2018 Sidewalk Gap Program

2018 Sidewalk Gap Progam Map

Project Status

CIP Status Stage 2: Designing

Project Details

Project Type:
Sidewalk Construction

Project Location:
Chicago Avenue from 44th Street East to 46th Street East

Construction Start Date:

Project Overview


In 2018, the Minneapolis Public Works Department plans to build a sidewalk on the east side of Chicago Avenue from 44th Street East to 46th Street East. This segment of Chicago Avenue is identified as a sidewalk gap in the Minneapolis Pedestrian Master Plan. The project intends to add a sidewalk on the east side of the roadway without impacting existing trees or street lighting, and to upgrade curbs and curb ramps.

What Are Sidewalk Gaps?

Sidewalk gaps are sections of roadway that have no sidewalk on either side or are missing sidewalk on one side of the street. Sidewalk gaps often exist in places with slope issues, a lack of right of way outside of existing curbs, or in places that haven’t been required to have sidewalks in the past, such as in industrial areas or abutting rail lines. In grassy areas, they are often identifiable by a dirt path indicating where people walk.

The sidewalk network is a vital component of the transportation network. A connected and continuous sidewalk network better accommodates the needs of all pedestrians, including children, seniors, and people with disabilities.

Sidewalk Gap Before   Sidewalk Gap After

Project Contact

Kelsey Fogt, Associate Transportation Planner; 612-673-3885 or [email protected]

Bill Fellows, Project Engineer; 612-673-5661 or [email protected]


Last updated Apr 3, 2018