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350 South 5th Street
RM 203 City Hall
Minneapolis, MN  55415-1390

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5th Ave N, 5th St N & 8th Ave N Residential Resurfacing

Project Type:
This is a paving resurfacing project. Resurfacing projects use a mill and overlay process. This process will consist of removing a portion of the existing asphalt pavement surface and placing a new surface over the entire street. The purpose of the resurfacing program is to extend the life of a roadway by approximately 10 years. Without this program, streets in the in the program would not see surface improvements for many years.
5th Ave N was originally paved in 1946.
5th St N was originally paved in 1930 and sealcoated in 1990.
8th Ave N was originally paved in 1957 and sealcoated in 1983.

Project Limits:
These streets area located in north Minneapolis.
5th Ave N  from 5th St N to 4th St N
8th Ave N from Oak Lake Ave to 5th St N
5th St N from 10th Ave N to 4th Ave N

Construction Start Date:
The milling and overlay portion of Stage 1 began April 28th.  Stage 2 on May 12th, Stage 3 will start in July after the All Star Game. (Postponed)

Duration of Construction:
Stage 1 was completed on May 5th.  Stage 2 was postponed due to the Bassetts Creek Bridge repairs and the redesign of the south half of 8th Avenue.  Work commenced on Stage 2 Mid-May.  Stage 3 will be resurfaced after the All Star Game in July. (Postponed until October due to new building construction and private utility work)

Traffic Impact:
The work will be performed during full or partial road closures. Please note that street parking will be impacted and short term intermittent access restrictions may occur. When construction work will be done on a particular street in the project area, the street will be posted NO PARKING prior to work on that particular street.

Paving Construction Survey:
Once the work is complete, please let us know how we’ve done.  To do so, please access this website and take our Project Survey:  Or, you can simply call 311 and mention this project.  We’d love to hear from you!

Pre-Public Hearing:
1:00 PM, Tuesday, March 11, Currie Maintenance Facility Conference Center, 135 PW (100), 1200 Currie Ave N
Formal Public Hearing:
9:30 AM, Tuesday, March 18, Council Chambers, City Hall, 350 South 5th Street, 3rd Floor

Pre-payment Information:
Prepayment is made to the Minneapolis Finance Department. Pay statements are sent only by request and the taxpayer is solely responsible for obtaining said statement. Full prepayments may be accepted only through December 31st, 2014 without interest. Partial prepayments are not provided for. No further notice of prepayment will be published. Persons who wish to prepay the entire assessment lump sum without interest charges may do so by contacting the Minneapolis City Engineer's Special Assessment Office, 309 2nd Ave S, Room 209, Minneapolis, MN 55401-2268, or telephone (612)673-2401.

Contact: Chris Trembath 612-919-1196

Project Updates:
November 5, 2014: The project is now complete except for the intersection of 5th St N and 6th Ave N and about 150' of 5th St N abutting that intersection (where a new building is going up at the NE corner of 5th St N & 6th Ave N).  The final portion of the project is scheduled to be completed in April 2015.  
September 17, 2014:
Stage 3 work that was postponed in July will take place in early October.  Some of the project will be postponed until April 2015 due to new building construction and private utility work under the roadway.
August 4, 2014:
Stage 3 work is scheduled to start on Tuesday, August 12th.
May 22, 2014:  Stage 2 work has started.  Currently working on the south 1/2 of 8th Ave.
May 12, 2014: Bassetts Creek Bridge repairs postponed project and the south half of 8th Avenue is being redesigned. The project will tentatively resume in June.
April 2014: Curb and gutter replacements began April 14th.

(Note: Project information may change due to scheduling, weather, or other factors outside of our control. Listings will be updated as new information becomes available.) Citizens concerned with pedestrian access during construction should contact the project manager directly.

Last updated Nov 5, 2014