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Construction Code Services

What's New

The City of Minneapolis is accepting applications for the Master and Journeyman
 Plumber/Gasfitter and Gasfitter Exams.
The City of Minneapolis will be accepting applications for the Master and Journeyman Refrigeration, Warm Air Ventilation and Steam and Hot Water Exams.


New Construction Requirements

In an effort to better control problems related to the protection of adjacent property that have arisen due to inadequate construction management, the following information is presented and will be required for all new building projects that require excavation.

Additions to buildings that are ten feet (10') or less from structures on adjacent property shall also be required to submit a letter from an engineer.

Construction sites have also become a problem with respect to the use of city right-of-way.  Current city standards do not allow the use of right-of-way for staging or storing of construction materials or for other related uses. The right-of-way normally extends several feet into any property from the sidewalk.  All construction sites shall:

Construction debris containers that must be placed in the street require obtaining a street use permit. These containers must comply with any parking regulations in place either temporary or permanent. Containers located in the street should always be placed in front of the property where work is occurring. Containers may be placed within the property being worked on, but not in the right-of-way, without a permit.

Violations of these requirements will result in the issuance of appropriate orders and citations which will remain in place until compliance is achieved.

Minneapolis Residential Construction Management Agreement

As a result of the problems that have been occurring the city's Zoning and Planning Committee voted Thursday, April 3rd to lift the tear down moratorium and replace it with the Construction Management Plan. Effective April 3rd, 2014 all un-occupied construction projects of wrecking, new build, or major remodeling of 1 and 2 unit dwelling structures are subject to sign the Residential Construction Management Agreement.

New Mechanical Requirements

Mechanical Contractors: The City of Minneapolis requires that the heating load form for furnaces and boilers installed in single family homes or duplexes be left at the job site

Construction Code Services (CCS) is comprised of three business lines:

Plan Review

Plan Review staff examines and approves construction plans before a permit is issued. Plan review looks at the required building codes and coordinates with other city requirements. Many projects need just a simple plan but other projects may need full architectural plans. Some projects, such as replacing a roof, do not need any plan review. See Permits and Plans.

Construction Inspections

Construction Inspections includes building, plumbing, mechanical and elevator inspections. Construction projects have required inspections that need to be completed at different stages of the project. The permit will have the inspectors name and phone number to call to set up an inspection. See Construction Inspections.

Electrical work requires a State of MN permit and inspection. See the State of MN electrical information on permits. For an electrical inspection contact the inspector at MN Electrical Licensing and Inspection website or call (651) 284-5064.


Certificate of Occupancy
A Certificate of Occupancy is required before any new building can be occupied, or before an existing building can be used for a new purpose (for example, retail space converted to a school).

Buying and selling residential property

Certificate of Competency (Comp Cards)
A certificate issued by the City that attests that the cardholder has the necessary qualifications and technical knowledge to install, alter, repair, and service systems in a given trade.

Elevators and Related Devices
The City of Minneapolis has new procedures incorporating the State of MN requirement of annual inspections of elevators and related devices. Handouts explaining the process and how to prepare for the inspection are now available online. A new permit application for elevators and related devices is now available.

NEW: Contractors need to fill out the Ready to Inspect checklist (pdf) and return it to the City of Minneapolis before calling for a final inspection on new elevator installations.

Green Building

Construction Code Services supports sustainable building practices on many levels. We recognize the need to support and promote Green technologies as an increasingly important part of our building future.

Construction Codes and Related Information

Energy code requirements for 1 & 2 family homes and town homes (effective June 1, 2009)
Energy Code for 1 &2 family homes and town homes (pdf)

State code requirements for windows and fall protection
Egress-Escape and Rescue Window Policy (pdf)
Window Fall Prevention Provisions (pdf)

State code now requires radon resistant building features in new home construction (effective June 1, 2009)
Radon Resistant Construction (pdf)
Radon Resistant New Construction-Best Practices (pdf)

Helpful Sites and Information

Property Information
Look up building and zoning information, inspections history, permit status, and more, for addresses in Minneapolis.

New Forms:

Building Code Appeal Form (pdf) Use to appeal a Building Code issue
Extension Request (pdf) Use to request an extension of time to complete the work orders
RFS Administrative Citation Appeal Form (pdf) Use to appeal an administrative citation (fine)
Code Interpretation, Modification and Alternative Materials, Design or Methods Request Form Use to request a modification to the code requirements (see requirement checklist below)
Checklist for alternative material. design or methods of construction Information needed to request a modification to the code (use with the form above)

Construction Related Sites

MN Department of Labor and Industry (DLI)
MN Electrical Licensing and Inspection
MN Construction Codes and Licensing Division Review (CCLD Review newsletter)

Last updated Oct 27, 2014