10th Ave SE Bridge Rehabilitation

10th Ave S 

Project Status


CIP Status Stage 3: Preconstruction

Project Details

Project Type:
The project proposes to rehabilitate a bridge over the Mississippi River and West River Parkway. It will preserve the major capital investment by repairing deteriorated concrete areas on the spandrel columns, floor beams, and arches.

If the structure is allowed to continue to deteriorate, rehabilitation will no longer be cost effective. Total structure replacement of this bridge is expensive.

Project Limits:
The project is located east of downtown Minneapolis on 10th Ave SE over the Mississippi River from approximately W River Parkway to 2nd St SE.

Construction Start Date:
This project has moved to the 2018-2019 construction season.

Duration of Construction:
Unknown at this time

Traffic Impact:
Unknown at this time

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Contacts: Meseret Wolana, 612-673-3527


(Note: Project information may change due to scheduling, weather, or other factors outside of our control. Listings will be updated as new information becomes available.) Citizens concerned with pedestrian access during construction should contact the project manager directly. 

Last updated Mar 30, 2018