Public Works

350 South 5th Street
RM 203 City Hall
Minneapolis, MN  55415-1390

All Construction Projects

2012 Alley Renovation Program

2012 Street & Alley Sealcoating Projects

2012 Water Main Cleaning & Lining

2012-11th Ave S Resurfacing

2012-13 Van White Paving and Bridge Project

2012-15th St E Resurfacing

2012-1st St S Resurfaing

2012-22nd St E Paving

2012-28th Ave S Resurfacing

2012-2nd Street NE Resurfacing

2012-33rd Ave SE & Talmage Ave Paving

2012-38th St E Resurfacing

2012-39th St W Resurfacing

2012-6th Ave N Resurfacing

2012-8th Ave NE Resurfacing

2012-Armatage Resurfacing

2012-Cedar Lake Road Resurfacing

2012-Franklin-Cedar-Minnehaha Intersection Realignment

2012-Hiawatha Traffic Signal Timing Project

2012-Linden Hills Residential Resufacing

2012-Lyndale Ave S Bridge & Paving (CSAH)

2012-Near North South Residential Resurfacing

2012-Nicollet Ave Paving - Phase 1

2012-Plymouth Ave Resurfacing

2012-Riverside Avenue Paving

2012-Sabo Bridge Repair

2012-Sheridan Ave Resurfacing

2012-Spring Sewer Pipe Lining

2012-Summer II-Sewer Pipe Lining

2012-Summer Sewer Pipe Lining

2012-Upton Ave S Resurfacing

2012-W River Road Parkway Paving

2012-W River Road Resurfacing

2013 Spring Sewer Pipe Lining

2013 Street and Alley Sealcoating Projects

2013-11th Grant 14th & 5th Resurfacing

2013-14-Penn Ave S Paving

2013-15th & 16th Ave S Bridges

2013-25th St E Resurfacing

2013-28th Ave S Resurfacing

2013-31st Ave S Resurfacing

2013-31st St E Paving

2013-31st St W Resurfacing

2013-35th St E Resurfacing

2013-38th St W Resurfacing

2013-42nd Ave S Resurfacing

2013-46th Ave S Resurfacing

2013-46th St W Paving

2013-4th St S Ramp/Auxiliary Lane

2013-50th St W Resurfacing

2013-54th St E Resurfacing

2013-Alley Flooding 2552 Hennepin

2013-Alley Renovation Program

2013-Central City Tunnel

2013-Cooper Residential Resurfacing

2013-CSO Area 007 & FLood Area 64

2013-E Minnehaha Pkwy Paving (Cedar -38th)

2013-Linden Hills Residential Resurfacing

2013-Lyndale Ave S Resurfacing

2013-Nicollet Ave Paving

2013-North Dorman Residential Resurfacing

2013-Oak Lake Ave & 10th Ave N Resufacing

2013-Page Residential Resurfacing

2013-Plymouth Avenue Bridge over Mississippi River

2013-Rain Leader Disconnect 17 - Johnson St & 28th Ave NE

2013-Smoke Testing

2013-Stevens Ave Resurfacing

2013-Traffic Signal Retiming and Traffic Management Center Upgrade

2013-U of M Bikeway - Phase III

2013-W River Parkway Paving

2013-Winter St NE Residential Paving

2014-10th Ave SE Bridge Arch Rehab

2014-15th Ave S & 4th St S Reconstruction

2014-26th St E Resurfacing

2014-26th St, 3rd Ave, 4th Ave & Clinton Resurfacing

2014-28th Ave S Paving

2014-3rd Ave 4th Ave Clinton Ave Resurfacing

2014-40th St E-W Resurfacing

2014-4th Ave S Resurfacing

2014-4th St N (49-51)

2014-51st Ave N Resurfacing

2014-58th St E & MN-62 Frontage Rd Resurfacing

2014-5th Ave N, 5th St N, 8th Ave N Resurfacing

2014-8th St SE Paving

2014-ADA Ramp Reconstruction

2014-Alley Renovation Program

2014-Bluff Street Bicycle Trail

2014-Bridge 9 Renovation

2014-Burroughs North/Dupont Ave S Resurfacing

2014-Cedar Ave Sidewalks

2014-Cedar Lake Parkway Resurfacing

2014-CSO Area 007

2014-E Lyndale Ave N Frontage Rd

2014-E Minnehaha Parkway Resurfacing

2014-Edgewater/Cedar Resurfacing

2014-Emerson Ave S Reconstruction

2014-Hay Northwest Resurfacing

2014-Hennepin-Lyndale Reconstruction

2014-I-94 Exit Ramp to 7th St

2014-Johnson St NE, 10th & 11th Aves SE Resurfacing

2014-LaSalle Ave Paving

2014-Linden Hills Resurfacing

2014-Loring Park North Loop Resurfacing

2014-Lowry Hill East Resurfacing

2014-Lyn Park Resurfacing

2014-Penn Ave S

2014-Pleasant St SE Resurfacing

2014-Sealcoat Projects

2014-Sewer Pipe Lining

2014-Sidewalk Repair

2014-Smoke Testing Q&A

2014-Spring Smoke Testing

2014-St Anthony Pkwy Bridge & California St

2014-Theodore Wirth Pkwy Resurfacing

2014-Unpaved Alley

2014-Unpaved Alley before pics

2015-11th Ave S Bridge

2015-24th & Snelling

2015-2nd St N, 21st, 30th, 33rd Resurfacing

2015-31st St E Resurfacing

2015-34th Ave S & 43rd St E Resurfacing

2015-42nd Ave S Resurfacing

2015-46th St E Parkway Resurfacing

2015-9th, 11th & 12th Sts S Resurfacing

2015-ADA Ramp Reconstruction

2015-Alley Renovation Program

2015-Bloomington & MN-62 Resurfacing

2015-Burnham Road Bridge

2015-Humboldt & Girard Aves N Resurfacing

2015-McKinley Residential Resurfacing

2015-Minnehaha-24th to 26th

2015-Penn East Residential Resurfacing

2015-Penn Resurfacing

2015-Penn, Penn East, McKinley, Humboldt & Girard Resurfacing

2015-Powderhorn West Resurfacing

2015-Sealcoat Projects

2015-Sidewalk Repair

2015-W River Parkway Resurfacing 1

2015-W River Parkway Resurfacing 2

Future- 26th & 28th Sts E, 3rd & 4th Aves S, & Clinton Ave Resurfacing

Future-26th Ave N

Future-29th St Open House May 27

Future-29th St Open Street June 8

Future-29th St Reconstruction

Future-38th St E

Future-54th St W

Future-6th Ave N

Future-Minnehaha 24th-26th

Future-Minnehaha Ave (CSAH)

Future-Nawadaha Blvd & Minnehaha Ave

Future-Nicollet Mall

Future-Nicollet Mall Test 1

Future-Washington Avenue (CSAH)

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