ADA Ramp Replacement 2018

2018 ADA Ramp Reconstruction 2

ADA Ranp Replacement 2018

Project Status

CIP Status Stage 1: Planning

Project Details

Project Description:
The City of Minneapolis has nearly 16,000 sidewalk corners, many of which are deficient or non-compliant with current ADA design standards. This program will fund the systematic replacement of up to 200 deficient or non-compliant pedestrian ramps per year.

Project Location:
Various pedestrian ramps throughout the city.
See the ADA Ramp Replacement 2018 Map (interactive) for more details.

Construction Start Date: 
Summer 2018

Traffic Impact:

Project Updates

 Contact: Elisha Langat, 612-673-5974, [email protected]

Last updated Mar 30, 2018