CSAH & MnDoT Cooperative Projects

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Project Status

CIP Status Stage 1: Planning

Project Details

Project Description:
this is a program to fund the City's cost participation on cooperative projects with Hennepin County and MnDoT that fall within the city limits. These projects primarily consist of the reconstruction or rehabilitation of street segments, bridges, pathways, or streetscapes. Oftentimes projects funded with this program are funded through a variety of funding sources.

A large portion od the Hennepin County State-Aid highways (CSAH) system was constructed in the mid to late 1950s and is at or past the end of their serviceable lives. Streets in the system are exhibiting signs of severe deterioration, which requires improvements within the right-of-way to improve mobility and safety for all users and modes of travel. County streets also typically have high levels of pedestrian, bicycle, and transit demand, in addition to higher traffic volumes. These are typically reconstruction projects involving the entire right-of-way and include new sidewalks, ADA pedestrian ramps, pavement, curb and gutter, and utility improvements, with considerations for signal improvements, new signage, pavement markings, and bikeways where applicable.

Project Start Date:
This project is scheduled to begin April 15, 2018.

Project Contacts

Contact: Donald Pflaum, 612 673-2129 or [email protected]

Last updated Mar 30, 2018