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Smoke Testing 
Smoke Testing

Project Type:Smoke testing helps us to find cracks, leaks or faulty connections that allow rainwater into the sanitary sewer system.  These rainwater connections can overwhelm the sewer system during larger storm events and can cause Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) to the Mississippi River.  The smoke testing project is a part of the City's CSO Program which includes sanitary sewer repairs and upgrades aimed at eliminating overflows.  Although the City has significantly reduced the occurrence of CSO more progress is needed to comply with the Federal Clean Water Act and to avoid fines or additional surcharges for wastewater treatment.

Project Limits:See Map

Construction Start Date:Testing will begin the week of August 29th, 2011.

Length of Construction:Testing will be completed in various locations in the months of August, September and October.  Each smoke test will last approximately 30 minutes.

Traffic Impact:Traffic impact should be minor.  We anticipate that there wil be short-term lane closures and some parking restrictions.

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Material Safety Data Sheet

Project Updates: Look for updates here.



Last updated May 21, 2012