercer at (612) 673-5043 for more information.
  • Tax Increment Financing,(TIF), is a financing mechanism that can be utilized for significant redevelopment projects that are expected to substantially increase a property's tax value.


Last updated Sep 14, 2016