Minneapolis Census 2000 Results

This site includes a variety of Minneapolis-specific tables and reports from the Census 2000 statistics, as well as selected data from the 1990 and 1980 Census for comparative purposes. This information is intended to inform residents and other stakeholders about population and related demographic trends. Information posted on this site will be useful for neighborhood planning processes, trend studies and grant applications.

The early releases from Census 2000 (SF1 and SF2) included data on population, race, ethnicity, age, gender distribution by race, household relationship and household type, housing units, occupancy and tenure. Data from SF1 and SF2 are included in the City’s census website by census tract, by neighborhood, and for the City as a whole. See links below.

Neighborhood-level data (March 2005)

In addition, a series of neighborhood-specific historical profiles based on selected census data for 1980, 1990, and 2000 are being added from the link below:

General questions about Minneapolis Census data can be directed to Thavisack (Sok) Silaphet, City Planner, City of Minneapolis, (612) 673-2313.

Minneapolis Citywide

By 2000 Census Tract

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Note: The 2000 Census data has not yet been reviewed for accuracy or completeness by the City of Minneapolis.

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