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Midtown Corridor Bridge
Preservation Program

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The City's bridge system over the Midtown Greenway Corridor is a critical component of our transportation network. This program will provide funds for the improvements or modifications of the 18 locally classified bridges built between the years 1913 and 1916 and located between Hennepin Avenue and Cedar Avenue. 

The program schedule and work required for an individual structure has been determined largely based on the recommendations of the "The Midtown Greenway Transportation Study" (Study) which was completed in 2007. The Study involves examining the corridor bridge grid from transportation, structural and historical perspective and is a collaborative effort by the City of Minneapolis, Hennepin County and the FHWA. The Study is a useful tool for defining a capital improvement program for the bridges in this corridor. From the recommendations provided in the study, the bridges condition can be ranked and a programmatic classification will be assigned to each bridge. For classification purposes we have identified the "Six R's" being 1) Routine Maintenance 2) Repair 3) Rehabilitation 4) Replacement 5) Removal 6) Reclassification. Public Works has obtained federal funds for this program for 2012. We are in the process of applying for additional federal funds for future years to assist in preservation of the structures. The goal is to preserve the structures until it is necessary for replacement.

The proposed work, resulting largely from the results of the Study, will maintain and enhance the physical infrastructure, correct current deficiencies, provide for future development and transportation needs such as increased traffic volumes, developments and Light Rail Transit, and provide structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing structures to serve the needs of business and residents.

Project Limits:
The project is located in south Minneapolis over the Midtown Greenway Corridor and involves 18 bridges between Colfax Ave S and 18th Ave S.

Construction Start Date:
Project is ongoing.

Length of Construction:
Unknown at this time

Traffic Impact:
Unknown at this time 

Contacts:  Meseret Wolana  612-673-3527

Project Updates:
Look for updates here.

(Note: Project information may change due to scheduling, weather, or other factors outside of our control. Listings will be updated as new information becomes available.)  Citizens concerned with pedestrian access during construction should contact the project manager directly.





Last updated Jan 24, 2014