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2005 Resident Satisfaction Survey

The City of Minneapolis contracted with National Research Center, Inc. to conduct a community wide resident survey. The survey provided residents the opportunity to rate the quality of life in the City, as well as service delivery and their satisfaction with local government. This is the third iteration of the Minneapolis Resident Survey since the baseline study conducted in 2001.

2005 Resident Survey presentations

Executive Summary, Minneapolis Resident Survey 2005 (pdf)
City Council Community Development Committee briefing report (pdf)

City Council Health, Energy and Environment Committee briefing report (pdf)

City Council Public Safety and Regulatory Service Committee briefing report (pdf)

City Council Transportation and Public Works Committee briefing report (pdf)

You can view the entire 2005 Resident Satisfaction Survey (134 pages) or browse through individual chapters.

Minneapolis Resident Survey (2005)

Cover, Acknowledgments and Table of Contents

Summary of Results

Survey Background

Survey Purpose
Understanding the Results

Report of Results

Quality of Life
Challenges Facing the City
Neighborhood Perception & Image
Downtown Usage & Image
Access to Information
Satisfaction With City Services
Satisfaction with Services Compared
Prioritization of City Services
Balancing Satisfaction and Priorities
Property Taxes
Community Engagement

Appendix I: Resident Demographics

Appendix II: Crosstabulations of Select Survey

Community Planning District Comparisons
Socio-demographic Comparisons

Appendix III: Complete Set of Frequencies

Appendix IV: Detailed Survey Methodology

Sample Selection
Survey Administration and Response Rate
Confidence Intervals
Weighting the Data
Data Analysis

Appendix V: Jurisdictions Included in the National Database

Appendix VI: Survey Instrument

March 2006

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