3rd Ave S location map

3rd Avenue S Redesign

Project Type:
Protected bikeway and landscaping improvements

3rd Avenue S Redesign Info Sheet
3rd Avenue S Streetscape Opportunity Plan

Project Location:
3rd Avenue S from 1st Street S to 16th Street E

Construction Start Date: 

Duration of Construction:
One to two construction seasons

Recommended Layout:
Recommended Redesign Layout

Traffic Impact:

Public Meetings:
Presentation to City Council's Transportation Engineering and Design Committee
Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Public Meeting:
Monday, January 4, 2015
City of Lakes Building

Contact: Chris Engelmann, 612-673-3274

Project Updates:

Notice Letter - May 9, 2016

Stakeholder Letter – December 21, 2015


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Note: This is an artist's illustration and should be used for discussion purposes only.


(Note: Project information may change due to scheduling, weather, or other factors outside of our control. Listings will be updated as new information becomes available.) Citizens concerned with pedestrian access during construction should contact the project manager directly.

Last updated May 9, 2016